Does Udemy Give Certificates?

Achieving and Receiving a Udemy Certificate of Completion

There’s nothing quite like the feeling of achieving or completing something. It may be just a small achievement, but the sense of completion makes you smile proudly, particularly if it affects other people’s lives in a positive way. And learning is no exception. Remember the sense of joy on Graduation Day when family and close friends came to help you celebrate your big day? When you received your university degree certificate you knew that your efforts had finally paid off, and you were ready to move forward in the direction of your chosen career field.

In recent years we’ve seen a huge increase in the number of leading universities offering online university certificate programs to expand the learning horizon, from real classrooms to virtual classrooms. Today, students from around the globe have the opportunity to access quality education programs from renowned universities. Leading MOOCs platforms such as edX and Coursera have excelled in helping students gain access to university courses, and all that’s required is an Internet connection and a strong commitment to learning.

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However, these certificates are not limited to just formal educational institutes. Many leading educational training websites are also offering a Certificate of Completion. As mentioned, none of these are currently credentialed for college credit, but a certificate does show that you’ve achieved something and completed your course. Perhaps you’ve brushed up on your professional skills, helping you to move forward in your chosen career.

Udemy and Lynda are two institutions offering these certificates, and I understand that there are others. You may recall that I’ve been studying through Udemy for more than two years now, completing 100% of more than 10 courses. So, I should have received Certificates of Completion for all these courses – right? Well, honestly speaking, I really don’t care about the so-called Certificate of Completion: what I’m more interested in are the skills and ideas that I’ve learned along the way. But I can’t deny that having a Certificate of Completion would be one way of showing that I have actually completed these courses and improved my skills, thus making the resume much more appealing in the eyes of the HR Department.

So, in this article I’ll show you how to obtain your own Certificate of Completion from Udemy. In order to receive your Certificate of Completion you must have completed 100% of the course curriculum. Let’s use the ‘Building a Personal Brand by Gary Vaynerchuk’ as our example because I’ve actually just completed this course. (In truth, I watched it twice: it’s quite inspiring, even if I wasn’t really considering my own personal brand. But I did get a lot of ideas from this class.)

This course took me between 10 and 20 minutes per day, over a period of a few weeks, to complete. As you can see from the picture below, it states ‘You completed 48 out of 49 published items’, meaning that I only have 1 module left to complete and I’ve finished the course.

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Once I had completed the last module the course interface stated ‘You completed 49 out of 49 published items’ and now you can clearly see the green trophy. When you point your mouse to the trophy it says ‘click to access your certificate’. So, I clicked to access my certificate.

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I was then directed to a Certificate of Completion page showing my name and the course that I had just completed. At this stage you can share your certificate with your co-workers and friends through social media, plus you can download it in .PDF or .JPG format.

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Once you have completed this process,Udemy will send you an email to advise that your Certificate of Completion is ready. In addition, you should be able to access your Certificate of Completion from this email confirmation. However I found out that there are some courses did not offer the certificate such as the draft mode course and some particular courses that the instructors decided to opt out their course from this feature.

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