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Craftsy is a website that offers tons of creative lessons and projects to help you free up your creative self and explore it in many different areas like quilting, sewing, knitting, and crocheting. The site also offers knowledgeable teachers who offer classes online in cake making and decorating, baking, and art. You can learn more about photography and paper crafts and so much more.

The site is free to join. Sign up and get ready to find more out about your creative side and let it loose. The folks at believe that handmade means much more than store-bought. They provide lessons and projects together with patterns for many of those projects. They also sell supplies, kits, and fabric so you can get everything you need for whatever project you feel tempted to make.


Craftsy has so much available it can be overwhelming, but that's a good thing. They offer so much more than just online tutorials that give you step-by-step instructions on how to bake a cupcake or take a photograph with expert lighting. Their projects, no matter what level take every crafter from one level to the next. When you join and start on simple projects like a scarf, for instance, you can immediately see your progress and move on to a more complex project.

Each project offers you the chance to post a photo of your creation. Share it in your online dashboard on your account and many other members will be able to see your handiwork. It is extremely satisfying to see the comments that others have for your projects and you can leave comments for others as well. It is inspiring and enlightening.


You can really grow as an artist by being a member of this site. The site claims that there are millions of makers on the site. Members, designers, teachers, and contributors are all part of a larger community that work together to inspire creativity. They foster a sense of passion and that makes each person on the site better at what they do creatively.

The site is great for all levels of skill in the areas of classes offered. You can easily take a beginner photography lesson and an expert knitting lesson at the same time depending on your own skills. You also get a chance to make friends around the world who have similar interests as you. Craftsy offers you everything you need from the projects themselves, patterns and resources to classes and supplies.

Start your first class and you will see how rewarding it is to be a member. What I love about it is that all the classes are offered at sale prices from time to time. Take a look around and start something at a low price. You can get a great idea of how the website works and save money on your first creation.


Each class or tutorial also comes with reviews from other members. This way, you will know which classes are particularly good. Some members feel that, over the few years that the site has been around, the classes are getting shorter and have less content.

I don't feel that that makes it any less valuable. If anything, sometimes the shorter classes are easier to follow. There is really nothing great about having an online instructor go on about details that might not make a huge impact on your project. I prefer when they get to the point.

This is one criticism I do have of the site. Be aware that there are different instructors at different levels all teaching similar subject matter. Some might not have the greatest courses available. They might just be new to the medium of online teaching, though. One excellent aspect of the classes is you do get to ask the instructor questions. Some instructors are really quick to respond which is great. They care about you as a student.

Another criticism I have, and it is a minor one, is that some men on the site feel that they are marginalized. That is to say, the majority of members seem to be women. Men like making clothes, too! However, it is not like the website goes out of its way to keep men from joining. They could offer more classes that are geared towards men, however.


There are some instructors that seem to be part of the site because they are trying to get more people to their own websites to buy things. There are very few that have ever given me that impression. The quality of teaching is excellent and so is the layout of each tutorial.

Customer service is excellent. You get lifetime access to your lessons, too. This makes the site an incredible value. If you can, I recommend buying the classes when they are on sale just to increase the value.

As for buying your supplies and materials, they ship them quickly. You get what you order and in the event, your order gets held up they will respond to you quickly and send you out a new order right away. That has not happened to me but I have read about it happening to other members. This is another good example of how well customer service is about responding to any issues.

I would love it if they start allowing members to combine shipping on orders which they have yet to do. Overall, this is a great site for getting creative and learning a lot as you go.


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