Stockunlimited Review – Best Paid Stock Photo Site?

One of the most important elements for content marketing is stock photos. If you are a writer, anyone producing new articles for a blog or website or creating slide presentations, you are probably surrounded by mountains of high-quality stock photos for your content for professional and engaging content. The only downside to stock photos, the price tag attached to them is through the roof. If you are a small business owner or entrepreneur just starting off, this can be an unpleasant expense.

Many of the large stock photo sites, like Shutterstock, will charge a monthly or yearly rate with a limited amount of downloads or you can purchase a one-time package allowing for a certain number of downloads which is usually around $49 for 10 photos. The problem is, if you are a small business owner, you need a lot of photos to use each month but paying such exorbitant prices is just way too expensive. Well, if you are looking for a great alternative for stock photos from a website that delivers high-quality images, you must take a look at Stockunlimited.

About Stockunlimited:

The most nice feature of this site, you can download and use the photos from their inventory and use them for commercial and personal use without being limited to the amount you can download. Their name speaks volumes Unlimited and you can download photos as often as you wish.

Stockunlimited offers stock photos, vectors, icons, and infographic templates for their images plan. They offer three subscription plans which are a monthly subscription, yearly subscription, and 3-year access. Stockunlimited was founded in 2014 and I first visited them in 2016. At that time, they provided approximately 600,000 stock photos now they have well over 1,000,000 stock photos and are constantly adding new images on a regular basis.

As the site continues to grow, they have added other services such as their audio subscription service that offers unlimited downloads. I have not used this services as it doesn't fit my particular needs.

Usage License:

They have 2 different licenses, the Standard License and Extended License. When you purchase the subscription plan you will get the Standard License for downloading and using stock photos for personal and commercial use on your site, social media accounts, for presentations, etc. In most cases, this would be enough for most people.

The Extended License offers you the resell downloaded content as part of a template or physical merchandise to use on items such as mugs and t-shirts but you will have to pay an additional cost.

Stockunlimited Review – Best Paid Stock Photo Site


  • Get immediate access to more than 1,000,000 stock photos, vectors, icons, and infographic templates.
  • You will have unlimited downloads for your use.
  • New stock photos are constantly being added to their inventory.
  • You will have a simple royalty-free license in order to use any of their vectors for personal and commercial use.

A Short Walk Through on How to Use Stockunlimited and Its Pros and Cons:

Once you have completed the registration process, you will have immediate access to all their images. On the main page of the site, you will find a search bar so you can type in keywords or a topic to find the photos that will match what you are looking for. Once you have gotten your results, you will be provided with suggested related searches to expand your search. You can look for alternative images related to your search very easily. There are 2 tabs that will appear after your search which are Popular and Most Recent results.

Another way to look through thousands of photos is to click on the pre-curated topics. If you are just looking around to get some ideas, this is a good option to use.

At the bottom of your search, you might see the sponsored results from 123RF which was the parenting company. 123RF is a stock photo website with well over 90 million stock photos which means much larger libraries to go through. That said, they have a much higher price range than Stockunlimited and I personally try to avoid.

cheap stock photo review

Download History and Favorites:

Once you have been using the site for a while, you will probably have hundreds of downloads. There are probably other photos you have been considering but not ready to use at this time. Stockunlimited offers their Download History and Favorites features. You can save photos and go back to look at your favorite ones. I think the Favorites feature works really nicely and the images show as they should. Unfortunately, their Download History feature has some bugs and not always working accurately.

How To Download Photos From Stockunlimited:

It's really very easy and straightforward. Go to the targeted image and click on the download button. It will only take a few seconds to download the photo and you're done! You will get exactly the photo size described on the photo's page and then you can edit it with your favorite photo software such as Photoshop, or you can send it to your designer.

Another option, you can use their photo editor and get your photo edited and adjusted just the way you want it before downloading. The Stockunlimited Editor works just like Photoshop, but easier, and is very much like Canva.

You can crop your image to select the size that works best for you or if you will be posting it on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, etc. You can add text and other elements to the image. I didn't use this feature as I prefer to use Photoshop which also has more features to work with.

Stockunlimited editor feature

Stockunlimited* editor feature.


According to their CEO, the company has been backed by professional people in the stock photo industry and he believes they need mass adoptions that many users will pay $10 each month to keep the company thriving and also able to pay third-party creators.

I'm not quite sure what he means about masses, but as a regular user on this site, I really hope this business will keep going for a very long time. At the current $10 per month with unlimited downloads, and 1,000,000 images to choose from, this is an excellent choice for small businesses.

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