Is Udemy a Legit Online Course Provider?

If you need some professional experience and smarts, or have skills to share with your peers, Udemy is the site that brings supply and demand together. With over 40,000 courses being offered in over 80 languages, Udemy is the leading supplier of online educational courses.

Udemy is powered by a strong community of students and instructors who give and receive educational support. The students themselves are professionals and up-and-coming professionals as well. The courses are prepared by instructors and the quality of the course can vary slightly. 

Is Udemy a Legit Online Course Provider

Nevertheless, because it operates as a marketplace, students can find higher quality courses by the number of positive reactions from the comments. The more popular the course, the greater advantages and quality can be expected. While most of the courses will be provided over video content, may include different PDFs, downloadable content and even interactive forums where comments and questions can be addressed by subject experts.

Another unique advantage of the Udemy approach, is that instructors are able to adapt the courses they offer according to the needs and questions of their students. Students can provide feedback to their instructors on parts of the course that needed to be better explained or other related topics that should be included. This bottom-to-top approach allows the course to be greatly improved each time it is studied and this means the quality of education is on the rise.

Furthermore, new skills and studies are being posted all the time and students can take advantage of increased learning and experience at Udemy. At the time of writing, Udemy has 15 major categories of courses they provide. These include health & fitness, photography, cooking and lifestyles, design, marketing, software training and many many more. The most important niches where training is provided are in IT and professional training, but there are plenty of supporting courses and hobby introductions as well.

Participation in Udemy Courses

Students and instructors are connected through online resources that bring the advantages of learning right into the comfort of your home via your PC browser, Tablet or iOS. But to really get the most of your educational experience, it is recommended to take the course over the Apple TV app.

This is especially helpful for those courses like computer programming that requires you to be typing out codes while listening to an instructor, which can be hard to do from the same screen. This option allows you to view the lesson on the big screen while you follow along with the lesson from the laptop or iPad. You will find more information on buying Udemy courses further in the article.

Signing up can be completed in a matter of minutes. Once an Udemy account has been set up and your choice of learning module selected, you can join Apple TV with the touch of a button.

The Udemy Certificate of Completion — Is It Legit?

Most of the courses available from the Udemy marketplace include a glistening certificate of accomplishment or completion. You will see a distinct green trophy appearing on the course dashboard when the certificate has been completed and ready for download. Simply click the icon and download or print the certificate as needed. (Read this article on how to obtain your Udemy Certificate of Completion.)

There are many questions about the legitimacy of these certificates and the amount of clout they have with potential employers. The fact is a course can be bought and certificate completed by simply purchasing the course and watching the videos.

It is important to understand how this program can work for you. Obviously having a portfolio filled with Udemy certificates seems impressive, but this would be even more impressive to a potential employer if it is accompanied with plenty of examples, work completed and a domination of the subject matter.

An potential employer may not take much stock in the Udemy certificate (or they might) but will be very impressed with an individual committed to ongoing educational growth. Of course, those who try to skimp out on the studies to get the certificate is really not helping their position.

These certificates can be shared and posted on your LinkedIn site and others, but they look kind of sickly and pale if not supported by plenty more. To get the most from your Udemy certificate, consider uploading projects that you have completed during the course and including a few links in your profile. While the certificates are not actually “university accredited”, they are skill-based courses and can provide plenty of valuable training, if you can prove the skills you have acquired.

The Udemy Review Issue

Like any successful idea, as a startup Udemy faced a few fake review issues that have besmirched the reputation of this course provider. This has caused many to wonder “Is Udemy a legit website?” The primary cause is that a user is able to create as many accounts as they see fit and then leave whatever kind of review they think fitting. The trend began with some shrewd Udemy instructors trying to corner the student market. What began as adding good reviews to personal courses offered, soon evolved into flinging mud at competing Udemy courses.

Nevertheless, the issue was noticed by Udemy management and new systems were introduced to counter the problem with spam and legitimate reviews. So the suspicious or fake reviews were constantly monitored and wiped out.

How to Purchase Udemy Courses

Udemy is designed to service the entire world and students in any country featuring internet accessibility can avail themselves of an increased education in the skill of their choice. At the time of writing, Udemy courses can be purchased using PayPal, Credit Cards or even Debit cards. The payment and delivery process is completely straight forward and any issues met when attempting to buy an Udemy course can be swiftly addressed by Udemy management.

How You Can Save to 90% by Using Udemy Discount Coupons

In addition to availability of these courses and the ease at which they can be purchased, Udemy offers some free courses and special discounts for others. A typical Udemy course could cost anywhere between $20 -$200. But most of these can be purchased for much less with the inclusion of an appropriate coupon. This can reduce the costs of education by as much as 90% off.

In order to find the best coupon for your needs, here are some things to try:

  • Coupon Websites, visit our website to get the valid Udemy coupon code update to save up to over 90% discount for most courses.
  • Signing Up for the Udemy mailing list — possible downside to this option will be the overwhelming amounts of promotional emails. This could be a good thing as there are plenty of additional promotions and resources, it really depends on your email management skills.
  • Seasonal Promotions — There are also plenty of promotions that are offered seasonally. Cyber Monday and Black Friday Sales are the two biggest sales held by the Udemy.


Udemy website provided a wide variety of subjects. Professionals with a quick mind for learning will be able to increase their comprehension in needed industry skills. So, Is Udemy a Legit website source of quality training? It really depends how you, the learner, applies the options available.

It can be very expensive to receive a college or university level to complete a career of studies in a particular field. In this case, Udemy provides the perfect options to sharpen skills and get needed experience in a field that will better your professional capacity. The best part is that these courses can be enjoyed for a fraction of the cost of a university.

So, depending on the goals you have and the capacity you have for learning and applying newly acquired skills, Udemy could facilitate your future endeavors.

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