Leetcode Review – Learning Community for Programmers

Leetcode is a platform that has been used by thousands of developers and software engineers to understand the world of programming. Does it do a good enough job as a solution for employment? Does it offer the type of practice needed to nail a job interview at large tech companies?

This review is going to dig deeper into the nuances of Leetcode and what it has to offer as a learning platform.

Key Features:

  • Supports 14 Popular Coding Languages
  • Wide Array of Testing Tools
  • 800+ Practice Questions
  • Ongoing Contests
  • Large Community of Coders
Leetcode Review – Community & Learning Platform for Programmers


Gorgeous Layout:

Let's start with the layout as it is sensational. Leetcode has been designed with flair and purpose that is hard to find with similar platforms. It is one of those learning platforms that has hit the aesthetic part of its approach well.

Too many coders end up dealing with issues because the platform they're using doesn't work. With Leetcode, the platform is a breeze to go through and makes the process easier. You are able to pick through the potential questions, solve them online, and then wait for the online judge to provide feedback. The platform makes sure to provide ample space for this type of problem-solving and that is essential on any new platform. 

Impressive Questions:

With over 800 questions on their platform, Leetcode makes sure their students are well prepared. It's not just about going through the same old questions and hoping things work out. You want something that will help understand the core concepts in detail and that's what Leetcode does well.

It is able to highlight the best possible questions for a person to maximize their skill set.

For anyone that is ready to learn more about programming and all that it has to offer, this is a beautiful way to stay on top of things. The questions are a lot of fun to answer and can provide tremendous insight into future interviews and how they'll shape up. By trusting Leetcode, students can get a real feel for the world of programming as they highlight the various concepts and what could show up in a real-world situation moving forward.

Real-World Application:

It is one thing to learn to code online and go through various practice questions but most people never understand where the application is going to happen. How are you going to take this information and apply it in real life?

This is why learning platforms fail because they are solely focused on the questions and nothing else. Leetcode manages to break past this issue by offering real-world questions that are going to be seen in real life situations. Students will be able to take a look at the questions and realize these could pop up in their workplace from time to time. In fact, they might even see those questions on their first day at work!


All of the information that is placed on this platform will remain up-to-date. This is one of the main requirements people have when it comes to their learning experience. Leetcode has done a masterful job of going through their questions and pinpointing what needs to be updated. They have a great community that keeps tabs on this too and that is incredibly useful moving forward. Students will know they are only going to see questions that are worth their time when they hop online.

Immediate Feedback:

The feedback that is going to be offered on Leetcode is impossible to match. It is absolutely astonishing the level of depth that is seen on Leetcode as soon as the question is answered. They have an "Online Judge" that is able to provide feedback on the spot.

This is a good way to get a read on how you've done and whether the question was answered properly. Most people don't know where they've made mistakes but this solution will highlight all of it in place.

Easy to Use:

Usability is going to be on your mind and that is something Leetcode does well. It is a platform that has been made for the purpose of learning and that's what makes it special. You are not going to be wasting your time trying to figure out where the links are or how to answer questions.

It will be explained immediately and you are going to have no problem getting the hang of it.

This is where usability starts to showcase itself as a major plus point on Leetcode. You are getting the opportunity to use a platform that is game-changing with its ability to offer easy learning options. You will never be left in a tough spot.


It is always best to use a platform that's efficient but also affordable at the same time. No one wants to go ahead and pay through their nose for learning platforms. With Leetcode, you are getting the deal of a lifetime and it may even lead to your dream job!

This alone makes it a solid investment and one you can make without hesitation. Leetcode has done a great job of maximizing its price point and offers a premium solution that is ahead of its time. Anyone with a big interview coming up will know Leetcode is a good fit for them and an affordable one too.

Leetcode is a platform that has been used by thousands of developers and software engineers


Requires Work:

Leetcode is a lot of fun to use and does offer valuable lessons but the work has to be done. For those looking to visit Leetcode, memorize a few questions, and get everything they need will be in for a shock.

This is a platform that is made for people that are looking to learn. This means you will have to sit down and allow time for these questions. It is best to answer them, understand the core concepts, and then submit your response. If you don't do this then you are using Leetcode incorrectly.

Sit down and start working because that's where Leetcode comes to life and becomes a viable platform.

Can Get Repetitive:

One of the cons that people mention is the repetition behind the questions. Yes, you are going to learn a tremendous amount and they have 14+ coding languages on offer but that's just a part of the setup. You also have to account for repetition as it will start to become tedious after a while.

However, those hoping to learn as much as possible will enjoy the level of depth that's offered with each question.

Final Thoughts:

In general, Leetcode is one of those learning platforms that do it all. It is an absolute joy to use and has been created as a functional solution. For those looking for a detailed learning solution that breaks things down from top to bottom. The advantages of using Leetcode are what make it brilliant and that's something to note for those wanting perfection. It is easy to use, beautifully laid out, and super fast.

If the goal is to learn how to code the right way then it is time to sign up with Leetcode.

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