How to Redeem Udemy Coupon Code on iPad Android and PC

How to Redeem Udemy Coupon Code on iPad Android and PC

Udemy is arguably biggest marketplace where anyone can start learning and teaching online. As of July 2017, there're over 15 million Udemy students and over 40,000 online classes to join. With this large online course library. If you're new to this website, it could be overwhelming and you don't know which course you should take.

I guessed Udemy knew how people feel about this. That's why they released Udemy promotion to help you get started with online courses at affordable price. You can save up to 50-75% or even up to 90 % discount. In this article I will show you how to redeem Udemy Coupon Code from your iPad, iPhone, Android Devices and from PC.

Redeem Discount Code from PC

On your PC, when you find the Udemy course that you'd like to purchase. You'll see that it's a full price, you can save big buck by enter a valid code. Simply click on a Redeem a Coupon text area, located under the Take This Course button.

How to Redeem Udemy Coupon Code on PC

A pop up box will show up and tell you to Enter Your Redemption Code, enter the code and click Apply.

How to Redeem Udemy Coupon Code on Personal Computer browser

Then you'll get your discounted price. But coupon could expire anytime soon. So make sure to buy a course before expiry date. Udemy make it easy for their users to purchase a course but if you're having trouble that your purchase won't go through. Read this article, We were unable to process your payments , for a solution.

How to Redeem Udemy Coupon Code discount

Redeem Discount Code from iPad & iPhone

If you look into the App Store, you'll see Udemy Mobile App for iOS. It's been released since April 2013, Udemy Launches iPhone App for Anytime, Anywhere Learning, as the company found that many students are taking their courses while on the go or even before bed.

You can purchase a course from the In App Purchase feature too and you don't need any coupon code to redeem. Udemy will offer promotion through its apps from time to tome. However the app promotion is different from a web version. In this article I'll show you how to buy a course via web browser from your iPad/iPhone.

How to Redeem Udemy Coupon Code from iPad

On your Safari browser, you'll see that Udemy mobile version is lookalike the web version. Just enter your coupon code into a Redeem a Coupon section. Then you'll be able to purchase your course here.

Personally, when I used my iPad i used Udemy iOS App for learning purpose. It's beautiful and easy to operate. But when I used In-App Purchase feature, I found out that there are some bugs that I can't get enrolled into a course but they successfully charged me. I had to contact Udemy support and Apple support here and there and it took more than 3 days to get me into the course. Even if a free course, sometimes I can't enroll into the course via the app too.

How to Redeem Udemy Coupon Code from iPad in app purchase

Redeem Discount Code from Android Devices

After Udemy iOS app has been released, 9 months later Udemy Mobile App for Android were launched into the Google App Store in January 2014.

Udemy Android App also offer In-App Purchase like the iOS too. I'm not sure if the discounted campaign is different form web version and iOS In-App Purchase or not. I bought a course from the In-App Purchase feature once, the process is straightforward. I have no issue to get enrolled into the course.

But honestly speaking, I didn't use the Android App that much because it kept crashing from time to time. It's quite frustrating, when I started learning some courses so I preferred to use web browser and iOS app over Android app. Anyways, that's just my own experience. In this article we'll focus on how to buy a Udemy course via web browser from your Android devices.

How to Redeem Udemy Coupon Code on iPad Android and PC

On your Android devices, open your web browser app. In this article I used Dolphin browser. When enter a course URL you'll see that it will suggest to install Udemy Android App but I click the continue to mobile website area to see if we can buy a course here.

How to Redeem Udemy Coupon Code on iPad Android and PC

When we continue to a mobile website, you'll see a Redeem a Coupon area so in this case we can buy Udemy course from Android devices via web browser too.

During the promotion, you can use the same coupon with as many courses as you like to get discounted price. But not all courses joined these Udemy promotions, then in some cases coupon code won't work for some courses.

6 Tips Every Udemy Student Needs To Know

1. What To Do When A Discount Coupon Expired:

Outside of collecting massive numbers of subjects to learn and the quality of the training courses, one thing I love about Udemy is they offer huge discounts on most of their courses. That allows you more choices for a lot of topics and different instructors for the same topics. That said, keep in mind the Udemy Coupon Code has an expiration date. If your coupon has expired, there is always a chance new coupons have arrived so you can still get a deal.

In some cases, the deal has also expired, so click on the “Redeem A Coupon” section which is under the “Take This Course” button. Then enter the new coupon code that you got from our We keep a valid code up to date by updating the code on the coupon that had been released.

Then again, there's always a possibility that there is not a promotion at that particular moment. If that's the case, I highly recommend you bookmark our website and like our Facebook Page. Once a new discount campaign is available, We will update the coupon code. This is a simple solution for you to get the newest, valid coupon code, enabling you to get courses when you need them.

2. New Udemy Students Can Get Udemy Course For A Discount Of $10:

If you have just started and signed up for a new account, you can buy most courses on Udemy for $10 per course. In order to create an account, simply click on this link and create an account from your web browser. Even if you are using your mobile phone or tablet, I suggest you use your web browser and then create your account.

Once you have created your account click on this link to receive your $10 per course upon your first purchase. You can purchase as many courses as you'd like as long as the code is still valid.

I am not sure if you can get the $10 discount for the new students' campaign if you signed up for a new account using the Udemy app for iOS and Android. Udemy has different discount campaigns running on their iOS and Android app. From my past experience, courses from iOS and Android app are somewhat more expensive than buying from the web browser. Like I said, they do have different promotions on different platforms.

That said, there are still some bugs that will prevent you from getting some courses because they may not show on the app. Unfortunately, this issue has been around ever since they released their iOS and Android app. In my opinion, some of the app's functionalities have been improved and while the Udemy app is still a good choice, the flaws will still be there when trying to purchase courses.

Like I said, the Udemy app is great for learning and watching courses but when it comes to purchasing a course, I prefer to use PC and mobile browsers to get the courses I want. From what I have seen and experienced, I recommend the following browsers:

  • Google Chrome
  • Firefox
  • Safari
  • Opera
  • Dolphin
  • Other standard browsers

Keep in mind, using unstable browsers may also prevent you from getting the discounts, even though the following link has a valid coupon. These minor issues might possibly be fixed in the near future but not yet. However, the best solution is to use the valid link, the valid code, and a dependable browser. You will be fine!

3. Current Udemy Students Are Also Eligible For Huge Discounts:

If you are a current Udemy student, you are eligible for huge discounts as well. First, sign into your account from your PC browser, or your iPad, iPhone, or Android mobile devices and then following the valid code here. You should be able to get your discount. Again, I do recommend you use the browsers listed above.

In May of 2017, Udemy changed their discount pricing model. The discounts are based on various factors such as geography, user behavior, referral sources, and many others that Udemy has not disclosed. Their pricing tiers may vary as well.

There are many courses that normally did not join the site wide $10 promotion. Those courses are rarely released with discounts so you would have to pay full price. The good news, with their new pricing model, you can get 75% off those courses which are wonderful deals for getting huge discounts on high-quality courses. So that's is quite a great deal, right?

4. How To Solve The Problem When Your Payment Can't Be Processed:

Currently, you can purchase Udemy courses with your Udemy credit, PayPal, and a credit card. Whether you purchase a course from Udemy's website or from the Udemy app (iOS and Android) you can purchase from local currencies which will be more convenient. I discovered that local prices are cheaper from the previous model when these local currencies were not available.

In most situations, purchasing Udemy courses should be straight forward. There are no issues when paying with PayPal or credit cards. However, there are times, especially if you are a new student or have never purchased courses in the past, that Udemy's system has filtering features to prevent possible illegal activities.

If you have issues, simply contact Udemy support and let them know your situation and you should be able to use your PayPal account or a major credit card such as MasterCard or Visa. To read the step-by-step tutorial on payment methods click here.

5. Enroll In Free Courses Before They Become Paid Courses:

Purchasing a course with a huge discount is great but getting a course for free is even better. If you are looking for premium courses for free, you can use the following methods. Keep in mind, that not all courses will be available and usually the method literally works with newly released courses not the old best selling courses.

It goes like this, some instructors will release a new course for free to get students to enroll in their class. These courses will be free but for a limited time. In order to find those courses, there are 2 simple ways to go about finding them.

First, type in the types of topics you are interested in and then using the “Free Course” filter, see if there are courses that meet your requirements. Secondly, look into the “New & Noteworthy” section where newly released courses with high-quality will be promoted. Simply enroll in those courses that are in this feature and do it quick. Chances are, these courses will become paid courses in a very short time.

6. How To Unsubscribe From A Udemy Course:

Learning new topics and collecting online courses can be a lot of fun. There will be times though, that you have gotten in over your head. You have collected hundreds and even thousands of courses that you don't need and you want to unsubscribe to them. Unfortunately, you can't. But you can get around it by organizing collections of courses using the “Archive” feature.

To do this, simply sign in to your account, go to the “My Courses” feature and access all the courses listed. Click on the target course and you will be on that courses' dashboard. On the top right menu, you will see the “Options” menu. Click on it to expand it and then click on the “Archive This Course” menu. The course will be archived and your collection of courses will be less cluttered. You will still have access to the archived courses and can take a course out of archive when you want to.

More Tips:

Udemy Apps Review: iOS and Android

Since its released in April 2013, Udemy iOS app has allowed students to have access to online courses anytime. Dennis Yang, former Udemy CEO said that even though people were learning online from the convenience of the homes, more than 30% of their time was spent watching and taking courses from the application.

iOS vs Android:

At this time, Udemy has two official mobile apps for iOS and Android. The features on the Udemy apps for both iOS and Android are pretty much the same in functionality. The only real difference is the user interface (UI).

The original Udemy app allowed anyone to load for free, sign into their accounts, and immediately start browsing their massive collection of online courses and choose the courses that suit their needs.

The Udemy for Business app is designed for an organization's team to have access to a set of elective courses. To date, there are approximately 2,000 courses available on Udemy for the Business app. These courses were hand picked by Udemy to ensure the topics and quality of the topics met and organization's standards to use as online corporate training material. Also, there are several courses that were created by individual organizations for their employees to access using the Udemy for Business app. These courses are private and only authorized people have access to them.

Links for Downloading Udemy Apps

Please Note, at this time there are no official Udemy apps for Kindle Fire or Windows Mobile OS.

What you can do using either of these platforms:

Buy Courses With Local Currencies:

You can purchase Udemy courses with both iOS and Android apps and both platforms ran really smoothly and did not experience any issues. I could immediately access their courses directly after making our purchases. I also discovered that using the in-app purchase feature allows you to buy courses with local currencies if purchasing from that country. However, I discovered there are some bugs that, from time to time, some courses disappear from the apps. You cannot find these courses or purchase them on your app even though they are available on the web version.

Keep in mind, the cost of a course using local currency will differ from one country to another. For instance, if you purchase a course in India , you will be charged in INR – Indian Rupee. You will pay slightly more or less than if you purchased it in the U.S, this is caused by the currency exchange rate at the time.

Some Bug Issues:

There are times you will be charged for a course but you won't have access to it. Should this happen, you must contact the App store or the Google store support department. They are the people who process your payment, not Udemy and should be able to correct the situation. This happened to me once and the App store solved the problem within 2 or 3 business days.

In some cases, you will see courses on your mobile app but you cannot purchase them. They will have a tag that states “coming soon” and they won't display a price. This also seems to be a bug that needs to be addressed.

There's another bug that I discovered with courses that have many video lectures, lets say like over 150+ videos. While using the Udemy web version to view videos, the courses will show some videos but not all of them. This can be very frustrating if you are trying to learn something.

Download Courses For Offline Viewing:

The Udemy online learning platform makes it impossible to download videos and watch them on your computer. There are some exceptions where instructors will provide files you can download. That said, using the Udemy app, you can save these courses to your tablet or mobile phone for offline viewing. This is a great feature if you couldn't get internet access and want to watch a particular video. You are able to download the entire course or just some video lectures. When downloading, you can select the quality from:

  • 144p
  • 360p
  • 480p
  • 720p
  • 1080p

Zooming In On A Video:

Watching video courses on your mobile device is easy but smaller screens will not give you the same quality as watching them on your PC or Television. (You can watch Udemy course via Apple TV, click here for details). If you are taking courses on coding, it can be very difficult to see the small characters the instructor is writing on a small screen. Udemy has made this easier by zooming in on the video. Just use your thumb or index finger and pinch or zoom in on the screen to make it larger.

That said, the latest iOS version v3.1.32.319 does not allow for zooming anymore. I really hope that Udemy will bring this feature back soon. It really is an excellent feature and helps when viewing small details in a video.

If The Site Is Down, The Apps Won't Work:

If Udemy's official website is down, it rarely happened but it does have the situations click here for details, the app will stop working if the site is down. This can be difficult if you are in the middle of a course.

Another issue they must address is crashing and you are forced to close it directly from the app, even if the site itself is not down. This doesn't happen very often but it can. I have found the iOS platform is more stable than the Android app. I prefer to watch courses with my iOS app on my iPad and rarely have any issues, unlike the Android app. I prefer not to watch courses on my phone because the screen is just too small and it's not worth it.

Not Able To Access Or Download Other Materials:

Outside of the video lectures, most instructors have other material such as PDF files, Excel Files, exercise homework, etc. These materials can be easily downloaded when using the Udemy website via your browser. Unfortunately, if you are using your mobile app, these materials are not available because the app does not have the ability to open them. Some students can download PDF files but quite honestly, if you are taking a course via your mobile device, you are better off going on the web version. You will have access and be able to download all learning materials.

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