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Review On CreativeLive.com - Live Online Course Site

Review On CreativeLive.com - Live Online Course Site

CreativeLive.com focused on providing users with easy access to a number of creative classes derived from the top experts in the world on an extensive array of subjects and topics such as Art and Design, Photo and Video, Money and Life and Craft and Maker.

Once the user selects a category that they are interested in, they can choose to click on calendar for these classes to see the availability of the next class or they can click on the “Watch Now” list, which will provide access to all classes which are free and available at that particular point in time.

A few of the classes will be more complicated and more in depth and will usually necessitate a number of sessions, specific resources or tools and more. These class types are usually classified as the “paid for classes.”

The Price Plans And Costs

A number of the classes on the CreativeLive.com site are offered for free, but there are others that will ask for a fee. The majority of the classes that ask for a fee will come combined with other recommended or required courses and are priced at a set discount according to what the costs would be for each individual class.

An example of this would be when a groups of individual classes are purchased separately they may cost around $400. When priced together in one bundle, the discounted price might be $179.

While this platform is typically well regarded, the customers that are thinking about taking the paid classes are encouraged to review the specifics of the course or the instructor before proceeding.

Overall Impressions

CreativeLive has been suggested as one of the best when it comes to connecting learners with instructors and with other learners. Social aspects associated with this platform happen to be extremely valuable and the site also encourages a lot of off-site interaction. An example of this would be the course on “Ditching Your Day Job” which is inclusive of a Facebook group that the users are able to join.

Over and above minimizing the communication barriers, CreativeLive also makes it an easier task for their user to connect to the class content. The instructors on the site even when discussing straightforward and basic topics will usually dig deeper in regards to what drives their customers as creative people.

CreativeLive’s Catalog

The CreativeLive platform does offer a few step-by-step, straightforward practical courses to do with specific crafts, techniques, photography and more. Most customer’s have noticed that when browsing through the paid for CreativeLive courses they do cost more when compared to other platforms like CreativeBug which costs $4.99 a month or from a site like Craftsy which has courses for around $9.99. The paid for course of CreativeLive are also usually longer and range over 1 to 2 days and are far more in-depth.

What really makes the CreativeLive catalog stand out is the availability of courses that are able to inspire users into taking the necessary action to enhance their job prospects, help build up business in the way of determining the market, pricing along with optimizing production and marketing.

The Live Buzz

When customers attend one of the “live” online classes, they are able to join the live chatroom. The facilitators really conduct an outstanding job in regards to monitoring the consensus as well as to bring any questions forward in this online classroom setting.

What Is Inside The CreativeLive Box?

On the CreativeLive platform, customers are offered the following:

  • The video player which is used for streaming only
  • Bookmarking and note taking capabilities
  • PDFs that can be downloaded dependent on the type of course
  • Certain discount codes for software and services

The interactivity will include:

  •  When attending one of the live courses, the users have access to Live Questions and Answers
  • Chat rooms that include on-topic and casual lounge chat rooms
  • Peer feedback and student projects
  • In some cases off-site groups or Facebook groups which are usually run by an instructor
  • Tips To Gain The Most From CreativeLive
  • The CreativeLive accounts are for free, but the customer’s will pay for each course
  • Users can visit the live listings to see which of the courses are currently rebroadcasting
  • Users are able to watch a sample preview to obtain a sense of the content or the instructor to make a decision if the course is something that interests them
  • Customers are able to RSVP to join a live or upcoming course for free
  • In the courses, customers are able to click on the “Chat” button to join one of the chatrooms when attending one of the live courses

CreativeLive.com is regarded as one of the more unique online learning platforms in the way that their courses are held. They are conducted in front of live audiences in a studio or in some cases online. What this means is that the “live viewers” are able to influence content associated with the course. For the viewers that watch a recording, they are also able to benefit in the way that other users are more likely to be asking for similar extensions and clarification that they are looking for. It is the “Live” factor about CreativeLive.com which is what makes this site truly unique.

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