Codecademy – Learn to Code Review

Learning to code seems like a hard task doesn't it? Most wouldn't venture anywhere near coding software because of how sophisticated it looks. Well, your worries might be over with the help of Code Academy.

Code Academy has been on the lips of many eager students wishing to learn how to code and master the web. This review is going to dissect the online coding classes and what this solution has to offer students who want to learn. Here are the key features, pros, cons, and final thoughts on this unique online education site on coding.

Key Features:

  • Free Online Coding Courses
  • Learn Web Development, APIs, Data Analytics
  • Code Academy PRO Offers Additional Tools
  • Online Exercises With Each Course
  • Active Forums For All Courses
Review of Code Academy


The courses are immersive, and that is a major plus point. Being able to join a course, go through the information, and master each exercise is an enjoyable experience in itself. Most students will want to learn as much as they can making it enjoyable. The courses are not tiring nor do they start to wane on your mind. Everything is done with precision and a high level of effort making it as immersive as coding can get. You will not want to leave your computer once you start and that's what makes it brilliant.


What about the length of each course? Does it drag on for too long? No, it is not going to cost you a huge chunk of your life to learn web development or new coding languages. Instead, all of it is simplified so you can get a gist of what coding offers and continue to better your skill set. Many never get the basics in place, but Code Academy does the job. It is time-efficient and is a fantastic option to have on your side when it comes to learning on the go.

Beautiful Layout:

The first thing you are going to notice is the layout because it is striking, to say the least. Code Academy has coded a beautiful website, and that is how it should be when they're running an online coding academy. The beauty of the layout is ideal because it draws people in and makes them want to stay. Everything runs well and is a joy to use on a daily basis. You will find the layout to be immersive and a big part of your experience learning. It is important to have a good layout and Code Academy has knocked it out of the park.

Range of Courses: 

There are so many courses to choose from, and that is what makes it unique. You are not going to be left wanting when it comes to these courses. Each one digs deep into the subject matter and helps provide long-term value as you integrate it into your life or career.

The courses include:

The list is filled with beautiful options that are going to add value to your life for a long time to come, and they continue to add more with each passing day.


It is one thing to put up a stream of courses and then let them sit forever. That's nice but isn't going to justify spending time learning what is present. Instead, you want something that is contemporary and up-to-date based on modern standards. Things change, and that is why you want a solution that is built around what is happening right now. Code Academy realizes this and continues to add to its courses. You are never going to read through old content that doesn't work. Everything is tested and updated on the go.

Unique Exercises:

The exercises are fantastic and a big part of what makes Code Academy such a fabulous option for prospective coders. You can take in the information that is provided while you are digging through materials and then apply it. This is where you can play around and make the most of what you are doing. These exercises are not only challenging, but they're a boatload of fun too. Even something as simple as building a website will become unique and exciting when you do it through Code Academy. These exercises are excellent supplementary tools to maximize what you've learned.


Well, this is a positive and should be mentioned right? They have put up courses for free, and you are not going to pay a dime. This is as good as it gets when it comes to online coding. You are not going to pay a dime, but the amount of information in front of you will be breathtaking. You would have to pay someone else thousands of dollars to get the same amount of knowledge. Plus, they have an active forum that provides relevant information along the way for those who are hoping to maximize their learning experience. This is a real bang for your buck!

No Video:

Is there a con to this magnificent effort to educate people on coding? Well, yes there is, and it is a small one at that. The con is the lack of video content that should accompany something of this nature. It would be easier for students to learn if they had a video to follow. While this isn't a deal breaker, it is something Code Academy can work on over time.

A lot of focus is going towards coding and students want to learn. However, they've been unable to without paying exorbitant fees that are unnecessary. Code Academy has made it free and all students have to do is sign up. It is as simple as this. The courses are up-to-date, fun, and offer a lot of value as you master the world of coding.

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