EpicBeat Review – Tool for Content Curation and Find Influencers

​Update - EpicBeat is shutting down. This article is ​for reference only, the service is not ​available. EpicBeat is a great tool. Too bad, they're out of business now. Below is an email from the founder about its ​discontinuation.

​This will probably be the last you hear from us talking to all of you at large.

Over the last month or so, some of you have wondered why we weren’t taking new subscriptions and when we may start doing that. We’re sad to announce that we won’t be taking any new subscriptions anymore.

Epictions is shutting down. ☹

Our last day online will be 31 October, 2018. After that, Epictions won’t be available, either on the web, via the WordPress plug-in or via our APIs. All your saved searches and alerts will be inaccessible from 1 November, 2018.

We've already heard from some of you about this, apparently from Facebook groups where our e-mail to our regular users was posted. We have always known we were popular with all of you but we couldn't have predicted such concern, sympathy, and solidarity. We're humbled.


There are several content search tools out there. Buzzsumo is popular and, per our users, very similar to EpicBeat in their feature offerings. RightRelevance is another that we have chanced upon in the past. As a replacement for EpicTrack, this list is a great start. Feel free to try any or write to us for more specific recommendations.


support@epictions.com will continue to be available through 30 November, 2018 to help our users who don’t see this e-mail in the next 50 days or have queries about their account after 31 October, 2018.

Thank you

Scarcely ever does a group of people start a company and not give their blood, sweat, and tears to its success. So did we over the last six years. We started Epictions with a vision to make content intelligence affordable, available, and readily accessible. We believed in the democratization of content intel and in the power of that intel to inform delightful, profitable marketing strategies. We also believed it didn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg.

You shared that sense of mission and took a bet on us. You gave us your time, attention, money, and most of all, trust. For all that, we are grateful. It was your support, your bouquets, your brickbats, and your enthusiasm that got us this far.

However, as is far too common with starting up, all the passion and the drive of the team behind the business is sometimes not enough to sustain a business. We still believe in data democracy and will strive to work towards it wherever we go and whatever we do next. But in the end, we couldn't build a business that could sustain itself. Even with a small team, we were never profitable, and we weren’t able to grow our revenue fast enough to get there.

We take enough lessons and memories with us to the future and hope to meet you again, around the corner. If not, we wish you all the very best on your way to stellar content.

Thank you for helping make the dream possible for as long as you did and for giving us a shot. Thank you for the last six years.

Epictionately yours,

All of us at Epictions

In a previous article, I discussed how to use Content Studio which is a cloud-based software that will help you find viral content from nine different sources such as Facebook and YouTube. This tool is a great alternative to Buzzsumo and is less expensive. Content Studio helps you find and schedule your posts for publishing through your social media accounts on a chosen date and time.

I am going to walk you through another tool that is very similar and is called EpicBeat. In my opinion, EpicBeat offers better in-depth data and offers a set of data that is very similar to Buzzsumo but at half the cost. If you are looking for a really good software for viral content marketing, this is it.

The Cons:

Before we started learning about EpicBeat and how it works, there are a few issues that you might want to consider first. Although there are very few issues, they might be important to you. EpicBeat will only work with the English language. For non-English, I would strongly suggest Content Explorer by Ahref or GraphyStories.

Another issue is the default dashboard. It does not have any presentation of what topics, blogs, and issues that are being discussed all over the web and social media. If you want to know what the latest trend is, in order to use their searching feature, you will need to have topics or websites in mind to find your answers. This might be a small issue but we are not always looking for just stuff in our own niche. There are other unrelated subjects that we'd like to view at a glance so we can benefit from the information.

One feature I really like about EpicBeat is how really easy it is to use. This article will provide you with easy steps for using it and finding viral content. You will also discover how to spy on your competition, monitor your website, and how to use EpicBeat for content curation purposes.

About EpicBeat:

EpicBeat is the creation of epictions.com which also created EpicTrack. EpicBeat will help you find highly engaging content while EpicTrack gives you the ability to track and interact with people who are talking about your product or service or that of your competition. In this article, I will talk about EpicBeat as it's a tool I've played around with.

EpicBeat Review – Tool for Content Curation and Find Influencers

Using EpicBeat To Find Viral Content:

Once you have logged in to the dashboard, you will see a large search bar in the center of the panel. You will use this feature to search for viral content. EpicBeat uses a search operator that is similar to that of Google to narrow your search results to get more specific, targeted information. If you are just getting started and have no idea what to type, put in your main topic or a keyword that addresses your niche. When you go to the results, you will see top articles, top sites, influencers in your niche, and then add those additional conditions into the search one more time to get even more targeted results. Also, you do not have to be a search pro to use their search operator because as soon as you click on the search bar, EpicBeat will show a guideline on how to use it.

Also, on the main panel just below the search bar, EpicBeat will show you pre-curated topics such as the Internet of Things (IoT), Cloud Computing, Photography, and so many more. If you are in one of the niches listed, using the pre-curated topics is a great way to get started on finding excellent content.

According to their website, their software is presently monitoring over 2 million domains around the internet. The way their software operates, their bot crawls those sites and monitors the social signal to see what posts get the most attention through sharing, commenting, and liking. If there is a great deal of engagement on a specific post/article, you can easily assume that the topic has drawn a great deal of attention from people and targeted readers. You can use their software for your content marketing strategy, advertising strategy, and everything else. In between. The results you will see from the software's search results are engaging because the content must meet some requirements to show up in the searches.

In some ways, EpicBeat operates like search engines like Google or Bing but their search engines use their own algorithm to decide what results should be shown on the Search Engine Result Pages or SERPS. The difference, EpicBeat uses people's behaviors to show which topics or posts will trigger their attention.

When you rely on search engine results, you could get results of good content that were evaluated and ranked. On the other hand, this tool will give you results that echo what people's behaviors are in a more specific period of time, such as 24 hours, last week, or last month. Viral topics that are taking place right now, you need a tool that will catch up with the current trends and provide fresh content so you can produce content that will guarantee to grab reader's attention.

how to use EpicBeat to find viral content

EpicBeat monitors signals from Google+, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Reddit, Facebook, and Tumblr.

EpicBeat also monitors signals from the following media platforms, Google+, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Reddit, Facebook, and Tumblr and then show the raw stats from each platform. I have performed some comparisons between EpicBeat and Buzzsumo and discovered that even though Buzzsumo offered more accurate data for showing raw stats but, based on my experience, this tool is the most comprehensive and comes very close to what Buzzsumo offers.

Outside of raw stats, EpicBeat has its own metrics in the following data points, Total engagement, Share, Applause, and Comments. It has a calculation formula that's based on the total of social media signals. Now that you know basically how the software works, it's time to move on how to use this tool.

Here is What I Found Out About “Flying Car” through EpicBeat:

After typing "flying car" into EpicBeat's engine and setting the filter to show results from the last month only, it became clear how popular this topic truly is. It even shows up regularly on social media sites like Facebook and LinkedIn. There's an entire world of buzz around the idea of autonomous vehicles, especially with figures like Elon Musk currently rising in prominence.

Most of the results seem to come in article form, but the statistics show that flying car videos are far more popular. It's also worth noting that half of the articles that have been published come in at around 500 words in length. After digging further, it looks as if the longer articles (such as those with 2,000 words) have received more engagement. It's clear that anyone with this interest is looking to dive as deep as possible. If you publish similar content of your own, also be sure to do so only between Saturday and Tuesday in the week.

Using EpicBeat To Find Viral Content:

From the main dashboard, type in your keyword “flying car” and the results will be there. You will have four tabs to get further information – Content, Content Insights, Community, Multi-channel Influencers.

Find trending articles on Facebook twitter LinkedIn viral content finder

Go first to the Content tab and you'll see 3 sections within it. First is a collection of filters that you can adjust to get even more specific results. EpicBeat gathers and shows the content that can go back one year but if you prefer, you can ask for 24 hours, 3 days, a week, one month, 3 months, 6 months, one year, and custom range. Then you sort results by Relevance, Total engagement, Facebook engagement, etc. You can also choose specific content such as only show articles, audios, images, videos,etc. You can also filter the results by choosing specific countries. Again, keep in mind EpicBeat only works with content that's in English.

A really good feature you will like is the ability to export your results to a CSV or XLS format and then share or use the data for your own document.

The next set of results will show a list of viral content that matches your search requirements. Because it will go back one year, you could have quite an extensive list of active posts. When I chose “flying car” and selected one year, there were 9,800 posts all over the web that were drawing a lot of attention. It's probably a good idea to export this data to CSV or XSL as you will be spending a good amount of time going through tons of data.

In the third section of the Content tab, you will get snippets of real articles. You can scan through and find out how the article was written. This feature will draw out the headline, photo, and a snippet description of the specific article. This tool also offers a quick analysis metrics such as Word count, Article Sentiment, Reading Level, and Time to Read.

I added the timing period and set it to one month, after a quick scan I saw many interesting articles. Udacity recently opened its Flying car nanodegree program. Leading sites such as Teachcrunch, CNET, BBC, and Udacity published quite a few articles that attracted a lot of attention. If you want to do further research on this topic, go back to the main search bar and enter your search such as flying car nanodegree, flying car udacity, and you can also add a certain website as well. Now you know how EpicBeat's searching works and it's really very easy.

Epicbeat content insight analysis showing soical engagement metrics

Related searching terms.

video format get higher engagement level

Video format draws a higher level of attention.

Text analysis feature from EpicBeat showing what type of articles get lots of engagement

Articles with long content & difficult reading level can draw a higher level of engagement.

Now that we've gone over that tab, it's time to move on to the Contents Insight tab using your search for “flying car”. You will discover more in-depth data points of content analysis that are all based on your setting. Your setting is “flying car” within one month.

  • Content Insights is broken up into many sections. The first section is the Overview while looking at this information you will see that the topic is very popular on Facebook and LinkedIn. Related searching on this topic shows autonomous vehicles, elon musk, etc.
  • Now let's look at Top Formats & Content Types. This content is offered in an article format but the video format draws a higher level of attention.
  • The next section is Top Domains. You will be given a list of the top domains that published articles about the flying car. If you click on the “Show Content” hyperlink, it will open a new search tab that will show a search for “flying car” from a specific domain.
  • In the Text Analysis section, you will view approximately 50% of all articles published with approximately 500 words. That said, if you want articles that draw more attention you'll find larger articles around 1,000 to 2,000 words and discover that the articles over 2,000 words draw the most attention.
  • Going by the Reading Levels factor, you will notice that articles are written for moderate reading levels. Both moderate and difficult reading levels are both received with the same level of interest.
  • Now let's look at the next section Top Authors. This is obvious, it will refer to the writer of a given article.
  • The last part of the Content Insight panel is the Popular Days to Publish. With a quick glance through the data you will discover that if you published an article between Saturday to Tuesday, you will get better results than the rest of the week.
Community section show Twitter stats

Community section gives Twitter stats.

Multi channel influencers feature let you find leaders in your niche

Multi-channel influencers feature.

Next is the Community section. This is basically the Twitter metrics that will give you types of tweets you should use, tweet, retweet, reply. Also how often you should tweet and if you should tweet with rich medias or not.

The last section is Multi-channel Influencers. This section will show you a list of influencers from any social media such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google+, Instagram, Soundcloud, and Slideshare. You can choose filters such as by country and sort results by Relevance, Followers, Number of Posts.

Create Alerts and Saved Search:

If you are watching some topics regularly, you can use their Create Alerts and Saved Search features. To create alerts you need to go to Set Up, click the Alerts Menu and click on the “Add New Alert” button. Then enter your search word or words to receive the information through email or RSS feature. The RSS feature, you can read your results with the RSS reader or Feedly.

The Saved search feature will allow you to save your searches that you use often, but it will not create alert notifications like the Create Alerts feature does.

Now you have learned how to use Epic Beat to find viral content in your given niche. You can now share content that has drawn a great deal of attention through your social media accounts. You can also use this data to create your own content that will draw high levels of engagement.

Other Practical Usages:

There are other practical usages of this software such as spying on your competition or watching your own website. If your site has viral content, it will show in the results. If you want to watch your site or the site of your competition but either did not reach the viral level, you should consider using EpicTrack to get more specific results.

EpicBeat as a Content Curation Tool:

Because EpicBeat is a content curation tool, you can use it for content marketing. I never used this feature but basically, they have a WordPress plugin that you can install on your website. You can easily download the plugin that is located on the dashboard and connect your blog. Then you can go ahead and set up your searching requirements.

The software will pull content and publish it on your site. Keep in mind, if you choose this option you might run into issues such as duplicate content or a DMCA notice because you are scraping someone else's content and publishing it on your site.

A way around this is to allow EpicBeat to pull the content but you don't let it publish. Instead, you will have a list of data on topics and you can then turn around and write your own articles. You can add your own touches, mention selected content, and give credit to the original sources. This is the legal way of using content curation and what EpicBeat also recommends.


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