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Technology has changed our buying habits.

We used to do our shopping at brick and mortar stores. Today, online shopping is conveniently at our finger tips 24/7. However, the e-commerce landscape is about more than just selling products and services online. As of 2018, nearly 7000 subscription box companies have spring up across the world.

  • If you’re a wine lover, you’d be interested in ordering a wine subscription box.
  • Don’t have time to prepare breakfast? Just take utilize a meal subscription box service.
  • Are you looking for an educational kit? A science subscription box might be worth considering.

And the list goes on because there are thousands more subscription box services available on websites like,,, and etc.

Technology has changed the way we conduct market research as well.

One of the most effective techniques for finding niche ideas for your business is to look for untouched niche markets. If you can spot trending topics and keywords you can tap into profitable niches with low competition. This is how you can build a successful business from just a startup or expand your existing business.

There are free and paid tools available online to help you find trending products, keywords and topics, which I have listed below, as follows:

Niche Idea Generator on Keysearch

This is a free service. Go to the Keysearch website. Scroll down to the bottom of the main page and click on “Niche Idea Generator.” Or, you can find it by going directly to Enter your query. It’s that easy!

You’ll immediately see the software that provides “Today’s Popular and Trending Ideas,” which have been compiled from Twitter Trends, Amazon Movers and Google Trends.

When I skim the information I see two topics that spark my interest:

  • Thanksgiving side dishes
  • Bitcoin Price
Niche hunter ideas - find untouched niche markets

During the holiday season, people look to buy things that will help them prepare Thanksgiving dinner. So, I’ll go with the first keyword phrase.

I also use Keysearch software to research and find low competition keywords, which I explained in my previous article. I type in the phrase “Thanksgiving side dishes” and let the software generate a list of related keywords from different sources. 

In less than 5 minutes I have thousands of potential keywords.

I compile a list of all potential keywords after removing the duplicates. I then manually examine my list, keeping the keywords with commercial intent only.

Since we are looking for top trending product ideas to sell, there is no reason to look for informational keywords in this context. The process of manually selecting target keywords took me around 30 minutes. I now have 353 keywords that are potentially of high demand during the Thanksgiving season. 

Next, I put all the selected keywords into Keysearch again to calculate the Keyword Difficulty (KD) score. This type of business idea research is for demonstration purposes only. After checking a few of the keywords, here is what I found:



KD Score

turkish dinnerware sets



black plastic plates



paper plate turkey



​thanksgiving side dishes



“Turkish dinnerware sets” is obviously a go-to option here.

find top trending product ideas to sell online

Take a look at the SERPs analysis table above. There are several websites with low authority that are ranked on the first page. There are also 2 Pinterest boards that appear on the first page in the Top 10 Results as well. These sites have little or no content on this subject at all. If you implement the right SEO methods, you can quite easily outrank them.

The entire process took me less than 1 hour, and with just 1 seed keyword phrase. 

If you’re trying to perform comprehensive research to find e-commerce product ideas, it may take you weeks or months. But with an effective research technique using the right tools, you can achieve your goal of finding products in high demand that have not over saturated the online space.

Looking at Google search trends below, you’ll see that our target keyword phrase generates a steady search volume. However, it does not spike during the specific time frame. So, it could be assumed that “Turkish dinnerware sets” is not a top trending product, but does generate constant demand in the marketplace. 

google trend keyword analysis

Google Trend Research – How to Spot Trending Niches and Topics

The same 4 phrases that we discovered from our previous research will be used here. Go to Google Trends and select the U.S. as your target location. Then enter the keyword phrase “Turkish dinnerware sets.” 

There is not a single detail reported here.

Google Trend Research – How to Spot on Trending Niches and Topics

The result on the dashboard was just empty. So, I will refine the time frame according to the following criteria:

  • Past hour
  • Past 4 hours
  • Past day
  • Past 7 days
  • Past 30 days
  • Past 90 days
  • Past 5 years
  • 2008- present.

There is still nothing to see in terms of results. I then select different trending sources from the following options:

  • Web Search
  • Image Search
  • Google Shopping
  • YouTube Search

I still can’t retrieve any data from Google Trends.

Does this mean that this keyword phrase has no search volume and no value worth pursuing?


Based on data from the Search Trends feature on Keysearch, this search phrase generates a steady search volume of around 260 searches per month at a Cost Per Click (CPC) rate of $0.59. So, the above example of a niche product that we discovered does have commercial value based on the data shown on Keysearch results.

The key point here is that Google Trends presents data on topics or keywords that have a massive amount of search volume during a specific time frame. The scores on Google Trends range from 0-100. The 0-100 Popularity Score does not represent absolute search volume, but it is based on a number of relative factors.

This relative score is calculated from the ratio of the volume of the target keyword compared to its total search volume during the specific time frame and location. For more details, read this article from Ahrefs.

When you perform keyword research using Google tools, keep in mind that:

  • Google Keyword Planner shows absolute search volume data.
  • Google Trends shows the relative popularity of a search query, eliminating repeated searches from the same person.

You'll gain more data insight if you use and interpret data sets from both sources.

Therefore, in this case, “Turkish dinnerware sets” may not be the best new trending niche for starting a business. But, it is an established untapped niche that has potential buyers throughout the year. If your business already falls into this segment in the offline world, maybe it’s time to make the leap into the online shopping space. This move will allow you to present and sell your evergreen niche products to a much wider audience.

Compare Trending Keywords Using Google Trends

When you’ve found a set of potentially profitable keywords you can use Google Trends to compare the queries. This way you can delve deeper into the data to get more meaningful information.

Using the same 4 keywords that we’ve been researching above, I will set the criteria as follows: 

  • Location: United States
  • Time: Past 90 days
  • Categories: All
  • Source: Web Search

Below are the facts that we can extract:

brainstorm niche business ideas using Google trends

We can see that the keyword phrase “Thanksgiving side dishes” spikes from November 9th to November 18th, during the approaching Thanksgiving holiday in the United States, which occurred on November 22nd in 2018.

I can refine the search criteria, changing the time frame to:

  • Past 5 years
  • 2004-Present

Now, look at the data below:

comparing Trending Keyword in Google Trends

We can see that this is a seasonal keyword that spikes during a specific time frame every year. If you’re looking for high demand products to sell during Thanksgiving season, “Thanksgiving side dishes” might be worth your investment.

However, if you examine the Keyword Difficulty (KD) score you will soon realize that the SEO competition is extremely tough. Just relying on SEO will prove to be nothing more than a waste of time and money. So, you will need to incorporate other digital marketing methods as well if you expect to sell products related to that target keyword.

You may also want to verify things. For example, you will need to make sure that what you choose are easy products to sell online. Remember that customers who are not yet familiar with you would not be willing to buy products from you over a certain price point. People simply will not buy high-ticket items from an unfamiliar business they don’t yet trust. 

Google Trends Can Help You Brainstorm Business Ideas

Apart from the Popularity Score, Google Trends can deliver the information you’re seeking based on specific locations and show you related queries as well. So, you can get more information on topics and even products that were trending at specific moments in time by tweaking your search options.

The only drawback I find with Google Trends is that there are no obvious tools that I know of to help you extract and monitor the data more easily.

Note that if you’re trying to spot the next products in high demand with low competition you will need to monitor the data along with your potential keywords on a consistent basis. Although this is a powerful tool that helps collect and analyze data, it does take time.

How to Find Trending Keywords on YouTube

Previously I showed you how to use Google to find a low competition niche for your business.

By refining your search criteria and choosing YouTube search as a source of data you will be able to see a visual graphic representation of the trending keywords. You can also find related queries and related topics as well.

If you’re a YouTuber, you should be able to spot the latest trends on YouTube and create video content that covers the hottest searched topics that people look for on that platform. 

Spy on Your Competitors

The methods discussed above might very well be valid, but you would need to have very proficient skills to get the answers you’re looking for. If you’d like an easier solution, just let your competitors do the research for you. This way you can find out what’s working right now in the marketplace.

This is a fairly straightforward concept.

First, you will need to compile a list of the websites you’re competing with. Next, inspect each website to find out what kinds of products they’ve been selling so far.

Shopify is the leading e-commerce solutions provider with over 500,000 e-commerce websites that run on Shopify CMS. Even though these sites have different locations, products and niches, these Shopify stores share the same IPs that host their websites. So, if you’re able to target and access the websites in your niche, you can spy on your competitors.

Easier said than done.

Finding all those Shopify stores and wading through such a massive amount of information would be a huge waste of time in the real world. But, if you have some practical Shopify spy tools you should be able to handle this seemingly impossible process. Personally, I use a tool called “Intelligynce.”

Intelligynce Shopify stores and products analysis tool

The software has compiled most of the Shopify stores in its system. You can choose to spy on the e-commerce stores and their products. Enter your keyword or keyword phrase to find products that are potentially profitable. You can choose your preferred currency, bookmark your favorite stores and products and so much more.

Find Amazon Niche Ideas by Using its Search Engine

There were nearly 2.4 billion visits to in February 2018 and Amazon had more than 310 million active users as of the first quarter of 2016.

People who visit Amazon websites are looking to buy stuff and they make purchases by typing the products they’re looking for in the search bar. So, Amazon is a keyword-search based marketplace that has tons of commercial intent keywords available in its system. What you need to do is extract those target keywords from these online shopping websites.

Trying to type each keyword in manually using Amazon’s search feature would be way too limiting and take forever. However, there are some very solid programs that can easily help you find the Amazon niche ideas you’re looking for. Using Keyword Merchant, Jungle Scout or Amasuite you can easily extract keywords from these websites.

Amasuite Amazon keyword generator

Each of these tools might have slightly different features, but they basically perform the same task of extracting buying keywords from Amazon websites. So, if you’re thinking of starting an FBA business or looking for drop shipping product ideas, these programs are worth considering.

​Final Thoughts

No one is going to provide you with a list of profitable niches for free, which means you will have to hire professionals to conduct valid niche marketing research for your business. But, if you are able to effectively use the niche finder tools discussed here, combined with proficient keyword research skills, you may be able to hit the right spot where the market is not too crowded.

If you can find the next high demand product with a low competition level:

  • You can apply the efficient SEO strategies to your content and optimize your existing page(s) before the peak.
  • You can use the paid traffic method. Assuming there is little competition still, you can save your money for your advertising strategy while tapping into a high-demand market.
  • Spotting new trendy products or services might seem exciting, but you have to evaluate the Evergreen vs. Trendy factors. Remember all the hype around Fidget Spinners? You’ve seen how fast trends can fade away.

New potential trends keep appearing all the time. There will always be a niche available in the big general marketplace. In order to capture those trends you need to use the right tools, have good skills, and maybe some luck.

We all used to read the news from print media. Today, over 90% of adults in the U.S. consume the news online. New niches, such as digital content subscription services like Kindle Unlimited, Scribd and Blinkist reflect how business models are continuously evolving.

How to Find Profitable Niches & Low Competition Keywords?

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