Udemy Apple TV – Let's Watch Online Course At Home

We see online course websites constantly growing because of the need for learning not being limited to the student's presence in a class. Nowadays, tons of online courses are available via websites and mobile apps. One of these leading online course providers offering students access to online classes via apps and their website is Udemy.

Learning on the go with the mobile app is highly convenient, but it seems there are certain limitations. For example, a mobile screen is too small, and you don't have all the functionality available as compared to using the website version. Internet connection could also be interrupted to name another problem.

More convenient ways of consuming online courses in modern society are by watching the course from your home. This is a combination of online education where you can use technology to access different learning materials and distance learning where you can study from your own home.

There are two options available if you want to watch Udemy using your TV at home.

  • The first method is by using the Chromecast feature and casting the course to the TV. This feature was released recently and has been used for some months.
  • Another option is to watch the course using an Apple TV application. This second feature was released almost two years ago, but I was only able to get a hand on the application now. This article will provide information on how to watch the Udemy course using the Apple TV option.
Udemy Apple TV – Let's Watch Online Course at Home

How Can I Watch Udemy Using Apple TV?

The Devices, Settings, And Watching Aspects:

According to the official Udemy blog, only the fourth generation of Apple TV players support the Udemy course app. Below are steps on how to use the Apple TV function to watch Udemy:

  • Gather all of your Apple TV devices, set them up, and turn the devices on in the way usually would to use other types of apps.
  • Turn on the TV.
  • Find the Udemy app by choosing the App Store item on the Apple TV.
  • Head to the 'categories' section, click on the 'education' item and search for Udemy.
  • You can also locate the Udemy app by using the 'search' function in the App Store.
  • After then, you can log in to your account and start learning from Udemy tutorial video right away.

Once you have performed these steps, you should be able to log into your account and begin learning using the Udemy tutorial.

Udemy apple TV app store watch via AirPlay

The Non-Apple TV Store Option

If, however, you do not have any access to the Apple TV store, there are other methods available to use the feature. You do need to have your TV and the Apple TV box connected with the devices already operating correctly. Below are steps on how to use the non-Apple TV store option to watch Udemy:

  • Connect and set up the TV and the Apple TV box ensuring that they are operating properly.
  • Open the Udemy mobile app using your iPhone, iPad, or Android app.
  • Connect the mobile device (iPhone, iPad, or Android) to the Apple TV box using the Air Play feature.
  • Once the signal is connected, you can broadcast the course to your TV from the mobile device and play the video.

By using this method, you will be using your mobile devices and the Udemy mobile app as the operator. The television screen will be a simple display monitor and nothing will be done regarding the Apple TV app; however, you will still be able to view the Udemy course using the TV.

The Uses And Features:

Watching an online Udemy course using larger screens is always enjoyable because you receive a comfortable learning experience from the comfort of your own living space. Unfortunately, not all features are available when watching Udemy courses using the Apple TV. For example, closed captioning is not available, and only video content displayed on the screen is available without supplementary resources such as PDF material or PowerPoint slides.

Apart from the large screen and more convenient learning environment watching a Udemy course using a TV can be considered a better facility for learning. This is because you can view the course and complete all homework at the same time. For example, if you are taking a course on coding, you will be able to make note of the information and practice coding while listening to the teacher. Overall, using a Udemy course is similar to real-life learning but in a different situation with advanced technology.

Purchasing The Udemy Course Using The Apple TV App

Not only are you able to view the Udemy course using the Apple TV, but you can also purchase the course via an iTunes or Apple Pay account. When buying the course with these methods, you will be able to access the account from all devices making the course 100% yours for a lifetime.

However, if you purchase a Udemy course from a third-party it can cost more; therefore, I recommend you buy the course from Udemy's official website. Click here to read a step by step walk through on how to buy Udemy course from you mobile devices.

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