Top Websites Like Udemy That Offer Online Courses

Top Websites Like Udemy That Offer Online CoursesWhether you're looking to top up the knowledge you have on a particular subject or learn a new skill, there is truly no shortage of online courses and sites like Udemy to aid you in your quest for new skills. The truth is that there are dozens of choices and it might be difficult to figure out the most suitable platform for you. If you are keen on helping upgrade the skills of one of your employees or freelancers, it can be even more challenging to select the best match for their specific learning style.

A majority of individuals who have bought online training courses so as to polish their professional skills and even learn new ones have done it through Udemy, which is a very popular online learning marketplace that provides numerous training courses. Even with Udemy being the most popular platform, there are other sites like Udemy that are viable options you can consider for online training courses as listed below.




Skillshare is a community marketplace for new skills and instead of trying to cover all bases, it focuses on teaching through short, project bases sessions, usually between 30 to 60 minutes. Every session consists a series of training videos and a project to immediately apply the skills learnt.

The idea behind it is a person can learn a very specific skill and immediately began to apply it once they've finished their 30 minute or 1 hour course. The quality of the courses vary because anyone can teach on Skillshare. When a course becomes very popular, it's more easily found than ones that are less popular and this to a degree, helps to weed out some of the poor quality courses.

One of the reasons for its popularity is its low monthly and annual pricing that allows access to all courses on the site. Currently, premium access to this site runs about $15 a month or $99 a year. This single payment gives anyone access to over 16000 courses available on this site.



This is likely the oldest or one of the oldest online learning platforms found on the internet. It has a long-standing history and is highly regarded for its quality courses. A couple of years ago it was bought out by LinkedIn for over a billion dollars. Unlike Udemy and Skillshare, this site is highly selective in the teachers that it allows to produce courses for the site. In many cases, the individuals making courses for the site are industry leaders in their field or at least highly respected. has been around since 1995 and it is regarded as a veteran in the online education space. This platform currently offers up to 4790 courses most of which are concentrated in the creative, business and tech categories. Although most of the courses can run up to 12 hours, you don't have to worry about being glued there the entire time because most of the classes consist slides with narration.

This marketplace offers a subscription-based video tutoring library and you can view it as an education-based Netflix. This site is an excellent option for individuals who are visual learners and from as low as $25 per month, this site's membership gives you unlimited access to more than 90,000 videos on an array of subjects from web development to marketing and photography to video producing skills; the list is endless.


Code School

If you're looking for an interactive learning platform for both aspiring and experienced developers, the Code School is the place to be. This platform has numerous courses that are organized into paths based on various coding technologies. This site using a simple approach; learn practice and win. In the learning stage, experienced and engaging instructors guide you through the course material, step by step and in high-quality video lessons. In practice stage, you can code directly in your browser thus bringing to life everything that you have learnt. Through this, you get immediate feedback and code validation. As you progress, you continue to earn points and badges with every course level.

To enjoy unlimited access to over 69 courses and 254 screen casts, you can enroll for a monthly plan at $29 per month or the yearly plan which costs $19 per month.


Code Cademy

Code Cademy (Read review here.) is an online learning platform that is dedicated to teaching people how to code and it is completely free. While many other online coding courses use a “learn at your pace approach”, Code Academy motivates the learners to keep up a fast pace using a gamified points system and supportive groups.

This platform offers courses on various programming languages such as Ruby, Python and PHP and students are capable of building and deploying their own projects by the time they complete their course.



If you want to learn or polish your coding and IT skills, Treehouse brings affordable technology education to individuals all over the world so as to help them realize their dreams and change the world. With more than 200 courses and 27, 000 minutes of video available, this platform lets you learn all aspects of coding from building a website to developing a mobile application right from your computer.

With more than 1000 videos created by expert instructors, there is a lot to learn. Better yet, their library is continually refreshed with the most recent web technology so you will never fall behind. Treehouse offers a 7-day free trial to their course library. However, to gain access to thousands of hours of content from iOS to Python to JavaScript, you can enroll for membership at $25 per month.



Udacity is an online learning platform with a strong focus on technology, particularly on coding and IT skills. This site offers a small but excellently-crafted selection of courses for you to learn anything from website development to mobile app development. And if you want to venture into data science, this site's data science program offers an impressive roster of instructors from companies like Facebook and Salesforce.

Unlike other sites, Udacity's prices are relatively higher, probably because the courses were created by companies like Cloudera, Facebook, Google and AT&T. Their pricing structure lets you pay for courses on a monthly basis and if you decide to drop a course before completing it, you only pay for it up to that point instead of paying for the entire program.


Learning new skills for professionals is now a necessity and not an option. With new skills and software making their way into the market every day, online courses offered by sites like Udemy are a good way to stay updated because they are affordable, easily accessible from your mobile handset or PC provided you have an internet connection.

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