How to Opt Out and Unsubscribe Udemy Email

How to change your Udemy Email subscription setting.

Udemy is a great place to start learning something new and honing your skills at affordable price. However if you're starting to have a lot of online courses in your learning library. You may have noticed that you're getting a lot of email notification from Udemy. When the course was updated, when an instructor made an announcement or when Udemy urges you to write a course review(s), and other events. They will send email notification to your inbox. This could be helpful to keep students on track with the classes. But it could be quite annoying because if you have participated like 20-30 courses. You will get email from Udemy like almost everyday. For me after 2 years of learning at Udemy I thought I have purchased more than 60+ courses. So my inbox was kind of getting bombed with Udemy email 🙂

In the last few months, I got a message from our fan at our Elearning Facebook Page. He said that please stop sending me your Udemy emails 😉

I told him that it's not me, but it's an official mail from Udemy. And I told him how to opt out of their email subscription. I thought it would be nice to post a short tutorial here too. As this blog was created to share Student's tips apart from sharing Udemy discount coupon.

In my opinion, I think that if we, as a student, could have an option to get a notification from some of the courses that we preferred to get update not notifications from all courses. It would be much better. It's just too bad that we didn't get that option yet. So we have just another option left. That is we have to opt out of all Udemy email notifications instead.

In order to do this, you have to log in to your Udemy profile here. After filling your log in and password, you'll get directed to your profile. Udemy log in page

On the top right corner. You will see your profile icon. Click it to show drop down menu. When drop down menu appears you will see a gear icon under your username (See picture where green arrow pointed toward.) Just simply click the gear icon there. How to Opt Out and Unsubscribe Udemy Email.jpg
You will be directed to Notifications page. This is where you can set your email preference. And in this case we want to opt out of all email. So you have to check the bottom box ‘Don't send me any emails' Then click the Save button. And all is done and you won't get annoying updates again 🙂

Udemy email subscription setting

Udemy Email Subscription Setting


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