Lumen5 Review – The Fastest Video Creation Software Used For Social Engagement

Consider the scene: it is time to purchase a new laptop and you are beginning research to find the best laptop for your needs.

Are you reading through several written articles on laptops, or are you watching various videos on YouTube as well? Watching people opening boxes of laptops, reviewing them, and then using the exact laptop you have been considering buying throughout the entire process.

With so many different types of social media available these days helping us experience a product before we even purchase it, use it, and touch it directly. This is highly beneficial for everyone watching videos as an ordinary user.

If, however, you are a product creator you could use the online video technology in as beneficial a way. It can be useful because you are able to create engaging online content that is so strong it can encourage people to look at your product and make a final decision to purchase it.

Products walk through, product tutorials, and video advertisements demonstrating the item are only a few examples of online video usage. We see many companies of all sizes incorporating video marketing into the advertising strategies in today's society.

What Are The Benefits Of Online Video Marketing?

All people who use the internet will be familiar with online videos and use it almost every day. Regardless of whether you are watching videos for entertainment purposes, educational purposes, or as a way of killing spare time; the majority of people enjoy watching videos. Reports show that most people have developed a visual habit meaning that we consume and remember things more easily when they are in picture form. It seems that the brain is able to retain messages from videos and photographs more easily than written formats.

If a picture is worth one thousand words, then a video could be worth several thousand more.

This is why the video marketing sector is currently one of the crucial parts of all content marketing strategies in every business. This article will provide information on using online video content to boost people's interest in a product by turning your article into a professional short video summarizing the key insights of the text. Lumen 5 is a software that helps you achieve this goal easily and extremely quickly at a level that blew me away.

How Do I Create Quality Videos With Lumen5?

In my previous post, I wrote a review of the Rocketium software which is a cloud application similar to Lumen 5. Both of these software applications serve the same purpose helping you create an online video from existing content quickly and you don't need to have any knowledge of video editing to use the item. In the review I said that Rocketium is a good option. The software has templates, videos, and a large library of still graphics, videos, and music to use. My point is that you will have to perform a manual adjustment for the video being created with Rocketium and this can take approximately twenty minutes to one hour to complete.

On the other hand, Lumen 5 is much easier and speedier to use. My trial use of creating a video with Lumen 5 took only five minutes to form a professional looking video. This is extremely fast and can save time when developing videos. Not only is it quick to use, but the ease of use can turn any blog post into a simple, short, but still very engaging online video to be delivered through social media accounts.

Lumen5 Review – Fastest Video Creation Software for social engagement

What Are The Quality Of The Videos?

Click here to view the first video I created using the Lumen 5 video creation software. In less than five minutes I was able to form the first video. All I did was enter the blog post and the software scraped the content, then I selected the key sentence I wanted in the video - that's it. The still graphic, scene length, and all other aesthetic materials were calculated by the Lumen 5 software. Not a single tweak was done by me and all aspects were created completely by the software. It is truly impressive offering high-quality with top speed.

Is Lumen 5 Better Than Rocketium?

Rocketium has a blog with details comparing the two types of software and can be read here. However, from my experience, I would say that both of these software types can help create online videos quickly.

According to my experience, Lumen 5 is much faster than Rocketium forming a video in only five minutes. Rocketium takes longer because you will need to change scenes, fix the video length, and perform other video tweaks until you are satisfied with the final product. If you prefer to have more control over the video and want to tweak the item, then Rocketium may be the better option. If you are searching for a faster video creation software, then Lumen 5 is the winning alternative.

Regarding quality of the video, I think that both Rocketium and Lumen 5 are great. The video I created using both of these software options was professional looking and I was confident to share it online.

How Does Lumen 5 Work And Why Is It So Fast When Creating An Online Video?

The way Lumen 5 operates and why it is so fast in forming online videos is what prompted me to write this article. For what I have read so far, the answer to this question is that Lumen 5 is powered by artificial intelligence or AI technology. So, when you insert your blog's URL into the software it uses natural language processing algorithms to 'read' and understand the article's content. The AI will then collect images, graphic material, and videos related to the content and this is why it can be a time-saving option recommending different assets that make sense based on your content.

Look at Lumen 5's FAQ page; they state that the intelligence of the software will improve over time making it more accurate. In fact, they report that they are looking to improve the algorithm further so no human decisions are required to develop the videos. Now isn't that something?!

Moreover, each of the scene lengths in the Lumen 5 video creation is determined automatically by the software unlike Rocketium. Using Rocketium, you need to perform scene length management manually. This may be one of the reasons why Lumen 5 is faster to use than Rocketium.

There are various other areas of the video creation procedure handled by the AI technology in Lumen 5. For example, AI detects the focus area of the graphic and avoids covering text above the main subject. The system is also able to identify important keywords and apply colored highlighting to make the keywords stand out.

What Are The Features And Benefits Of Lumen5?

  • Text To Video Feature: One of the main reasons why I use Lumen 5 is the text to video feature. The software allows me to create a video using existing written articles. The way it works is that you will enter the URL of the written blog content and the software scrapes the content collecting related photos, music, or videos. You will then receive a series of video scenes representing your article. All you need to do is select the sentences you want to place in the video, choose the images, and choose the stock videos. When you are satisfied with the result, export the video into an mp4 format and the video is ready for publication to all your social media accounts.
  • If you want to use an existing article that is not published on an online blog, you can import the written content to the software as well. It will use the article in the same way as if you had imported a public online blog post.
  • RSS Feeds: The RSS feeds feature helps to create a video automatically. Online video creation with Lumen 5 is not only quick but also presents with RSS feed features where you are able to place your website's URL and whenever you publish a new article, the software will scrape the content and perform the video creation procedure for you. This means that the video is 'half baked' ready for you to make any adjustments before a completed version of the video is available.
  • Brand Options: Using a brand preset feature helps to save branding configurations to the software and these can be used for different projects. When creating the video, simply select the brand preset you would like to use regardless of whether it is your own brand or client's brands. Unfortunately, the branding feature is only available on the Lumen 5 business plan costing $99 per month.
Lumen5 RSS fees let you create video almost on autopilot

RSS Feeds Feature

Some Drawbacks to Point Out:

  • While Lumen 5 video creation software helps create unlimited online videos per month, even if you are on the free plan, there are some limitations. It is a fantastic piece of software but there are times when the processing of the video can be time-consuming. The speed of video processing ultimately depends on how busy the Lumen 5 server has been when dealing with the current task. This means you will need to be patient. You can log out of the software and have it remind you of the video finishing via email, but generally the speed should be approximately five or ten minutes for short videos.
  • I have praised Lumen 5 in this article focusing on how fast it is when creating a video, but the real disadvantage to the software is that there are restrictions when creating the video. For example, the length of the video will be automatically calculated. If you have a final scene with a 'call to action' message you may become frustrated that you cannot make the length of that specific scene longer. Using Rocketium, you will be able to adjust the length of each specific scene manually and that is why it often takes longer to develop a video using Rocketium as compared to the Lumen 5 software.
  • Dealing with the template adjustment is similar to the above mentioned situation meaning that you will not have control over template. While you can change the font, color, and text style that is all the control you have. Rocketium, on the other hand, allows more control in this area and allows you to do more tweaking.
  • When using Lumen 5 it is not possible to duplicate a scene because each of the video scenes is automatically generated. You will not be able to copy configurations of previous scenes and this can be frustrating at some stages.
  • Another drawback is that people using the free plan will not have access to all items in the video and image library. It is only the paid plan packages that offer access to the wider image, video, and music library.
  • At the moment, all video creation is completed using only two dimension measurements at 16:9 or 1:1. While Rocketium offered five different video dimensions offering 0:1 for Instagram, 1:1 for Instagram and Facebook, 16:9 for desktop videos, 9:16 for Snapchat, and 16:9 for Facebook cover videos.

Creating A Video Using Lumen 5 – A Step By Step Walkthrough

1. Press The 'Create Video' Button: Using the Lumen 5 software, you can enter the URL of the blog article or simply import the written content. A second fantastic feature is that you can enter keywords into the software and Lumen 5 will fetch these keywords from a set of relevant articles taken from reputable websites. Using these features, you are able to make short videos using information from other people's blog content. It is a great alternative to not only create a video but also share the video together with original written text.

creating video with Lumen5

2. Original Content Is Scraped And Presented: The Lumen 5 software operates by scraping the original written article content and presenting it on the left canvas. On the same left canvas, you will receive a set of videos, music, and relevant images that need to be edited. On the right canvas, there is a series of scenes from the video that can be modified to your liking.

Lumen 5 original written content will be scraped and presented on the left canvas

3. Click And Select: The next step is to click and select the sentences you want in each scene of the video. You can switch between the media tab, the content tab, the style tab, and the music tab to edit to online video.

Lumen5 create video tutorial step by step

4. The Finish: You are finished! The video is created and ready for use. Creating video with Lumen 5 isA very simple procedure, yet so powerful.

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