Quickstart – Online IT Courses for Individuals and Teams

QuickStart.com is a company that offers training courses and education using a personalized cognitive learning platform. There are more than 800 virtual classroom courses to choose from, with more than 100 instructors and authors contributing to the platform.

The company has been in business for more than 25 years, and serves learners from 176 different countries. They have a wealth of expertise and their platforms are deal for individual learners as well as for companies that are looking to help train up their entire team.

Dozens of Topics To Choose From:

QuickStart is focused on IT courses, and they have dozens of subjects to choose from, including Microsoft technologies (e.g Azure, Office 365, SharePoint, SQL Server, etc), as well as other proprietary technologies such as SAP, VMWare and Citrix.

They also offer training in more general IT subjects, such as Big Data, Cloud Computing, Information Security and DevOps. The courses are guaranteed to run – no worrying about waiting for a minimum number of signups or risking that the sessions get cancelled. The courses are accredited too, so you can earn college credit from a number of selected colleges and universities. The training providers are authorized by Microsoft as Gold Partners, which means that you can get technical training that is recognized by Microsoft themselves.

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Prepare for Certification:

Courses range from simple training such as ‘Linux Fundamentals’ for beginners who want a quick primer in a new technology, to certification bootcamps for CCNA and other qualifications. Choose from simple 1 day courses, to in-depth 25 day long courses for a much deeper view of a subject.

There are virtual classroom sessions that will require you to attend online classes and lectures, and there are some self-guided learning offerings too, that allow you to spread your learning over a number of hours at a pace that will suit you.

Learn a New Skill and Develop at Your Own Pace:

QuickStart is ideal for people who already have some tech knowledge and who want to develop applications and learn new skills at their own pace. For example, there are some self-guided courses on iOS app development, which will take people who have an understanding of desktop app development and give them the tools and knowledge that they need to develop apps for iPhone and iPad, including working with iOS specific features, and publishing to the app store. These courses take a no-nonsense approach, and cover everything that you need to know to be a successful developer.

The QuickStart approach is different to some other platforms, in that it gets straight down to the content that you are looking for, rather than re-covering ground that you’re already likely to know. The network courses won’t start with explaining the difference between a client and a server and the iOS development courses won’t explain a variable or a loop. The assumption is that you have a basic understanding of that area of IT, and that you want to know about that specific technology.

This refreshing approach means that you can use QuickStart to get up to speed very quickly. It allows you to explore new technologies and get skills that are relevant to modern employers, without spending a fortune.

Quickstart – Online IT Courses for Individuals and Teams

Courses for Beginners Too:

While the bulk of the courses offered on QuickStart are virtual classroom courses that are aimed at developers and sysadmins, there are some courses that are designed at people who are comparative beginners. For example, the Fundamentals of HTML is a good course for people who are looking at authoring for the World Wide Web for the first time, while the Be Savvy Online course is ideal for those who are perhaps looking to have a better understanding of how to avoid viruses and scams, and how to engage with the web in a way that puts the opportunities that are out there to the best use.

Study Your Way:

The self-guided courses combine a mixture of slides and spoken content/video with quizzes and exercises. There are instructors that will come online to deliver courses, and those instructors are experts in their field who are happy to answer questions and work with people to help them understand the content.

The interactive elements are another thing that sets this website apart from many other courseware sites. You have the chance to ask questions of highly engaged experts who will answer them and help you to get a deeper understanding of the course content.

Make Money From Your Expertise:

If you’re an IT expert, then you can use this website to make money and to build up your profile of expertise even better. You can make money from your expertise either by engaging with learners, answering questions and taking part in discussions or by creating self-guided courses for people to work through.

If you are not interested in creating your own courses, but you are interested in teaching, then another option for you would be to deliver courses for the site. They will provide you with content, and with learners, and all you have to do is be online at the time that is required to deliver the course and support the learners.

This platform is a great option for people who are trying to get started with running courses, because it is a streamlined expert platform. You have the chance to network, answer questions, build up a following, see what people do in terms of their own courses and work with learners. After gaining some experience through delivering other people’s courses you will have a better understanding of what learners want and this will help you to create better courses yourself.

Education for Any Budget:

There are courses on QuickStart to suit any budget, from free short courses to $10 and special deals for self-guided learning. There are also longer courses that are a good option for people who want to get college credits or who want to pick up the basics in preparation for a certification. Some of these courses can cost $3000 or more, but you are investing in your career, and you will get far more guided learning hours with one of these online courses than you would with a standard classroom course.

If you run a business, then you will find that our bulk discounts are a great option for saving money on your team training. QuickStart offers private group sessions for teams of 5 to 20, and will also do bespoke training courses that are customized to suit your needs and the particular software, tools or niches of your business.

Since your staff get trained online, you can eliminate venue hire and travel costs, which will reduce your training budget substantially. Your staff can get trained on their own time, to their own schedule. Some employers even opt to offer extra training to people, allowing them to choose courses to develop their career.

This is a great employee retention strategy, and can be invaluable for boosting morale. If people feel that they have the chance to develop new skills and that they are still improving their knowledge, then they are more likely to stick around. Investing in the employees that you already have is a much better strategy, and much more cost effective, than trying to recruit new people. It can be expensive to get people up to speed, but with affordable, bespoke training packages you will have the chance to focus on developing the skills of the people that you already work with. It’s an easy and affordable win.

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