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Review Of Career Foundry

Review Of Career Foundry

Technology is reshaping the world of learning. The past few years have seen an explosion in the number of companies exploring the world of learning through Internet. There are thousands of companies offering courses in various technologies through various online channels. One of the companies in this field is Career Foundry.

Career Foundry was started in the year 2013 by Martin Ramsin and Raffaela Rein. It is defined as an online school for web development, mobile development and UX/UI design. Over the years, they claim to have educated more than 27000 people in web development, UX design, UI design as well as iOs development.

One of the things that sets them apart from several other companies is that students are offered one-to-one guidance by mentors currently working in the industry. They understand that learning new skills is not easy and they have succeeded in building a supportive community that helps students in achieving a growth mindset and overcome any blockages.

Review Of Career Foundry


Currently, they offer four courses namely UX design, web development, iOS development and UI design. These courses are designed to help students achieve a change in their career. In addition, they also offer other courses in order to help students broaden their skill set. Some of the other courses offered by them include UI for UX designers, voice user interface design, front-end development for designers and UX fundamentals.

Focus on Developing Real-World Skills

The company is focused on helping students develop real-world skills instead of helping them get a few certificates and diplomas that have absolutely no value in the real world. Employers are increasingly looking at the real-world skill sets of potential employees and are no longer interested in only their degrees and diplomas. By signing up for a course by Career Foundry, you will be developing some in demand tech skills.

As far as the demand for skill sets taught there is concerned, it is estimated that the UI and UX design industry will continue to at a rate of over 27% for at least the next decade, which is the highest rate of growth as compared to other occupations. In simple terms, you will learn something that is likely to be in high demand at least for the next decade.

Job Guarantee

There are hardly any companies, especially online schools, which offer any kind of job guarantee to their students. This is what sets Career Foundry apart from all the other online schools offering a variety of courses. They guarantee that their students will get a job within six months of completing the course. In case any student fails to get a job, they are willing to refund the cost of their course. Their job guarantee currently covers only North America and Europe and you can check out their list of specific locations on their job guarantee page.

Once a student is 50% through the course, their career services team will help the student in refining their portfolio and personal brand in order to make it easy to get them hired. They also connect their students with a career specialist who work with the students during the studies and keeps supporting the students for six months after graduation. They give a job guarantee as their coursework is designed to help develop practical skills and not just degrees. As mentioned above, the demand for developers and designers will keep growing and their career change courses are built around real-world projects to help students develop a strong portfolio that will impress potential employers.

It is also important for you to know that they do not promise a particular job at a particular company but they partner with a number of well-known companies. Many of their graduates are working at some of the big names in the tech industry including PayPal, Amazon and Google among others.

Flexible Coursework

Their coursework is designed to be flexible which means you won't need to give up everything and focus only on the coursework. You can complete your education and learn new skill sets even while working.

There course are 100% online which means you can complete it from anywhere in the world alongside your busy schedule. The coursework is self-paced but you get ongoing support from the community.

The coursework is broken into broad areas known as achievements and these achievements are based on real-world skill sets that a student will need in the real world. Each broad topic also covers a series of hands-on exercises with a variety of learning resources. Once the student finishes an exercise, they have to work on a task to apply what they have learned. In case a student has any queries or questions, they can get personalized help from an experienced and dedicated industry professional. After completing the task, the students also get timely feedback as well as an ongoing review from an expert in the industry.

Their courses are also updated on a weekly basis and they have an in-house team of experts who partner with industry professionals in order to continuously update and build original courses based on the demands in the real world. You should expect to spend around 8 to 10 hours each week in order to complete your study schedule. Students should generally be able to finish a course in around 6 months.

Overall, Career Foundry is focused on helping students develop new skills and their courses are designed to help students prepare for the challenges they are going to face in the real world. They also offer mentorship and job guarantee. In fact, you will get full refund of your course fee in case you are unable to get a job after taking one of their courses.

You will be able to save a lot of money by taking their 100% online course as compared to the money you may have to spend on getting these skills through some other means. Also, you will be able to network with other industry professionals and students in the design community who are eager to help others develop and enhance their skills.

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