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Is Magoosh Effective?

Does Magoosh Work? Magoosh is worth the investment because it’s effective and it’s helped numerous people successfully pass the exams they were worried about the most. In fact, tons of clients have provided their own testimonials because Magoosh gave them the opportunity to study in different ways, watch educational lessons, and receive help when it was needed. It’s a program that has helped many people receive higher scores on their exams, which makes it worth a try.

How to Properly Use Magoosh:

Magoosh is perfect for users who are planning to take important exams. Scoring a good grade on these exams may be their only way to get into a college of their choice where they can focus on taking different courses to eventually obtain a degree in the field they’re most interested in. It’s perfect for those who’d like to study around their own schedules, especially if they have a lot going on but still want to make sure they’re going to get a good score on such an important exam.

You can use Magoosh by choosing a plan that is right for you and then signing up for an account. Once you’ve created your account, you can access the system both day and night to start reviewing various study materials. You’ll have the opportunity to study from anywhere you want, whether you’d like to study while laying in bed on your tablet or while sitting at a computer in the library. You can even email the help desk for support if you happen to get stuck on a specific question.

Magoosh helps people prepare for the exams so that they feel comfortable answering the questions in front of them rather than feeling stressed out, worried, and anxious. Numerous lessons are available that may be viewed over and over until you’ve understood the concept and have memorized what you’ve reviewed. You can even take customized practice tests to see how well you’re doing and to see where you need to make some improvements.

You can review hundreds of lessons, take dozens of practice tests, and even follow the targeted study schedules. These schedules are beneficial because they’ll help you stay motivated, even when you feel like giving up. Magoosh makes it easy for you to monitor your own progress on the dashboard. You can view your dashboard to get score estimates and to find out how well you’re doing compared to others who’ve taken the same tests.

Magoosh can benefit you in several ways. It’s going to help you get prepared and learn even more than ever before. You’ll start to feel comfortable answering questions on different subjects because you’re going to become so familiar with those subjects during the video lessons and study sessions. Video chat sessions are even available to you, allowing you to make the most of the overall experience while receiving one-on-one assistance when you need it the most.

As long as you’ve got a computer, tablet, or phone to use Magoosh, you have everything you need to get started. Free Magoosh mobile apps are available for those who’d like to study on the go, so you can always choose to review vocab flashcards on the bus ride to work or play an opponent on the app to make the learning experience exciting and challenging. It’s ideal for anyone who wants to learn more and pass their exam with ease.

What Are Magoosh Flashcards?

The Magoosh flashcards are convenient cards designed to make learning fun. You can access these cards through the app or through the website on your computer/laptop. Different sets of flashcards are available for different types of exams. For example, there are GRE vocabulary flashcards available for those preparing to take the exam and looking to remember and understand the most important vocabulary words.

Those who are viewing flashcards can choose to practice assorted decks, including different levels of common words used on the exam. If you’re using these flashcards, you’ll get to test your knowledge and receive a score at the end that tells you how many flashcards you got right and how many you got wrong. In addition to studying specific words based on whether they’re easy, common, or a bit challenging, you can use the flashcards to study idioms and improve your grammar skills or study math flashcards.

It’s convenient to have access to these flashcards while you’re on the go. You can quickly access them from your iPhone or your Android phone as well as your computer to get a quick study session in before work, school, or bed. As you start practicing even more often, you’ll start to get better at recognizing the specific words, idioms, and math problems.

Are Magoosh Flashcards Alone Enough For Test Prep?

Although the flashcards are beneficial and come in handy when you’re studying on the go, the best way to drastically improve your chances of receiving a high score on the exam is to use all the different study materials offered by Magoosh.

How to Create Your Own Magoosh Account

If you’d like to signup for an account with Magoosh, start by selecting the specific test you’re looking to study for, such as the GMAT, GRE, MCAT, Praxis, or even the LSAT. Once you’ve selected the test you need to take in the near future, you’ll be redirected to a page that allows you to choose the specific plan you’d like to follow. Numerous plan options are offered at different rates, including self-study options and guided study options.

Browse through the content and features of each plan before choosing the one you believe is best for you. Once you’ve selected the plan, click on the “Sign Up Now” button. The button will redirect you to a page where you can enter your information, including your email address, a password of your choice, a payment method, and a promo code if you have one. Once you’ve submitted this information, you’ll officially have a Magoosh account and you’ll be able to log into the account as often as you’d like.

Magoosh Discount Code – Promo Deals for Student

How to Redeem the Magoosh Discount Code

If you want to redeem a discount code to save money on your study materials, you can visit our website: on this page, you’ll notice the valid codes are available for you to choose from. These codes could help you save a decent percentage before you pay for your account with Magoosh. Once you’ve selected the code that is best for you, you’re going to need to enter it into the promo code box on the payment page.

After you’ve added the code and your card information, you may complete your order to get a great deal on such a useful service.

How to Redeem the Magoosh Discount Code coupon 20-50 off

Where to Find Magoosh Discount Codes

It’s possible to find Magoosh discount codes on several different coupon websites. Some of the sites you can visit to look for valuable discount codes include our website:

Magoosh One Week Trial: How Does It Work?

Magoosh allows you to sign up for a one-week trial to get a feel for the study materials. You can click the green "Sign Up" button on the website. You'll be redirected to a page with a link for a free trial. Click the link to enter your email and create a password for the free trial.

Once you've signed up, you'll have access to more than 30 different video lessons and different practice questions. Using the free trial is a simple way to see how much Magoosh has to offer to you before you commit to a lengthier plan.

Magoosh learning dashboard video with transcription and practice 7 days free trial

Can I Extend My Magoosh Account?

Extensions may be provided, but it varies based on different factors. If you’re interested in applying for an extension, you’ll need to send a message to support. The email to reach support is Make sure the subject says, “Request for an Extension.”

After you’ve typed out the text in the subject line, you’ll need to provide just a few details in the body of the message. These details include the specific email address related to you account and the test subscription you’re interested in extending. Once you’ve submitted the message, you should receive a response within 1-2 business days.

How to Pay For and Purchase the Magoosh Service

Magoosh conveniently accepts several different payment methods from customers. You can pay for the service with a Visa, MasterCard, Discover, or American Express credit card. In addition to these credit cards, you can pay for the service using PayPal and Alipay.

Magoosh Cost and Discount Code: How Does It Work?

The cost of Magoosh varies based on the plan you choose. Simple self-study programs cost as low as $129 to get started. However, additional plans are offered that include extra tutoring and guidance. The guided study tutoring + premium plans are $680. You can save a significant amount of money by using a discount code when purchasing a plan.

The code may be used before you even pay for the plan you’re most interested in. Different types of discount codes are available, including codes where you can save anywhere between 20% and 50% off the original total. Once you’ve selected a code and have applied it to your order, it’s reflected in the final cost of the plan.

Can You Download Magoosh Videos?

The lesson videos on Magoosh aren’t available for download. However, some downloadable eBooks are available on the website and may come in handy.

magoosh free trial premium coupon code discount sale

The Magoosh Test Prep Review:

The importance of final tests in today’s education system is undeniable. These systems are designed in such a way that you have to go through the final tests for you to either pass or fail the course. With the increased competition for the limited employment opportunities, it is common to see bachelor’s degree graduates continuing with their education for them to be more competitive. The grad school tests are known to be tricky, and the best way of increasing your chances of passing them is by going through a reliable test prep such as the one offered by Magoosh.

Magoosh solves the problem experienced by these graduates by offering top quality test preps for a wide variety of grad school tests. It is evident that several other sites offer these tests and you might be wondering why Magoosh should be your test prep website of choice. Read the review below and see whether it is worth your time and money.



Magoosh is a variation of the Persian term “Magush,” which refers to someone who is exceptionally learned, generous and wise. The team at Magoosh is described as a group of educated persons who derive their pleasure from assisting students to achieve their academic ambitions. Magoosh was conceived in 2008 when the two founders, Pejman Pour-Moezzi and Hansoo Lee starting developing the early concepts of Magoosh by developing test preparation questions using outsourced queries and answers. A year later, they shifted their focus and developed the site into an expert driven online preparatory platform, and this was when the company was officially launched.

The first product, GMAT mathematics practice with video explanations, was released in June 2009. The customer base started expanding little by little and by 2010, the Magoosh team had grown significantly. Their new GRE product was launched in August 2011, and the company began hitting profitability in 2013. Several other test preparation courses were started in the following years, and the company now boasts over 1.5 million students.


GRE Prep:

This course offers videos on almost all the GRE topics that you will learn. They include numerous practice questions, vocabulary flashcards, and GRE related information.

You can opt for the monthly plan for $79 or for the six month one that costs $99. The entire course contains 200 lessons, 100 questions and full-length tests to gauge your knowledge in GRE.

There is a progress report pie chart that will help you to assess your progress and preparedness for the real test. The tests are designed to make you prepared for the worst, and most students have reported that their actual tests looked simpler after going through the Magoosh GRE prep test.

GMAT Prep:

The GMAT prep tests promised to help you improve your scores by at least 50 points in a simplified manner. The course contains 250 lessons, 800 questions and full-length tests that are similar to the actual ones.

The questions posted are tried and tested to make you learn and not to discourage you from taking the test. Lessons are planned using a couple of well-crafted study schedules that are designed to accommodate varying student times. 

You can come up with highly customized practice sessions to help you perfect on specific subjects that you think are challenging to you. The product comes with a 50 points score improvement guarantee and a seven-day money back guarantee if you do not like anything about it.

SAT Prep:

The SAT course has been redesigned over the years, and this prep course will help you to learn the concepts and strategies required to conquer the redesigned version of SAT. You can save some money if you decide to purchase the ACT prep and SAT prep together.

The SAT instructors are experts in test prep experts and have several years of experience dealing with SAT prep questions and answers.

The new SAT prep course has several customizable practice lessons, a progress dashboard, lesson videos and comprehensive video explanations. It contains an extensive SAT library that has all the resources required to learn and pass the SAT examinations.

ACT Prep:

The ACT prep is related to the SAT prep, and that is why there is an offer in place for people who wish to buy the two prep courses together. The SAT course entails over 200 video lessons, 800 practice questions and up to three practice tests that help to gauge your knowledge and readiness for the final tests.

The plan guarantees an improvement of four points from your previous points alongside a responsive email assistance service from some of the expert tutors.


Improve your TOEFL score today with this product that has different plans ranging from a one-week access plan. The plan offers over 100 video lessons, over 500 practice questions, detailed explainer videos for each question, customizable study schedules, and a responsive email support.

The course guarantees an additional four points to your marks failure to which you get a money-back guarantee. The money-back guarantee starts with the two weeks plan upwards. This plan contains all the resources you require to learn about TOEFL as well as the best strategies for passing the final tests.

Praxis Prep:

This plan will get a step closer to becoming a top teacher. The Praxis prep will make you ready for the Praxis core test, and the first plan is available for six months. This plan contains over 80 video lessons, 120 practice questions and a responsive email support from the expert.

The basic plan prepares you for the Praxis Core Math exam while the premium one which has over 175 video lessons and 350 practice questions prepare you for the additional Praxis reading and writing exams.

LSAT Prep:

The LSAT prep course will help you to boost your grades, and the first plan available is the three-month basic one. This plan offers you three months of access, about 50 video lessons covering Logic games, reading comprehension, and logic reasoning. It also contains over 250 explanation videos to the official LSAT tests and a responsive email support from the experts.

The six month basic offers you more time to understand the LSAT concepts and the premium one which is yet to be launched will provide additional explainer videos and tests.

MCAT Prep:

This course is designed to make you ready for the new version of MCAT. The first plan that is suitable for short term studying is the one-month premium which offers a full month of access to the learning materials, 300 video lessons explaining the various MCAT concepts, three comprehensive tests and comprehensive text explanations to every practice question.

The twelve-month premium plan is designed for a thorough preparation to the new MCAT examination and offers an extended access time to allow you to learn the course without any time limitations.


This plan will make you ready for the IELTS exam with the first available plan being the one week which is perfect for last minute studying. This plan contains 90 video lessons, 200 practice questions and detailed video explanations to all the questions.

The one-month plan is suitable for short-term preparation and offers the same amount of videos and practice questions with the additional features being the score guarantee and seven-day refund guarantee.

How Does It Work?

Preparing for the tests in Magoosh is very straightforward. All you are required to do is to log on to their website and select the test you want to prepare for. All the tests have different plans that cost differently based on the materials offered and the amount of time you have to access this information. Once you find a suitable plan according to your needs, you pay the amount and get started with your test prep.

There is a responsive email support team that will respond to any question you might have regarding the plans and any difficulty you might face when trying to understand the concepts. Most of the plans that are scheduled for more than one week have a money back guarantee in case you do not like anything about the test prep.


  • Allows you study anywhere and anytime.
  • The test prep is supported on any device.
  • There is a responsive email assistance whenever you get stuck.
  • Most of the test preps offer a score improvement guarantee.
  • Top quality study materials continually updated from time to time.
  • Fantastic feedback and progress tracking to help you analyze your readiness for the actual tests.
  • Numerous practice questions to improve your knowledge.
  • Unbeatable prices in the market.
  • Seven-day money back guarantee if you do not like the test prep.
  • Final tests that look similar to the actual tests.


  • The number of videos may be overwhelming for students to go through all of them especially those who do not have the luxury of time.
  • The score improvement guarantee works if you go through all the videos and practice questions.
  • The test prep is time-consuming since watching videos is quite slow compared to reading text.

Magoosh Study Plans:

The Magoosh study plans vary for the different courses, and most of them have been listed in the initial test prep descriptions. The shortest ones are the one-week plans which are designed for last minute studying to the longest ones which span for up to twelve months of access to study materials.

Magoosh Vocabulary Builder:

This is a fantastic application launched recently to help users learn new words every day. It has a wide variety of features that will help you to expand your vocabulary knowledge and understand new words with each passing day.

The Vocabulary builder application is available for both Android and iOS devices. The app has several levels that introduce a new degree of difficulty. Every level has about 1200 words that are expertly picked by a tutor.

  • iOS - click here.
  • Android click- here.
  • Alexa Skills - click here.
  • Chrome extension - click here.

The vocabularies come with their definitions and examples in sentences to help you understand how to use them better. The sections are labeled as the basic, intermediate and advanced sections. The app allows you to enjoy your experience by competing with other people using the application on some word games that will significantly improve your vocabulary.

The Magoosh Premium Account:

The premium account is an upgrade of the basic one and contains additional features. It has more tests and practice questions with a more improved experience to the progress bars and explainer videos. For the GRE prep, it contains all the Mathematics, verbal and AWA content for students.

Signing up for an account is simplified, and all you have to do is to go to the Magoosh website and select an ideal plan for you. Once you do that, you have to enter your details on the account sign up form and then confirm your payment details. After the payment is approved, your account gets approved, and you can start your test prep.

Magoosh Student Discount:

Magoosh does not offer a fixed discount for students but has a couple of limited coupons that are released during specific periods. Before purchasing any plan, it is essential to check the availability of these coupons as you may be in for a significant discount.

The coupons may span up to a 20- 50% off your purchase. Always watch out for the coupon codes available as some of them may be very beneficial especially if you want to purchase the extended premium plans.

Magoosh Refund Policy:

You can get a refund from Magoosh under two circumstances. The first case, you are eligible for a seven-day money back guarantee if you do not like anything about the plan you have purchased. This guarantee is available for plans spanning for two weeks and more.

In the second case, you can get your money back if your scores do not improve by the specified number of points. This money-back guarantee is available for people who have gone through all the videos and practice questions provided under the plan.


The various components of Magoosh test prep have been explained in detail, and you might be wondering whether it is suitable for you or not. First of all, give credit to the experts who have designed several thousands of videos that help students to understand concepts in the different courses covered by Magoosh.

The email response is a positive thing since you can ask for clarification whenever you deem fit. The prices are fair when compared to what is charged by other firms, and I would say that Magoosh is worth your money if you wish to improve your grad school grades.

However, these preps are perfect for people who have the time to go through all the videos which is obviously time-consuming. In that accord, if you have a week to prepare for your tests, you should probably consider using other means to improve your chances of passing the final tests.

5 Tips To Stay Awake While Studying:

Exam time is an intensely stressful time, taking it's toll mentally, emotionally and physically. The effects can leave you feeling tired and lethargic when you need energy to focus and concentrate the most. There are a number of ways to stay awake while studying that can even increase your cognitive function and memory retention.

  • Caffeine: Caffeine is a natural stimulant and will give you a quick energy boost as well as help you focus and concentrate better. The shortfall is that it will only give you the necessary boost for a short period of time before your will require another dose to keep going. It is important not to overdo it as this can leave you feeling shaky and result in a bigger crash as the stimulating effects wear off.

    Coffee is of course a great source of caffeine however, tea actually contains more caffeine than coffee. You should also buy a good quality coffee or tea as cheap coffee has a lower concentration of this stimulant. Energy drinks also contain high amounts of caffeine but you should read the label to check how much one drink actually contains. Alternatively, get an over the counter supplement that is effective in keeping you awake.
  • Sugar: Sugar is a carbohydrate that delivers energy quickly into the blood stream. Keep some candy or a chocolate bar close by to eat when you start feeling like you are fading. However, it is also recommended to eat low GI carbohydrates like wholegrains, nuts and raw, fibrous vegetables which will help maintain energy levels and prevent you from getting tired. Eating a healthy diet is absolutely essential while studying to enhance cognitive function as well as give you the energy your require to keep going long after everyone else has faded.
5 Tips To Stay Awake While Studying
  • Exercise: Oxygen is very important for the brain and body to function optimally. If you are feeling tired, go outside, do a few stretches and take at least a 15 minute walk to get the blood and therefore oxygen circulating through your body. You can take a book with you so that you don't lose out on those precious minutes to study.

    However, it is recommended to take this time to give your brain the break it needs. High intensity exercise is even beter and will get more oxygen flowing and will give you an energy boost. It is recommended to get up and about around every hour while studying but at least every 2 to 3 hours.
  • Sleep: Depriving yourself of sleep will only make you more tired, no matter how well you eat or the stimulants you use to stay awake. The latest research has revealed that power naps actually do not work. An effective sleep cycle should be a minimum of an hour and a half. So make time in your studying schedule to sleep in cycles. Of course, 8 hours of sleep is optimal but unlikely
    while cramming for exams.
  • Nootropics: Nootropics are supplements or drugs that have proven results in enhancing cognitive function. Caffeing (mentioned above) is considered to be a simulating noortropic. An effective nootropic should improve concentration, focus as well as memory retention. There are both natural and synthetic (man-made) nootropics.

    It is important to check the concentration of each of these ingredients in the supplement as well as ensure optimal absorption for the most effective results. It is recommended to follow the dosage instructions as well as take the supplements for an extended period of time and not just once off.

    These drugs are normally only available with a prescription from a doctor or other type of medical practitioner. Ensuring that you body and mind are prepared for the stress and strain of studying will help you stay awake as well as focus, concentrate, retain information and learn.

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