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Mind Vector – Cheap Mindmap Tools for Writers and Everyone Else

Mind Vector – Cheap Mindmap Tool for Writers and Everyone Else

Our brains are very powerful but they still have limitations. It doesn't matter how great your memory is, you will soon begin to forget some of the details of what you just learned, listened to, or read. One of the best tools that can help you organize what you have learned in a practical and good format is Mind mapping or Mind map software.

Mind maps have been used widely for a very long time by students, professionals and many others. It is a very powerful but easy concept that allows you to create visual diagrams in order to organize the relationships of various types of information.

Moving From Paper Over To Digital Mind Mapping:

In today's digital age, there is a big movement away from mind mapping on paper to digital mind mapping types of tools. Mindmeister is one of my top choices of mind mapping tools. It is very easy to use this tool and it can help you generate very professional looking mind maps in just minutes. Unfortunately, it only offers 3 free mind maps. If you would like to continue using this service you will need to subscribe to their service and continue paying their yearly or monthly fee depending on which of their offered plans you choose to use.

They do not charge high prices. However, if you happen to be a student or a person who needs this type of software but you are not a regular or heavy user, then paying for such a service that you are unable to use to its fullest potential can be annoying and too expensive even when the price is not high.

Mind Vector Web Cheap Mindmap software

So say you were a Udemy student and wanted to take brief notes from every course you took, to summarize all of the things that you learned so that you could go back and review the information later on. Then what would you do? I am a Udemy student, and have felt for a long time that I was missing out on not having a free or inexpensive e-learning tool like mind mapping software which could help to improve my online learning experience.

Fortunately I was able to find a good alternative Mindmeister tool that allows me to generate unlimited mind maps and pay for them with a low one off payment. It cost just $9.99 currently. They also have a free plan which allows you to generate 3 mind maps just like Mindmeister. If you would like to try it out, it is called Mind Vector (mindvectorweb.com).

Mind Vector Features:

  • Web Version. You simply log into your account and access it via your web browser. You can then start to generate, editing and share your mind maps directly from their website. In order to use this service you need to have access to an Internet connection.
  • Android and iOS version. Whenever you are using a mobile device or are on the go, the mobile app definitely comes in handy.

Pros and Cons:

  • Mind Vector has an easy to use and friendly User Interface (UI). If you try it out for a few minutes, you will be able to figure out how to use this software. It comes with drag and drop features. which allow you to create mind maps easily through using your mouse.
  • If you find it painful to create mind maps using Powerpoint or Word, then Mind Vector can potentially save you a lot of time.
  • CSV files can be imported and exported, which makes it very easy for simple text to be converted into a gorgeous mind map.
  • Mind Vector offers different styles and themes so that you can decorate and organize your mind map exactly the way you want it. However, I believe Mindmesiter offers many themes to choose from.
  • You can invite a colleague to co-work with you on your mind map.
  • Your mind map can be exported in csv, jpeg, or png format.
  • Mind Vector is not only simple text based. You are also able to add notes, icons, links, and images to your mind maps. This makes the software more appealing and powerful.
  • The Mind Vector app is very good, but I am unable to connect or log in to use my account. I am not sure if there is a bug or I need to purchase a separate licence for using the service via the mobile app and a different one for via the web.
Cheap Mindmap Tool for Writers and Everyone

Mind Maps – Use Cases & Benefits:

Use Cases:

  • Projects: In general, projects are a wonderful place to use mind maps. They help to visualize how a project is going to come together, where each component will mesh, and how it's going to lead to the desired result. This is one of the major reasons project managers lean on mind maps while building out their strategy.
  • Story Planning: Writers and animators will often spend time mind mapping as it is a great way to build plots. It is not easy to connect details and make sure each sequence works in sync. Mind maps are able to clarify how everything flows and where it will come together to create the ideal storyline.
  • Event Planning: Events are hard to manage even at the best of times, which is why event planners make use of mind maps. These are great for seeing what is going to be needed for the event, who is going to be responsible for specific parts, and what the desired result will be as the event goes on. Everything is written on the mind map as a way to see how it will unfold from start to finish.
  • Teaching: Teachers have a tough job and it is important to cater to the needs of each student. Some are going to be visual learners and for them, it's best to make use of a mind map. They will love to see how core concepts come together and branch out into specific ideas. It is far easier for them to learn and that's why teachers keep this tool up their sleeve.
  • Business Plans: Business plans are all about understanding how the business will come together. Whether it has to do with the company's vision, funding, or marketing, all of it goes onto the mind map to see where things have to be done. All of this information is useful and it is far easier to strategize when it is visually shown.


  • Helps Visualize: When it comes to the advantages of mind mapping, there is nothing more important than visualization. A simple wall of text or numbers isn't going to cut it and most people find it confusing. This is why people start to look towards mind mapping as a way to break things up and visualize what will happen. Whether it has to do with a storyline, event planning, or a business plan, the visualization is going to be a massive breakthrough.
  • Connects Complex Ideas: Mind mapping is beneficial for a number of reasons but one of the bigger ones would have to be the simplification of complex ideas. On their own, these ideas become difficult to relay but a mind map is able to pinpoint various connections making it easier for people to understand how things will come together. This is incredibly beneficial when there are multiple things happening at the same time and often out of sequence.
  • Easy To Create: The beauty of a mind map is in how simple it is to create. While it is able to simplify complex ideas, it is not going to take a long time to piece together. The idea is to build out a proper plan with the use of a mind map. As long as all of the information is written down and connected, it will take a few minutes to have a good one up based on what's needed.
  • Versatile: Being in a situation where a mind map is going to be used will vary. Some are going to want it for event planning while others are going to be teaching a class of 15-year-old students. It is all about making use of the tool and implementing it for the specific situation. Mind maps are ideal in a variety of situations and that's what makes them brilliant.
  • Clear: The final advantage has to do with clarity and being able to convey a specific idea without a lot of hard work. This is a great way to break through any hurdles that arise and get things done. Mind mapping is a great strategy to keep things simple, clear, and as efficient as possible.

Recommeded Mind Map Course:

Smart Working Mastering the Skill of Effective Mind Mapping coupon code Udemy course discount

Mind Mapping Mastery –> Effective Mind Maps -> Step by Step

  • This course is designed to fill in the gaps when it comes to breaking free from traditional learning in order to mind map.
  • The course teaches students how mind mapping works, and then reveals how to use the skill to improve productivity in their personal and business life. Mind mapping helps increase productivity by using techniques that speed up the thinking and planning processes.
  • The people likely to get the most out of this course are business professionals, but it will also work for anyone looking to be more productive. The language used in the course makes it suitable for people of all ages, whilst also making the video content very easy to follow. Students who have difficulty with studying will see improvement in their skills, as will business professionals looking to be more effective in their dealings.

The Subjects Taught In The Course Include:

  • Learn to organize thoughts, goals, and ideas using mind maps.
  • How to put together an effective plan in a short amount of time.
  • How to use mind mapping to rehearse for a presentation.
  • Use the skills learned to deliver a memorable presentation.
  • Learn to how clarify messy thoughts so that they become much clearer than ever before.
  • Learn how to think differently so that the same old ideas and thoughts become something different and more effective. Mind mapping allows the mind to use a different set of mental processes than what it has been used to, all of which makes it easier to multitask and become more productive.
  • The constantly changing business landscape means that new skills and methods of working have to be regularly adopted. Mind mapping helps you enhance your learning so that those new methods are easy to retain and recall. Any looking to study for professional exams or Continuing Professional Development will benefit from the mind mapping principles taught in this course.
  • Once the course has been completed, students will be able to mind map, and to show others how to do so.

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