LearnDash Review - A Powerful WordPress LMS Plugin

Learning online has become an excellent way to multi-task and gain knowledge. Some of the leading educational institutions around America are starting to tap into the value of such platforms. One of the names making the rounds would be LearnDash and its unique layout.

This review is going to analyze the well-recognized learning platform to see what it offers and whether or not it's a good option for eager businesses.

Key Features:

  • Online Marketplace for Courses
  • Integrates with WordPress Sites
  • Offers Rewards to Learners (Badges/Certificates/Points)
  • Ongoing Interaction with Learners
  • Drip-Feed Content (Automated)
  • Advanced Quizzing
  • Full Customization of Courses
  • Lesson Timers
  • Dynamic Forums (Private/Public)

Pros of LearnDash

Gorgeous Platform

Businesses want a comfortable platform that doesn't get in the way of their courses. The content should be simple to manage, and that begins with this wonderfully designed layout. The platform is striking and is going to stand out as soon as you take a peek. They have spent time honing its performance metrics. The platform is responsive, easy to use, and a joy to look at for those seeking real quality in the long-run.


This is one of the most trusted learning platforms. Businesses such as the University of Florida, University of Washington, Infusionsoft, WPelevation, and the University of Michigan are using this to integrate their courses. This widespread appreciation for LearnDash illustrates how useful it is. These institutions want something streamlined and straightforward, which is why Learndash stands out. This makes it an exciting proposition for businesses wanting the best.

Responsive Layout

How is the layout when it comes to responsiveness? The main thing a business is looking for before setting up courses is responsiveness for its learners. There is no reason to have a platform that is sluggish or lags all the time. This can be annoying, and downtime is never good.

With some of the leading universities in America using LearnDash, its efficiency is there for everyone to see. The learning platform is exceptionally responsive and doesn't take up time at all. Even as the demand goes up during exam season or with larger businesses, the servers can manage well.

Range of Courses

It's not about one type, of course, being put on the learning platform. LearnDash is excellent because it works well with a range of courses. Whether the course has to do with science, arts, or business, you will be able to run it on LearnDash without a fuss. Everything is laid out to account for these demands. The lesson timers, drip-feed settings, and all relevant features will play a role in how the course comes together.

Robust Drip-Feed

This is one of the most exciting features on LearnDash. Being able to automatically drip-feed content is excellent for businesses who want to "set it and forget it." Businesses want to set things up once and let the course take care of itself. This can occur with LearnDash.

The learning platform helps users create settings that will automatically update courses based on the schedule that is set up. For example, you may want to add new quizzes each week instead of all at once. LearnDash's drip-feed feature lets you do this effectively.

Ideal Use of Timers and Points

One of the reasons this tends to win over has to do with the rewards system. Everything is managed with a well-built layout that makes it easier to relay information and learn. Students get lesson timers put in to help them excel and keep on pace with requirements. The same applies to ongoing encouragements via points/badges/certificates. Everything is set up to push learners towards their goals.

Cons of LearnDash

Average Reporting

The reporting features are below par. This can be an issue for those who are running larger courses and might want to keep tabs on how things are going year-round. This can be difficult because the reporting is average in what it shows and how quickly it responds.

Payment Requires Time

LearnDash is integrated with Paypal/Stripe, but this can be challenging for those who are in other nations such as Canada. If you are an international business looking to use LearnDash, it may be best to keep all tax-related information in hand. This can be handy while dealing with Stripe and making sure you are not on the wrong side of the law.

Concluding Thoughts on LearnDash

LearnDash is one of the solid learning platforms on the market. LearnDash runs well around the clock and is easy to use. This is the ideal option for large businesses wanting to set things up quickly. The pricing is excellent, and the platform is a joy to use.

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