Ninja Writing: The Four Levels Of Writing Mastery

The Writing With Flair: How To Become An Exceptional Writer Course is one of the best selling courses on Udemy and has received hundreds of five-star reviews from students. It gave you a powerful framework in order to develop exceptional writing skills base on the three principles: simplicity, clarity and elegance.

The Ninja Writing: The Four Levels of Writing Mastery Course will take your writing skills to the next level. It covers the entire gambit of nonfiction writing from the ground up and top down of what you need to do so you can infuse quality throughout your writing. You will develop strategies to aid you in your writing poise and flawless style. You are going to learn how to analyze your writing in a way that will elevate it to a level that others don't even know exists.


Ninja Writing: The Four Levels Of Writing Mastery


This course is designed to improve your writing by breaking everything down to four precise levels: The Narrative level, the Paragraph level, the Sentence level and finally the Word level.

The Narrative Level:

Learn how to connect with your audience/readers, how to organize your writing perfectly, start your writing with force, end with a twist and incorporate powerful images. Getting your structure developed in the right way is one of the hardest things to master. This course will show you how to and make it really easy to do.

The Paragraph Level:

Learn how to weave your recurrent thoughts throughout your paragraphs. Your writing will show a great deal of polish while maintaining organization. You will discover various styles of paragraphs so you can pick the style that works best for you. You must also learn when and why you should start a new paragraph.

The Sentence Level:

Learn how to take your weak, stuffy sentences and turn them into crisp, nimble, refined expressions of your thoughts and ideas.

The Word Level:

You will learn how to choose words that are exact and expressive while unloading words that are just dead weight. Discover how to stay away from theoretical words, steer clear of valueless discrepancies. Learn how to increase your vocabulary, how to cut syllables and how to put words in words beautifully.

The Ninja Writing course will teach you how to insert quality throughout every layer of your writing. This includes your articles, college essays, your blog, corporate letters, cover letters or content marketing. You will be taught how to not just be an exceptional writer, but also an expert writer. Discover how to get your writing noticed by others.

You will be given tools to boost your confidence in writing. You will be provided with examples and exercises to implant these strategies deeply into your subconscious. Through these steps, you will discover mistakes that many others make.

This course will be taught by Shani Raja, a former editor for the Wall Street Journal. He will share with you what he has learned over the years, while being mentored by some of the world's greatest editors. Once you have learned his secrets, you will be writing magic with your words. Create mesmerizing content and narratives while giving life to tired, boring sentences and amaze readers with your words.


The Requirements:

  • Have a computer or a pen and notepad

The Targeted Audience:

  • Writers
  • Journalists
  • Bloggers
  • Communication Professionals
  • College & University Students

Whether you are a total novice in writing or have been writing for a number of years, this course will take you to a whole new level in writing. You will improve your writing skills to create exceptional content and draw readers to want more of your specific writing style. Whether you want to improve your writing skills for college essays or plan on pursuing a life as an author, this course will provide you with the skills to make that happen.


About the Instructor

Shani Raja teaches top journalists how to improve their writing and has written and edited for some of the world's biggest news organizations, including The Economist, Financial Times and Bloomberg News.

At Udemy he taught 6 courses; Discover his online courses here; Shani Raja: Udemy.


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