Appsumo Review – Unique Deal Website for Lean Entrepreneurs

Who doesn't love sales?

Finding products or services with incredible discounts is always a wonderful opportunity. There are many deal websites on the internet such as Groupon, Retailmenot, etc. These sites offer a large range of products and/or services from electronic devices to clothing and will give you great discounts on just about anything on earth. Appsumo is a completely different kind of deal site and is very unique. Their targeted customers are entrepreneurs or anyone who has a small online business.

Many small businesses have small budgets but need various software to get their businesses up and running. If for instance, you have a blog site you need tools such as social media management software, keyword research tool, dependable photo editing tools. On the other hand, if you provide a service or sell products you need billing management software, a customer service tool, or CRM.

The bottom line, none of these tools or software come cheap and that's where Appsumo comes in. They offer deals that have been chosen for lean entrepreneurs.

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About Appsumo:

The first thing I purchased on Appsumo was the StockUnlimited Deal. At that time, they had approximately 600,000 stock photos and vector images on their site. They now have well over 1,000,000 photos available. I can download and use any of these photos on my website for a lifetime and I only paid $49 for this offer. I realize they do not have the size of stock photos available on stock photo sites like Shutterstock, BigStockPhoto, etc, but these other sites offer prices that are a great deal more expensive along with their subscription plans. So when I ran across Appsumo, I realized what a great deal they were offering.

They also understand what their customers are looking for and what they are willing to pay. They can find products they can offer great deals to their users, who are known as Sumo-lings. They stand a great chance of getting these items sold during their promotional period. Even though Appsumo has great deals, there some pros and cons that we'll discuss.


Great Products At Cheap Prices:

Appsumo provides offers that promote products and will give you lifetime access to use these products with a one-time payment. I have checked my previous purchases and discovered I have many excellent products that I purchased cheaply including WebSite Auditor, Serpstat, EpicBeat, and iSpionage. These are excellent software that I can use for a lifetime as long as the services are still running and only paid $49 for each.

Highly Engaged Community:

Appsumo customers are very active and a very engaging community. When a new deal is launched, Sumo-lings are constantly commenting, offering their opinions, and bargaining with the seller. They will often get a better deal because of the power of mass bargaining that takes place on the site. Also, the Q&A and feedback on the sales page are from real users. Their responses are comprehensive, they bring up some interesting points, information that is very useful for other customers, and the product sellers themselves.

Because of useful feedback information from real people, there are many benefits for buyers to make the right decision. For the product owners, outside of selling the products, they get incredible feedback from real people and will help them improve their products making them better over time.

Appsumo Review – Unique Deal Website for Lean Entrepreneurs

Appsumo website is a very engaged buyer community.

Appropriate Time to Think Before You Buy:

All deals on Appsumo are only available for a limited time. If you didn't purchase a product before the expiration time, chances are you will never see the deal again. That said, some deals do come back a few times and some of these deals you will find on other sites such as Stocksocial. But in most cases, you will only have a limited time to purchase that product.

Each deal on Appsumo will only last for a few weeks which is a good amount of time for you to make a decision whether to purchase or not. It's enough time to decide if the product is worth the price tag and whether it's something you will continually use. Appsumo has a very active community so you should take advantage of it and read their comments to help you make a decision. Some products offer a free-trial over the 2-week period and then decide if you want to purchase it. Just keep in mind, if you do not purchase it, chances are you won't see it offered again.

Fast and Reliable Refund Process:

You are also given a 60-day refund guarantee period. I used this only twice and it had nothing to do with the quality of the product, the product was fine. I just decided it wasn't for me. The company quickly refunded me within 2 or 3 business days.

Even with the limited time promotion you're still have time to think before you buy

Even with the limited time promotion you're still have time to think before you buy.


Products You Rarely Use:

Because of the great deals for products, if you are in a buying mood, you might buy products that end up collecting dust. Spending money just because it's a deal should not come into play any more than products you purchase on a regular basis.

Limited Usage:

There are a lot of products on Appsumo that are SaaS (Software as a Service). As a customer, I have an account to access certain features that I paid for. SaaS products normally have different price ranges. For instance, the Serpstat has 4 price ranges for personal use and another 4 price ranges for business customers. Each plan gives the customer access to a certain level of features and quotas.

SaaS products have ongoing costs to develop and maintain the tools. One time payments will probably not last long with these companies and it will be shut down at some point. The lifetime deals are usually startup companies that need the funds to invest in their product development and the launching of their products on Appsumo. These companies are practically guaranteed success and gain thousands of customers within 1 to 2 weeks.

As a lean entrepreneur with a small team, we get access to using quality software. Even if there is a limitation, it's usually good enough for most people. As your business starts growing, you can take advantage of the more expensive plans. In this case, this is an ideal solution for you as well as the company that provides the products because we both benefit.

Red Flag and Flop Products:

I did some checking on previous deals that have been offered on Appsumo and found some interesting points. Personally, all the products I bought from Appsumo are running great and are a good fit for me. Some of my purchases are seldom used but that's fine. By checking the history, I found 2 points worth mentioning:

As a product on Appsumo is in its startup phase, they can turn around and become a major product in their niche. If you were fortunate enough to buy it a few years back, your money was well spent! You paid for a one time deal for an excellent software while others are now paying a great deal more for the same product on a monthly or yearly basis. That said, as a company grows they will release upgrades or added features to their product and your deal will probably not cover these upgrades or added features.

Another thing I discovered about previous offers that I read about, there are many software and products from companies that have gone out of business. If you have one of these products, there's really nothing you can do about it.

Appsumo Briefcase:

As mentioned earlier, the outstanding feature of Appsumo is the lifetime deals that you only pay once for. Well, now they have added another service called Briefcase by Appsumo. This is a subscription service where you will get access to 30-plus products and you only pay $49 each month. That's a really good deal if you think about it, if you were to use all of them from elsewhere, it would cost thousands of dollars. You, once again, get a great deal and use the tools as often as you wish.

appsumo briefcase product list

Stockunlimited* editor feature.

Appsumo vs Stacksocial:

Stacksocial is another deal website that has many similarities to Appsumo and other deal sites as well. There are deals on Appsumo that are now gone and will not be coming back. The upside, you can find them on Stacksocial and their costs are comparable to Appsumo. While cost is not the issue, the feeling of trustworthiness on Stacksocial is lacking.

Deals on Stacksocial are really tempting because they bring in many interesting products. As a potential buyer, you can purchase the product or leave it, you can rate the product after purchasing it but you cannot leave comments or feedback like you can on Appsumo and there's no bargaining. You are really kind of on your own when deciding to purchase a product on Stacksocial because there is no community to reach out to for information, no seller to answer our questions, and no one to offer a better deal for you.

Another problem with Stacksocial is the refund guarantee that even though they have this feature, I have read reviews from buyers saying the company makes it very difficult to get a refund. I never sought a refund so I can't share this experience but I remain quite cautious about buying products on Stacksocial.

Even though they do have offers for small businesses and entrepreneurs, they have a broader range of deals that target the general population. They sell software and services but also physical goods such as earphones, wallets, etc. I never bought these products so I can't say much about their quality.

In Conclusion:

I like Appsumo for its outstanding USP (Unique Selling Proposition), customer service, and large community. They provide excellent deals for cheap software that are tailored for small business teams and solo entrepreneurs. I do believe the Pros well outweigh the Cons. You have to do your own research and think about purchasing before you purchase something. But with the excellent community, listening to what they have to say, and reading their feedbacks, you should be fine on Appsumo.

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