Rocketium - An Easy And Fast Way To Create Professional Video Presentations Online

When did you last click the replay button on Instagram to re-watch a cute cat video, visit Youtube to check out the most recent music videos or enjoy your favorite Netflix series?

I am guessing that most likely it was all within that last 24 hours.

Over the past 5 years, we are aware of the fact that the way people consume content has changed dramatically. People's attention spans continue to get shorter and shorter. An article in the Telegraph reported that as a content creator you only get 8 seconds to get someone's attention and deliver your message.

It isn't sufficient to just post articles on your blog. If you happen to be a content marketer then most likely you have realized by now that this trend cannot be fought successfully. It is essential for video marketing to be an integral part of your overall marketing strategy. Large news sites and viral websites such as BBC, Buzzfeed and others already have applied this concept and post short videos that briefly summarize their content. They then post these videos on their social media accounts and harness the power of video in order to attract the attention of people to watch them and then read the entire article if the subject interests them.

The problem with creating videos is it can be expensive and very time-consuming to creating professional, high-quality ones. You will also need to master a certain skill level in order to make videos that are attractive and please your audience.

Fortunately, all of these obstacles and drawbacks are not an issue any longer. That is because Rocketium can solve all of the problems discussed above for you. Also, Rocketium offers affordable pricing and even a free plan as well. Producing a 2-3 minute professional looking video also doesn't take that long. You also don't need to be a professional video creator in order to use this software. All you need to make things happen is to have basic computer literacy.

What Is Rocketium And How Does The Software Work?

Rocketium is a type of cloud-based software. What that means is you won't have to download it to your computer. You just need to have an Internet connection and then you simply log into your account at their site to start using the software immediately. You will be provided with the functionality, templates, and assets you need to quickly produce a brief presentation video.

For me, the most important aim I have for using Rocketium is I need to be able to create videos fast. On their website, it states that you don't have to have any video editing skills in order to create Buzzfeed-style videos is less than 5 minutes.

That is actually not true.

After I played around for 2 hours with the software's features, I finally was able to create my first video. It took me 1.3 hours to create my second video, which can be seen above. However, Rocketium does allow you to make adjustments to your preferred settings and then save this as a template so that it can be used later. Therefore, it is possible that you could create your next video and finish it within 5 to 20 minutes. So I do think this software is nice and can help you make videos much more quickly compared to using Adobe After Affect, PowToon, PowerPoint, etc.

PowerPoint and PowToon are the two main software programs that I used to make an explainer video to use on my Youtube channel. It works very well. However, it took me about a week to make each video. I also didn't do all of the work myself since I don't have enough skills. I didn't have enough patience or knowledge to create the videos on my own.

The process that I used to make my Youtube video is I first wrote the script and then sent it over to a voice-over artist. Then I had my assistant create the video by using PowerPoint or PowToon. We went over the final production a couple of times and made some changes to it. Then I posted the videos on my Youtube channel. With PowerPoint or PowToon, it took one week to make one video and three people to coordinate the entire process. These software programs are not difficult to use, but I don't have the time or patience.

Am I Planning on Using Rocketium as a Substitute for PowerPoint and PowToon to Make Youtube Videos?

No. The length of our Youtube videos is about 3 to 10 minutes long. Those videos are the actual complete content in video format. There is a reason why there are a couple of people involved and it takes time to create those videos. However, this method only allows us to make 1 or 2 videos a month due to limited resources and budget.

This is where Rocketium comes into play. I need a solution that only takes around 20 minutes and me to create attractive videos that I can post on my social media accounts. And since we only have 10 seconds or less to capture the attention of people, I needed to just put the story's highlights in and let people watch the video and then make the decision whether or not they want to follow up and read the entire articles after that. So the video made by Rocketium needs to be about 20 seconds to 3 minutes long for that purpose.

However, if you do want to use Rocketium for making Youtube videos I think it is possible to create high-quality videos with complete content. However, it will take a day or longer in order to make this work. This is possible, but for my situation, it isn't the best solution for that.

rocketium video creation software free online

What Type Of Videos Can You Create And What Can You Use It For?

You can make almost every kind of video with it. The way that Rocketium works is you need to have a video or picture as the background and then you place explanatory text on top of that. You can use music as the background or add narration with the software. The following is a list of ideas of the different types of videos you can create:

  • Create videos with lyrics
  • Create intro or outro template videos
  • Create videos with photo slides
  • Make video sales letters (VSL)
  • Make an advertising video that can be used on Instagram, Facebook, etc.
  • Make an elevator pitch for your business in video format
  • Make a brief walkthrough tutorial video
  • Create a promotional video for your product
  • Create a short and funny video

Walk Through Of Rocketium - Your Step By Step Tutorial

Before jumping onto the dashboard and creating your first video, it's a good idea to have at least a rough idea of what you want your finished product to look like. Your video should have a series of scenes and a script. Your script should be direct and to the point and full of precise information. At this time, your scenes can be in rough draft form since they can be modified later during the production process.

If your blog has a thousand word article on it and you want to repurpose this content in the form of a video, then you will need to choose which points that you want to highlight from the article and then lay it out in such a way that people's attention will be drawn to it.

I recommend that you take an online course entitled 'How to create an awesome demo video in Keynote' The online training course will teach you how to make presentations using Keynote. This is another excellent tool that can be used for creating professional videos on a small budget. Although we don't use Keynote, the thing I like about the course is you are taught by the instructor how to create an effective and quality script of 1-2 minutes for a brief promo video to convey an important message that will most likely cause your target audience to respond to your message. It can be used for video sales letters, video ads, etc.

How to Create an Awesome Demo Video in Keynote

How to create an awesome demo video in Keynote

Rocketium Features And Dashboard

Rocketium is online video creation software that you can use on a subscription basis. You can pay for a yearly or monthly subscription or it also can be used for free with certain limitations. You will also receive a certain number of video credits on the number of videos you can make every month. Depending on the subscription plan that you choose you will be able to make 10, 20 or 40 videos per month.

After logging into the dashboard, your library will be accessible and will show the videos you have created already. Draft videos are videos that are in the editing process, so they are not finished and haven't been exported into mp4 format yet. So for those you haven't used your video credits yet. Once you are satisfied with a video and export it in mp4 format, then the credit will be subtracted from your account. On your dashboard, you will be able to see how many credits you have left. Credits cannot be accumulated.

rocketium video creation dashboard

Draft video and finished video are in your dashboard.

You are now ready, so just click the 'Create Video' button. A blank canvas will be displayed where you can create each of your scenes. The first thing I will do is name my project 'Udemy vs Skillsahre.' I will be taking the content from the blog post that we wrote on that subject. For a 2 to 3 minute video, you should have a script of about 100 to 200 words.

The canvas is divided into 2 parts; caption and media. On the left canvas, your still image or video can be uploaded for use as the background. It will take up the entire frame of your video. Rocketium provides you with video and stock photos from Pexels, Flickr, Pixabay, and Storyblocks that you can use for creating your videos. They come with the rights to use them for commercial purposes. Just put in your search term and choose the video or photo that you want to use as your scene. Add it to the left canvas, and then place your caption to the right canvas. You will use your prepared script there for each of your scenes.

After you are satisfied with the first scene, it can be duplicated and used to create your next scene. You can also create your next scenes from scratch the way you did to make your first one. One the canvas dashboard, you can delete and also add an audio file. However, for now, I would skip this part.

After you have added all of your scenes, next click on the 'Continue' button to go to the next step where you can design and make changes to your video. If later on, you need to delete or add scenes, you can always click on the 'Back' button to return to the first step and modify your scenes until they are just the way you want them to be.

adding script picture and video to Rocketium

On the next step, you will modify how your video looks. This canvas has three sections: Video, Scenes, and Functionality.

The video sections are in the middle of the canvas and show you how your video will be displayed with every change you make. The different video dimensions are one of the coolest things about the software.

  • You get 0.8:1 for Instagram ads
  • 1:1 for Instagram and Facebook
  • 9:16 for Snapchat
  • 16:9 for desktop videos
  • There is also the proper dimension for creating Facebook cover videos.

One other cool feature is you can add team members. The feature can be convenient if you work with a partner for creating and reviewing your videos

On the bottom part of the canvas is the scene section that displays all of the scenes you have created during the first step.

The functionality section is located on the right-hand side of the canvas. This section includes all of the features that you need for making tweaks to your videos. There are 7 features that are available: animations, timing, scene, caption, logo, music, and theme.

Rocketium Review - Quick and Easy Way to Create Professional Video Presentation Online
  • Theme feature: This includes a set of pre-made templates. To see how each of the templates will look you just need to click on them. Currently, there are more than 25 templates that are available. Using a template will help you create videos quickly, however, you do have to rely on the template for the style so the variety of your video will be limited. That is why I said before that videos created using Rocketium don't provide the same level of aesthetics that Adobe After Effects and PowToon do. However, it does work good enough for creating eye-catching promotional videos.
  • Music feature: Rocketium provides hundreds of royalty-free quality audios here that can be added to your videos. If you prefer, you can exclude sound from your video. I like my videos without music since it can be a distraction. I want people to pay attention to the text that is on the screen and read it rather than get distracted by other noise.
  • Logo feature: Your logo can be uploaded and your brand can be featured on your video. This is an optional feature.
  • Caption feature: Your script has already been added to each scene. The caption feature allows you to tweak your caption's position, set alignment, choose your favorite font, change the font size, change the text color, choose the background style, add animation to the text, and more.
  • Scene feature: You can change the size of the scene or add a filter here.
  • Timing feature: The duration of each scene can be set here.
  • Animations feature: The scene transition can be tweaked, you can change the animated overlay, change animated transition, and add animation to images here.
5 Rocketium create and tweak video template fast and easy

As you are making changes to your video template, the play button can be clicked in the video section in the middle of the canvas so that you can see the changes you have applied. After you are satisfied, click the 'Finish' button and export your video. You can save the video as a theme, to help you make another video a lot faster now that you have your own custom theme created.

Now you can go back to the library dashboard and download your video so that you can publish it on Twitter, Facebook, or any other social media accounts that you want your videos to appear on.

Rocketium Alternatives:

Rocketium is an excellent solution for creating a good quality video quickly. However, there are other quality software programs that also provide you with a fast way of making high-quality videos. I have tried some of them, and all of the following are good:

Final Verdict:

Statista reports that digital video advertising spending in 2019 is expected to reach 14.38 billion US dollars. It is essential to use video advertising and video content. Small and medium-sized businesses need to have a way to create high-quality videos quickly with an affordable budget for their marketing and business strategies. Rocketium is definitely a solid solution if you are searching for a way to create professional videos quickly. The only concern with using this SaaS (Software as a service) solution is that it is cloud-based software, so in order to preview and render your videos you will need to have a high-speed Internet connection.

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