Magoosh Review – an Affordable and Effective Way to Prepare for Major Admissions Tests

Magoosh is a site where students and potential students can prepare for tests such as the GRE, SAT, LSAT, and MCAT through practice test questions, video lessons, and online email support.

One of the primary goals of Magoosh is to level the playing field. Test preparation, they believe, should never be something that only costs thousands and thousands of dollars and that just wealthy kids can afford. With Magoosh, students and potential students can prepare for the major tests at a fraction of the costs, giving every student and prospective student the chance to succeed. Users have answered over 50 million practice questions and watched over one million hours of video lessons on Magoosh. This significant growth has happened in over 185 countries.

The website also gives students who would typically not have the opportunity to interact with students with similar interests a chance to meet each other online and gain camaraderie and support. It is one of the fastest growing companies according to Entrepreneur magazine (Source:). Information about the company has appeared at top sites such as The Wall Street Journal, The Boston Globe, Mashable, The San Francisco Chronical and more.

Magoosh, found at, is a program that prepares students and potential students for tests. It is located in Berkeley, California and founded in 2009 by Hansoo Lee as well as Bhavin Parikh and Pejman Pour-Moezzi. The office has over 30 employees, and the site serves more than 1.5 million students worldwide.


How Did Magoosh Come to Be?

Hansoo Lee, Bhavin Parikh and Pejman Pour-Moezzi launched the concept, but it was Hansoo who was the visionary. He was the one who came up with the initial idea. Parikh and Pour-Moezzi were enthusiastic about helping to develop Hansoo's idea.

The first testing preparation offered by the company was in 2009 with a test preparation for the Graduate Management Admission Test, otherwise known as the GMAT. The test is a requirement for most MBA programs. The company gained subscribers but had a difficult time finding more subscribers to make the business viable. Even after partnering with an online GMAT forum, as little as 10 percent of the company's needed funds were attained, far below what was anticipated by the founders.

Eventually, around 2010, the company was bringing in approximately $10,000 a month. However, it still was not enough to sustain the business, and the founders knew that something had to change to make the company viable and profitable.

They began aggressive fundraising and building relationships with investors. A sum of $500,000 was raised from angel investors.

Magoosh Review – an Affordable and Effective Way to Prepare for Major Admissions Tests

As the company grew, Pour-Moezzi reduced his responsibilities for the project to take a job for a large corporation, and Lee and Parikh remained active. With two new full-time employees, they worked on a prep program for the GRE or the Graduate Record Exam. It is a standardized test required for most graduate schools.

Around 2011, while Magoosh continued to develop its test preparation products, Lee was diagnosed with non-smokers' lung cancer and had to remove himself from running the platform. In 2013, he died. Parikh found himself as the only one left to head the company, but he pressed on. Also, a fellowship was started in Lee's honor to help students interested in becoming entrepreneurs.

After Hansoo's death, Parikh became the CEO, and the company continued to grow its test preparation materials. In 2013 to 2014, test preparation materials for the TOEFL, or the Test of English as a Foreign Language, was developed, as well as preparation materials for the SAT, or the Scholastic Aptitude Test, used to gain admission to four-year undergraduate programs at colleges and universities. In 2015, preparation materials for the Praxis, a test that measures the subject-specific content and academic skills for teaching, came to be.

Other test preparation programs in 2015 developed by Magoosh were materials for the ACT, or American College Testing, that tests a person's readiness for college or university, as well as the LSAT, or the Law School Admission Test. In 2016, preparation materials for the MCAT, otherwise known as the Medical College Admission Test, was launched.

What Specific Tests Can Magoosh Help a Person Prepare?

Magoosh features test preparation for a wide variety. Specifically, the tests where a student can find help to prepare are the GRE, GMAT, TOEFL, SAT, ACT, Praxis, LSAT, MCAT and the IELTS.


Can A Person Prepare For a Test Through a Mobile App?

In the 21st-century, as computers have become mainstream and in almost every household, advancements move at a rocket pace. A student or potential student can study for the tests through Magoosh on their desktop or laptop. However, mobile devices have surpassed desktops and laptops in popularity. Therefore, it's important for a company to offer an alternative. Magoosh offers free mobile apps for both iPhone and Android. English 300x300

Are the Test Personalized?

Another goal of Magoosh is to customize a student's learning experience. More efforts are underway to personalize the testing as the company learns more about its users.

Students and potential students who wish to ascertain the effectiveness of Magoosh should read reviews at the Magoosh site found on the Student Reviews page. For example, if you wanted to investigate how useful the GRE testing is, on the page will show students' overall GRE scores, their math score, their verbal score and comments as to whether or not Magoosh helped the process. 

To get started with Magoosh preparations, a student or potential student need only visit the website, find the test preparation that he or she is interested in, click the link and start the program. The cost to prepare for each test varies. However, the user will find that the prices are hundreds and even thousands of dollars less than standard programs. A 7-day money back guarantee comes with every preparation program. Free practice tests are also available for most of the preparation programs found on the site. In addition to individual study, Magoosh offers plans for teachers to give to their students. GRE 728x90

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