Skillfeed Shutdown


Where Do Students Go From Here; and What About the Instructors?

According to our MOOCs directory article, Skillfeed is an e-learning website offering video training for developers and designers. Skillfeed‘s site offers a 30 day free trial with a $19 per month subscription plan, providing students with access to all courses. Skillfeed is a subsidiary brand of Shutterstock, the stock photo service website, which was launched on June 2013. You can learn more here:

However, on the 30 September 2015 this online learning website was shut down after just two short years of being involved in the e-learning market. I am not sure of the exact reason for their closing, but the following message can be seen on their website –

Skillfeed is at a crossroads and, after thoughtful consideration and exhausting many different ideas, we have decided to no longer accept new customers or instructors as of today. Skillfeed will continue to offer access to the site for our existing customers through September 30, 2015 before ending our service.

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Skillfeed Shutdown. Content is not accessible.

On checking their website I noticed that it still online, however the content is not accessible. On 30 September, the day of its closing, Skillfeed had 94,496 video tutorials, 10,683 hours of learning, and 1291 instructors.


Students Have Lost Access to Their Courses

According to this site:, their statement advises that students will lose access to all courses.

When will I lose access to the site?
All existing customers will lose access on September 30, 2015.

Can I view the content elsewhere?
No the content is only accessible on the Skillfeed site unless the contributor has posted their material on other tutorial websites. All content will be completely removed after September 30.

Will Skillfeed reopen?


This is their Facebook status announcing their shutdown.

Skillfeed shutdown Facebook status

Skillfeed posted their closing on Facebook.


Skillfeed Is Not Alone: Google Helpouts Has Shut Down Too!

Even though Skillfeed was being run by big business, it wasn‘t able to survive in this competitive market. However, Skillfeed is not alone, because the video tutorial service called Google Helpouts also left the e-learning market on 20 April 2015.

According to Forbes article,, stated that –

“The Helpouts community includes some engaged and loyal contributors, but unfortunately, it hasn’t grown at the pace we had expected. Sadly, we’ve made the tough decision to shut down the product,”

So, What Happens Now For Students?

The failure of Skillfeed is very frustrating for all concerned; particularly students who are in the process of completing courses. So many students would have been midway in their course, only to be told that they‘re losing access to all facilities.

For me, personally, I didn't have a chance to use Skillfeed, even though they were offering free trials, so I have no personal experience of their facilities, however, I do feel that the shutdown of Skillfeed was rather abrupt. Obviously we see many services come and go, but the companies involved will generally try to transfer their clients to other service providers offering the same product. This means that customers don't feel entirely let down, and lose all their money, and they at least have an option to continue their studies.

In addition, most students have instructors they like and respect; instructors they prefer learning from. With the Skillfeed site now down, it will be difficult for students to use these same instructors when they have no contact information for them. Yes, it's true, they could use Google to find their instructors own website, and if that particular instructor advertisers their courses on their site students could possibly commence their e-learning from that site. But my point is that students may have to re-purchase that same course again because the instructor may not be entirely sure if they are indeed the same students who moved from the old Skillfeed platform, right?

If you are actually looking for Skillfeed alternative websites please read MOOCs article here.

And What About the Instructors?

The shutdown of Skillfeed has probably made many instructors realise that, even though they put their courses into the online course market and through this platform are able to access a large number of students, it's probably wise for instructors to also have their own platform on which to offer their courses. It appears that we can't rely on other people's platforms all the time, regardless of how good they look or how good they actually are. Things can change in a heartbeat, and both students and instructors can be left out in the cold.




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