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About Me

Hi there, I'm Sunny. I'm an active student at Udemy who have taken a lot of online training courses there. I become addicted to that site and it's my favorite learning portal. My aim of this blog is to share Udemy discount coupon to help other students get enrolled in their desired courses at affordable price.

I sometimes write reviews on the courses that I have learned and considered it will be useful for other students as well. If you're new to Udemy, you can read my articles, Udemy Coupon | What is Udemy? and Udemy Reviews – Online Education is Fun

Review Policy

As of now (December 20th, 2013), I've learned around 50 courses on Udemy, yet I didn't write review articles on every course. Because I wanted to mention the courses that I'm satisfied with the result.

Am I getting paid to write reviews

No. And I never will. Most of the courses I reviewed I have bought them and some of them I got them for free when the instructors made them free.


Instructors Tips Articles

Apart from me and guest reviewers who wrote Udemy course review. I also published guest articles from Udemy instructors too. You can read their valued tips and tricks on the Instructor Tips Section here. [Update – This feature is temporarily paused.]

Product Reviews

Apart from Udemy discounts and news, there are other product reviews featured on this site (such as other e-leaning platforms/products reviews).


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