LifterLMS Review- The Learning Management System For WordPress

LifterLMS is a type of plugin that transforms WordPress into a complete Learning Management System, that allows you to track progress, publish course-content, award certificates when the users obtain specific goals that you have set out.

Today there is a vast array of LMS options available within the WordPress universe and this is for a very good reason, as managed learning and online education is said to be the following break-out boom that come with implications for any business or individual providing all forms of online-content.

What You Get With LifterLMS And How It Compares:

With the endless choices in LMS plugins for WordPress, some paid and some free, it is really worthwhile to spend the time in considering the features associated with what each one offers and whether these features will be of importance to you. When it comes to the paid LMS plugins, you should be thinking carefully about the number of websites you would like to eventually use these LMS plugins on, as well as whether the functionality you may require comes in an extension form that you will need to pay for each year.

LifterLMS costs $149 for a year for 1 site and $399 for a year for a maximum of 5 sites. Standard plugins will include these features:

  • Lessons- like the standard WordPress posts which can contain any forms of media.
  • The ability to organize the lessons into courses.
  • Quizzes- at the moment this only includes multiple choice, but there are other types currently under development.
  • The ability to gamify the lessons in the way of awarding badges as the lesson progresses.
  • You can reward the success of your users with downloadable and impressive certificates.
  • Drip content- that allows you to control speeds associated with how each course will be taken.
  • BuddyPress integration, which involves creating communities for the learners.
  • Reward yourself with the ability to charge for your courses with the integrated PayPal payments.
  • Woocommerce integration.
  • bbPress integration, which creates a learning-form.
  • Promote the courses you have on offer with affiliate functionality and built-in discount coupon for online course.

LifterLMS comes with PayPal payments as the standard but there are many users that find Stripe to be much better, so they now also offer a Stripe extension for $99 for a year for 1 site and $299 a year for a maximum of 5 sites.

LifterLMS Review - The Learning Management System For WordPress

About Using LifterLMS

You are able to use LifterLMS with just about any of the WordPress themes, which offers you with freedom on how to present your materials as well as it makes it much easier to integrate into a WordPress site that already exists.

In The Crowded Market, Why Choose LifterLMS?

LifterLMS is still regarded as a relatively new LMS plugin, yet it is one of the most expensive at a price of $149 for a year for 1 site and $399 for a year a maximum of 5 sites, having an equally expensive per-site pricing for the extensions.

However, their website is without a doubt far slicker than the established competitors and features highly aspirational promo videos. The pitch they use is aimed at empowering online education overall, while stating that the plugins they use have an advantage over its competitors who they say are disjointed, cumbersome and complex to use. They go onto state that this places a wall between your students and yourself, whereby LifterLMS allows for an easier way to engage in a direct way with your students.

It is clear that LifterLMS has very ambitious plans, while the changelogs on this page already show how active they have been in the last year. Some users have mentioned that the interface is a bit rough, particularly in comparison to their highly polished marketing. However, overall for most of the users, there are more than enough added-value when it comes to their intensive approach involved in their marketing efforts that justify the prices they charge.

An example of this is that they appear to be very determined to establish a community that is thriving of a variety of online-educators around their specific product. The first of the good signs is the fact that they have a publicly and active accessible forum and questions are being answered. At one stage where most of the commercial-plugin providers were convinced that it was a much more “professional approach” to be hidden behind support ticket systems, it is really refreshing to know that the guys from LifterLMS understand the value associated with interacting openly.

The second and more impressive example, is that they use an outstanding podcast, known as LMScast that already has over 100 episodes under its belt. These podcasts range in their length from 5 to 20 minutes, with most of them running for 10 minutes. Each of these podcasts focuses on different aspects associated with being or becoming an “edupreneur”, which is described as a type of entrepreneur that produces online educational material. The style they use is focused, straightforward and knowledgeable, similar to David Hehenberger and Doug Yen on WPcast and Rob Walling and Mike Taber on “Startups for the Rest of Us.”

They don’t waste any time with fluff or intro music, and always speak clearly which allows you to listen to a podcast at double-speed and you won’t lose any of the meaning. It is easy to get through all the episodes within as little as a week, and it will definitely broaden your understanding on the possibilities. In the field that is evolving incredibly fast as online-learning is, an informed and sharp information source is highly valuable.


If they manage to maintain the momentum of their podcasts, this will turbocharge their existing forum community which will also then become the source for encouragement and inspiration. You have the choice to listen to these podcasts or read up on the forum even when you have already committed to other LMS’s, but for most “edupreneurs” the feeling of belonging to a specific community is more than enough to justify the price of LifterLMS.

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