Teachable Review – Create and Sell Online Courses With Ease

If you plan to create and sell your own online courses, Teachable.Com is one of the best platforms for you. The platform is ideal for anyone who wants to get away from the tech headaches and extra work involved in creating an online course.

You can easily set-up the course and have it sell with the simple dashboard features of Teachable. You are able to choose the appropriate pricing for your courses and be in control of all the marketing and communication with your students. In fact, there are only a very few platforms that allow you to do this and Teachable is one of them. If you want to use your time wisely when creating and selling an online course, Teachable is one of the solid solutions to have your own online school. This article provides a comprehensive review of Teachable.

The platform is built to reduce the tech headaches of the client and help him/her focus on creating and selling their online courses. There are many salient features of the platform. These novel features will help you sell your course without any hiccups in the process. Here are some of the salient features of this Learning Management System or LMS platform:

Easy To Use

This is one of the biggest features of Teachable. The main dashboard is quite user-friendly. It allows anyone without any technical knowledge to create and run his/her own online course. You can easily upload the course files, check on analytics, communicate with your students, and issue refunds thanks to the intuitive dashboard. It allows you to save a lot of time in the process. You may use this time to create and sell your course instead.

The Curriculum Editor will help you organize the course content within the platform. You may also group the resources depending on the topics and themes. The drag and drop functions allow you to reorganize things without any issue. You can easily see what is where because the interface is uncluttered like most of the other LMS platforms.

Teachable Review - Create and Sell Online Courses With Ease

Branding And Imaging

You have to brand the online course in order to get more students for it. Whether you are a business or an individual, you need a good brand to attract more students over time. A professional looking design is essential to identify your brand. Teachable offers a nice looking theme for your school and course landing pages. You only need to upload the images, text, logos, and color schemes to match your course content. You have the option of hosting your course on your own domain such as www.courses.yourdomain.com. On all plans from Basic upwards, you have the option to remove the Teachable branding. The platform offers the options to customize your homepage and landing pages using the Power Editor. But you need some knowledge of HTML or CSS coding for this purpose.

Efficient Uploading

You may have a lot of files, images, and videos to upload when designing your course. The drag and drop interface will allow you to do all this intuitively. You can easily pull the files and pdfs from where they are stored on your computer. There is a bulk upload facility to save time for you. The platform can handle almost all file types, images, and films. There is no need for additional coding for this purpose. Once the files and uploaded, they are ready to use. Video is highly optimized. It supports a range of playback devices such as iPads and tablets. In fact, video content could be played at different speeds.

Analytics And Monitoring

Uploading the course is only part of the process. Once you have uploaded the course, you have to monitor it to see how it is progressing. You have to check how many students have enrolled for the course and how many are currently engaged with the course. You have access to this information on Teachable. In fact, In fact, their at-a-glance access makes it easier for you to monitor the numbers. You have the option of integrating Google Analytics with this platform. That way you can easily track where traffic comes to your course.

Communicating With The Students

Communicating with the students are important even though online courses are mostly for independent learning. You should get their feedback to see if they are happy with what you offer and they are on track. Student emails are a standard with all Teachable plans. You can communicate with your students using the Teachable platform. The platform easily integrates with popular email software such as ConvertKit, Mail Chimp, and Infusionsoft.

Customer Support

This is another interesting feature offered by Teachable. There is good support at hand when any question or obstacle arises. You will find a good set of prewritten articles giving answers to questions that may arise when getting started with the platform. There is a ticket system for anything more specific. All in all, the customer support provided by Teachable is excellent.

Marketing Your Courses

You get plenty of resources to market and sell your courses on Teachable. The process of collecting payment is quite simple. There are coupons to use in order to create limited time offers when selling your courses. You have the option to create your own affiliate program.


The platform is free to sign up. There is no fee involved when selling free courses. But you need a paid plan to use the salient features of the platform. The Basic package is $39/month plus 5% of sales. You have access to all the features offered by Teachable. But there is a waiting period for receiving the money that you have earned. Professional cost only $99/month without any percentage of the sales. You have instant access to any money you have earned. The High Volume package is the biggest plan offered by Teachable. It is for people who intend to run a larger school marketplace. It costs $299/month with no sales fees.

There are a few cons of the platform such as limited custom design ability and support struggling to keep up with the growth of the platform. All in all, Teachable is one of the best LMS platforms on the market today.

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