Review On – Free Online Courses

Review On – Free Online Courses

Alison is an online platform that that offers learners a way to learn skills in regards to standard based and certified levels. The company ALISON was first founded in 2007 in Galway and has since grown organically which has resulted in a main force in regards to online education. This company offers an extensive range of courses which meet up to the varied diverse requirements of learners. The company was first started and is still run by Mike Feerick. Feerick is a savvy businessman who believes that the better you are able to do financially, you are able to achieve and do a lot more good.

This free, online platform has on offer more than 300 courses that range from Personal Development to English Language Skills to Business Management to IT courses. These courses are free to all the individual learners, with a nominal fee that will be charged for the Alison Manager that allows for companies to develop and monitor groups of learners. Alison offers free courses in association to the advertisements which generates revenue in regards to the company which places the advertisement and for


Diploma And Certificate Courses Available At Alison

  • Diploma And Certificate Courses Available At Alison
  • Business And Enterprise Skills
  • Digital Literacy And IT Skills
  • Financial And Economic Literacy
  • Health And Safety Compliance
  • Health Literacy
  • Personal Development And Soft Skills
  • Diploma Courses
  • English Language Skills
  • Health And Safety For Irish Legislation Only
  • Schools Curriculum

ALISON happens to be a global leader in regards to online and free certified-skills training focused on the workplace with over six million learners (registered). With more than 750,000 graduates from across the globe and around 250,000 that sign up every month so that they can take advantage of free education.


The Goals Of

The company has a belief system that education has the power in order to break through a number of boundaries as well as transform lives. There values are comprised of the following elements:

  • Empowerment: is driven by their belief system which involves that power derived from education is able to change many people's lives. They are also passionate about offering overall learning experiences which meet up to the needs of the learners and to assist them in achieving their life long goals.
  • Knowledge: Alison.con are experts when it comes to online education and are highly driven to deliver the best quality experiences, services and learning materials which deliver on learning outcomes that they have promised on.
  • Inclusivity: They are inspired by the UN Declaration which states that “everyone is entitled to a free education.” ALISON has a commitment to equality along with free accessibility to education without any restrictions on economic status, geography, gender or any other types of barriers.
  • Innovation: This company is not constrained by what currently exists. They will however, continue to be a leader in the introduction of the latest ways in which to achieve their mission. Their DNA is entrepreneurial and they embrace and well as understand the pioneering spirits which motivate other


Course Completion

Most of the courses on offer have 4+ modules which can contain 1 to 15 lessons each. It is suggested to take your notes in Sticky Notes or Note Pad which can help you to maintain key information, when you might need it again. The information in the courses is regarded as sequential, which makes it a lot easier for learners to follow.

Once the modules have been completed, the learner will need to take the course assessment. Every one of the courses will require a minimum grade of 80% in order to pass, unless stated otherwise. Once a course is successfully completed the user receives credit in association to the course along with the choice to buy a diploma or certificate. Users can also print or download copies of their certification notices.



One of the main drawbacks when it comes to the ALISON online course-system has to do with the fact that it is not accredited. Courses on offer mainly follow the industry standards. However, it will be the choice of the employer whether or not they will choose to recognize ALISON Diplomas or Certificates as proof of the user's knowledge. However, does advertise the extensive amount of ALISON Certificates which were ordered across the globe and the fact that they are quickly becoming a trusted and well-known by a number of employers worldwide.

One of the other drawbacks for a number of users is that you have to pay for the Diplomas or Certificates. The user is able to print or save the free version which states that the user successfully completed and passed a course, the percentage of the pass mark, what this course covered along with the certification number. For the actual diploma or certificate the purchase price for a PDF download is around $19.38 and around $62.01 for framed parchments that is inclusive of shipping.

ALISON may be free of charge to learners but is still a company which is socially-focused. This social enterprise makes their money from the sale of the Diplomas and Certificates, merchandise and advertising.

Overall, most users that have participated in the free online courses state that this learning opportunity if really worth the effort and the time that they put in. This platform offers a way for people from across the globe regardless of economic status, gender or background to gain knowledge as well as a true sense in association to personal fulfillment in regards to taking time and efforts to learn courses, without expenses associated with community college or university. This is particularly beneficial for those who choose not to progress past a course or drop out from a course that they have already started. If your future or current employer recognizes the ALISON diplomas and certificates, taking these courses can boost your current career as well as offer credibility in regards to your abilities and skills.


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