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It won't be wrong to say that coding is likely to become a basic life skill over the next couple of decades. There is so much you can do when you know how to code in even simple languages. Learning a programming language will not only help you in your professional life but also in your personal life as you will be able to automate quite a few tasks with the increasing availability of smart devices.

This is the reason, a number of start-ups have launched in the recent years with the aim of teaching coding in an easy to understand manner to beginners as well as experts. One of the biggest problems they face when they want to learn programming is that they have absolutely no idea how or where to start which means they get stuck even before they have even begun.

This was also the challenge that propelled the founders of Progate to start a company with a mission to teach even complete beginners how to learn programming. They have made learning programming extremely easy for beginners and they have been offering this service for more than four years now. They have offered their services in 80 schools and over 700 companies. They have trained more than 480,000 users over these years.

The Founders

This company was founded by Masanori Kato and Kenta Murai in 2014. Both of these are alumni of Tokyo University and they started this company with the aim of providing high quality learning in an easy to learn manner. Both the founders have confessed that learning to code changed their lives dramatically and this is one of the main reasons, they started this company as a way to help others learn to code as it has the potential to transform lives.

Languages Offered

As far as the languages offered by Progate is concerned, currently they offer courses in a variety of languages including Ruby, Ruby on Rails 5, PHP, JavaScript, HTML and CSS, jQuery, Python, Java, command line, SQL, Go, Git and SaSS among others. They are constantly looking to add new languages to their library as per the demands of their clients. In addition to language learning, they also offer full-fledged courses with multiple lessons.

For beginners, it is recommended to take their course that is designed to ease beginners into taking their first steps into programming. They also offer a course with a few lessons on building a modern web page with the help of JavaScript and HTML. Similarly, you can learn how to build a simple website with the help of PHP or become a data analysis master with the help of their SQL course. If you are interested in building a full-scale web app, you can take their course where you will learn how to make a full stack web service with the help of Ruby on Rails.

In simple terms, they have a lot to offer and you will learn a lot when you take any of these courses.

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Plan Pricing:

As far as the pricing is concerned, they have a completely free plan where you get access to over 16 lessons that teach you the fundamentals of programming including Python as well as HTML. Anybody can sign up for free on their website and get access to these 16 lessons. If you like their free course, you can opt to subscribe for their Progate Plus option that offers you a total of 64 lessons including all the advanced practical applications.

It's a monthly subscription that does not cost much. It is also important for you to know that the Progate Plus option comes with absolutely no restrictions. You are free to learn any lessons that you want to learn at your own pace. As long as you keep paying for your subscription, you will get access to the advanced lessons and you are free to learn at your own pace. free and plus pricing plans

Advantages of Progate:

As mentioned in the beginning, a number of companies have jumped in the space of teaching how to code. There are thousands of companies offering a wide variety of courses and you might wonder what makes Progate special when it comes to learn programming. Here is what makes Progate special and why you should sign up with Progate in order to learn how to code.

One of the biggest advantages of Progate over other similar services is that they teach you how to be creative. One of the most common misconceptions when it comes to learning programming is that one needs to learn the syntax of different programming languages in order to become a programmer and to learn how to code.

While learning the syntax of each language is important, you won't be able to code freely until you learn how you can be creative and solve a variety of problems with the help of coding. In other words, you need to understand how logic works and how you can think of creative solutions to overcome different kinds of problems. This is where Progate shines the most as they teach you how to be creative and how to use a variety of programming tools to solve different types of problems.

Another advantage of this platform is that it is a completely online platform which means you do not need to download anything on your computer. You can access it from any place where you can get access to Internet. So, you can continue to take coding lessons even if you are traveling. If you have a long commute and need to spend a lot of time on a bus or a train on a regular basis, you can utilize that time productively by signing up for Progate and taking lessons on various programming languages. review Learn How To Code How Online

The founders of Progate understood that learning to code through text is extremely boring. This is the reason, most people give up coding after a few initial weeks as they find it to be boring. The founders of Progate have found a way to make learning interesting. They offer intuitive slides that allow you to grasp the information visually and you can then learn at your own pace.

While text is boring, videos can also get unduly long and dull. Also, there are a ton of video courses available online for free but more often than not, people find it difficult to follow along with the instructor as they keep teaching at their own pace without thinking about whether the viewers are following what they are trying to teach. On the other hand, these intuitive slides allow you to grasp information quickly and you have all the time in the world to learn at your own pace.

If you want to learn coding, you need to do projects. In fact, you need to do a lot of projects in order to become an expert in a variety of programming languages. As mentioned above, the key to learn coding is to learn how to solve various problems creatively and the only way you can learn to be creative while solving problems is by doing a lot of projects. This is the reason, Progate offers you a full coding environment in the browser which means you can take a look at the slides and practice coding right in the browser. You do not need to download a separate application or pay for any specific IDE in order to follow along with the lessons. You can learn how to code right in your browser. learn programming online free cheap

Another thing that separates Progate from others in this industry is that they have extreme focus on quality of lessons included in their courses. After all, there are tons of free resources available online where you can learn how to code but most of those courses tend to be boring and dull. Even if you start learning, you will feel like giving up after only a few lessons as the teaching style is not exciting. This is where Progate shines as they have designed their lessons in a manner that allows even complete beginners to learn coding on their own. Their interactive lessons will not only motivate you to learn but you will also find it extremely easy to understand the content.

You will also earn certificates from Progate once you have completed each lesson. The certificate of completion will have your name along with the lesson you have completed. You can download this certificate and share it on social media to tell the world that you are learning new things and it is likely to open up new opportunities for you.

They also offer a free app for iOS devices as well as Android devices allowing you to learn programming on your smart phone. They have designed a completely new environment to allow you to learn even on mobile devices.


Overall, Progate offers you a lot of courses and languages to learn, right in your browser. They also offer a completely free mobile application allowing you to learn on the go. The biggest advantage of their learning platform is that their lessons are designed to teach you how you can be creative and solve a variety of coding problems.

Also, you can learn all this by paying a small monthly subscription. So, sign up for their free plan today and find out about the quality of lessons offered by them. If you like the lessons on their free plan, you can sign up for more advanced lessons by subscribing to their Plus plan.

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