Amazon Video Direct Review - Create And Sell Your Video

Amazon Video Direct allows the user (anyone with an Amazon account) to upload their very own videos to millions upon millions of Amazon Prime Members where those who have Amazon Prime accounts can then watch the videos. This encompasses videos, amateur filmmakers, video gamers, singers, fledgling actors, and more. This service is in direct competition with YouTube where billions of people upload billions of videos online annually.

With Amazon Prime, members pay only a small annual fee of $99 for Primes famous two-day shipping and this amazing entertainment package.

Amazon Video Direct Review

So How Does It Work?

Basically, anyone who has an Amazon account can readily upload their own videos to Video Direct. The author will need to load the banking information and their social security number to verify the identity, just as YouTube requires.

Amazon also has some specific requirements including photo requests wherein all photos must be presented in a standardized 1200X1600 pixels as well as a 1920X1080 pixel formatting. For this reason, Adobe Photoshop will be required or a similar program to ensure that all of the photos are up to their specific requirements. After loading in the above information, the details about the cast and crew must also be uploaded. Even if it's just one person, it must be entered into the program for it to properly work.

The videos are also required to be captioned. These services are free on YouTube and on Vimeo, however, Amazon won't allow you to upload the caption as a file and will route you over to an online captioning firm that will create the file and charge you a fee for the process. Unfortunately, this makes the entire process a bit more complicated than that of YouTube.

While it's more complicated than the easy peasy three-part YouTube process, you'll get the hang of it. You'll also have to give the title, the description and be sure that you add in the required meta tags so that your videos will be found by those who are seeking out the information in the search engines.

The Difference Between Amazon Video Direct And Amazon Prime Video?

Members of Amazon Prime enjoy streaming videos which are similar to platforms such as Hulu, Netflix, Pureflix, and more. They allow the user to pick a movie that is in their library and watch it at their leisure by choosing it from the library and streaming it on their smartphone, tablet, computer, or on their television set as long as they have the proper equipment to stream it.

Amazon Video Direct allows any Amazon user to create and design their own videos and movies similar to those done on YouTube and upload them. There are many requirements here including the need to use specific sized pictures, captioning, and to list the cast and crew (even if it's a one-man show) in the data.

Both work well and are equally utilized by the public. The main difference is that if you're not a Prime member, you aren't able to watch the Prime movies or videos. Amazon Video Direct, however, allows anyone to watch the videos.

Amazon Video Direct VS YouTube

The main difference here that is glaringly obvious, is that YouTube has streamlined their process to upload the videos and captioning. Amazon has yet to streamline this process and you'll have to pay for captioning. Both are well-known names in the video market and both give the owners revenue via ads on the videos. YouTube has been around longer and this gives it the leading edge for now. However, Amazon is moving upwards quickly with the goal of surpassing YouTube in short order.

Seasoned YouTubers have a wide audience and have taken the time to learn the ins and outs of the video industry. Since Amazon is relatively new on the video platform it's going to take them a bit more time to catch up with the flow. As of yet, Amazon isn't quite as filmography friendly as YouTube. They have a ways to go to streamline the process and give their videographers the edge.

Videos that are uploaded to YouTube will be available instantly for viewing while Amazon will make you wait anywhere from 3 to 5 days before they approve your video and allow users to watch it. The reason for this is that Amazon wants only the most polished of videos to be available to the public. While YouTube allows users to fine-tune and polish videos as they learn so even the most basic of videos are uploaded and published. Not all videos are of high quality.

Amazon Video Direct Vs Udemy

  • Interestingly enough, Amazon Video Direct will walk you through the process of uploading your videos and publishing them. They have strict standards and you'll have to wait for 3 to 5 days for your video to be published in order to view it.
  • Udemy offers courses on how to publish videos on Amazon Video Direct. These courses are reasonably priced and work well for teaching users how to do their videos.
  • Udemy also offers other courses that teach users, businesses, and others, how to use certain items and do certain things. Udemy works with many businesses to teach their employee's the rules and regulations, how to do certain tasks and more.
  • Technically, there's little overlapping competition between the two. Amazon Video Direct allows users to create their own videos. Udemy allows users to learn something through tutorial video. Basically, Udemy focus on educational videos while Amazon Video Directs provides wider range of content.
  • Once you've mastered what you've learned on Udemy, you can take other courses. Once you've published a video on Amazon Video Direct, you can make more.

Understanding the differences between YouTube, Amazon Video Direct, Amazon Prime, and Udemy can go far in helping a person to determine which platform will work best for their needs. All work well for publishing videos, it's just determining what your goal is when choosing which platform will work best for your needs. Many people use more than one and publish different types of videos on each platform.

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