Simpliv – a Simple Platform for Online Learning and Teaching

Simpliv is described as an effective online based learning platform which provides students with a significant selection of instructional and educational online courses and videos associated with several professions and industries. Through this platform students are granted access to numerous trained instructors and experts.

Simpliv, also offers learners the opportunities to become an active participant within the industry of e-learning, which assists with its growth, promotion as well as stability.

For authors and teachers, Simpliv offers an effective avenue to market and sell their course material to a targeted audience. This is the type of platform that has been designed in such a way to match students with experienced and expert instructors according to their specific field. This greatly maximizes opportunities for students to access expertise and knowledge that they will need in order to succeed in their chosen career paths.

The set-up of Simpliv is also beneficial for authors in the way of making them more effective when it comes to passing on their skills and knowledge to users who can now effectively use what they have learnt. This assists in making positive impacts when it comes to their own professions as well as their overall personal advancement.

Simpliv – a Simple Platform for Online Learning and Teaching

Simpliv Benefits:

Simpliv has found a way to deliver a high-quality e-learning platform which assists in shaping the method professionals are able to acquire the skills and knowledge that they need in order to progress and grow in their chosen industries. It also provides a way for learners to stay abreast of the latest shifting policies and technology advances.

This online platform also provides all its learners with an array of courses associated with all industries and professions from countless professionals and experts. The courses on offer range from the essential and basic skills for the novices and the entry-level professionals onto complex videos dedicated to professionals that are looking for a way to advance their careers, for increased reward opportunities and larger responsibilities.

Simpliv has found an effective way to bridge the divide between authors and learners in this modern world through a highly interactive and dynamic instruction and learning approach. Authors now have a way to engage with learners using discussions along with questions that are linked to subjects they offer. This encourages a way for the learners to delve deeper, while learning in a highly organic manner.

For professionals that would like to impart their specialized knowledge or to teach about their specific skills, along with nurturing future professionals in a specified field, this online platform offers an effective way to achieve this as well as a way to earn a lot of money in the process.

Simpliv also gives authors a place where they can easily promote as well as sell their own online courses, videos, instructional materials and more. In addition to this, this dynamic solution has implemented a highly profitable % sharing scheme, designed to benefit authors as well as a way to assist them in increasing and expanding their reputation as teachers, trainers and highly skilled experts.

Simpliv Features:

  • Community forums dedicated to engaging discussions
  • Pre-recorded lectures through videos
  • The option of peer-reviewing and auto-grading of assignments
  • Comprehensive academic as well as technical assistance
  • Monthly projects and weekly quizzes
  • Live discussions available on several topics

Problems That Simpliv Can Solve

  1. The Issue Of Lack Of Study Materials Faced By Learners. In a host of the markets today, particularly within the developing- world, there is an issue for students that want to supplement class-tutoring with additional extras. This is due to the overwhelming competition involved in several prestigious exams along with urgency to gain access to the premier institutions. Simpliv is in the process of working out an arrangement with a host of different colleges that will provide training to students in these colleges to assist them in overcoming these hurdles.
  2. The Issue Of Lack Of Credibility For Specific Courses. There are a host of companies that provide video courses online designed to enhance general interest levels associated with learners. However, most courses do not offer real-life value. In comparison, the courses available through Simpliv have all been accredited. What this means is that learners are taking up profession-elevating and genuine courses.
  3. The Lack Of Platforms That Are Able To Bring All These Courses Together. There are a host of companies that offer learning courses or materials on specified subjects, with most of them which are IT-related. Simpliv is different from these companies in the way that a learner won’t need to search further than Simpliv in order to choose any type of course that they are interested in. Over and above the courses which are technical in their nature, there are numerous courses which cover subjects such as photography, web design, yoga, painting, sculpting, music and so much more, are all on offer in one platform. All that is required from the learners side is to log into the site and then choose a course that they are interested in.

Simpliv Pricing Plans:

Simpliv provides a host of instructional and educational videos along with online courses associated with several professions and industries. To find out more about their pricing information you can visit their official website:

Why Choose Simpliv:

With industry trends that continue to evolve, there is always a consistent need for learning solutions that have been professionally designed in order to deliver turn-key innovations in order to result in long-term success.

Simpliv has a sound understanding of these changing needs which offers learners from across the globe a way to evaluate their personal technical abilities in the way of aligning learnings with key objectives with businesses. This offers a way to bridge skill gaps which exist in a number of business industries like Business Development, Marketing, IT and more.

The Simpliv Vision and Mission:

Simpliv has a vision that involves transforming lives in the way of offering high-quality teaching and learning experiences in order to improve the potential and abilities of different learners. This has been made possible in the way of gaining access to online courses that are professional and matching up every learner to the appropriate instructor or course in their specified field.

The team at Simpliv advocate that expertly delivered and professional designed online courses will be a game-changer in the competitive environment of today. The team also understands that learners are able to maximize what they learn through this dynamic set-up. They also have a mission in place to work alongside education communities across the globe with a goal to enable students a way to achieve maximum success in the way of leveraging expertise from the latest technologies and trained and expert instructors.


When deciding to invest in one or more of the Simpliv Online courses, there are a number of benefits that the learner will experience. These include:

  • Complete academic and technical assistance. This includes dedicated teams which are trained and experts in the subject matter chosen for each certification program and course for all types of technical and academic assistance that is required.
  • One of the stand-out benefits of the online certification programs and online courses is the ease of accessibility along with inclusion of mobile learning made possible through a number of Android and iOS apps.
  • Simpliv motivates and promotes the all-inclusive experience that learners can take advantage of through the professional designed and top-rated online courses. This caters to a global and diverse audience that includes subtitles in a number of languages.

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