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Udemy is today’s very popular online teaching and e-learning website. It’s become so popular because now students can learn when they’re ‘on-the-go’ or from the comfort of their own home. Udemy’s e-learning website offers students more than 50,000 online classes covering more than 80 languages. Students can start learning today, on topics from IT, Photoshop, programming languages, business development, start-up, app development, Yoga, and so much more.


Where to Get Udemy Coupon?

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Where you can find Udemy Coupon Code?

One of the main reason making Udemy so popular in the E-learning field is that because they offered a really great discount of their courses from time to time. Udemy regularly distribute their discount coupons and hosting their promotion quite often. Udemy discount could be reduced to 50% off, 75% off and sometime it can be really as huge discount as $10 per course. (However, this does not apply to all courses.) Simple check on this Udemy discount code page. And Like us on Udemy Coupon Facebook to get update with the latest deal.

Can I use Udemy Coupon for every course?

No. Not every course on Udemy available for coupon code. I've seen some Udemy courses never offer coupon at all and it looks like the instructors not at all interested to offer any discount too. But still, they have nice reviews and a lot of students enrolled.


 About Udemy: What is Udemy?

Udemy is the biggest online learning platform where anyone can start learning online easily. Udemy is free to join. Students can register on their website udemy.com and from their Udemy App. There are a bunch of free Udemy courses for students to try and get yourself along with their user interface and features. Udemy website is nice and easy to use. Udemy stateds on their website that ‘our mission is to help anyone learn anything.' And they would also want students to be able learn from many devices. So they have created their Udemy Application (Udemy iOS App, Udemy Android App) of which enable students to learn on the go. Students can learn at their own pace. They can learn from many smart devices such as from their PC or from their tablet or smartphone.

As of May 2017

  • Udemy has over 15 million students.
  • 45,000 courses.
  • 80+ course languages

Udemy provides a wide rage of learning topics. Actually the teaching and learning topics are limitless. Their online class topics covering from Web Development, IT and Software Training, Business Development Training, Business Management, Drawing, Yoga, Writing training, Photoshop Training and so on. To make it easier, Udemy courses fall into these categories of which are

  • Development Courses
  • Business Courses
  • IT & Software Courses
  • Design Courses
  • Marketing Courses
  • Office Productivity
  • Personal Development
  • Lifestyle Courses
  • Photography Courses
  • Health & Fitness Courses
  • Teacher Training Courses
  • Music Courses
  • Academics Courses
  • Language Courses
  • Test Prep Courses


Is Udemy Course good or suck?

Unlike Lynda where the courses are fairly good in their quality. Udemy is on the other hands, letting anyone teaching online. I would say the quality quite differs from each course and instructor. There are poor quality courses and extremely excellent courses out there. But I would say that the Udemy people themselves encourage the instructors to give their best quality courses to benefit the students and also for the sake of their own reputation too. Before getting the course released, It has to be approved by the Udemy staff. To find a good course and you have to look at the reviews, reading the instructors biography, and you can also preview the course for free for 5 minutes to learn that if you like the content and style of their teaching or not.

Udemy discount coupon code

Can I trust Udemy Reviews featured on their websites?

When browsing on a course you're interested in. The easy way to see if the course is good and suit your interest or not is look at the reviews feature. The Udemy review feature was written by the Udemy student themselves. You can see if people are satisfied with the courses or not. However, As you might have known that some premium courses are free for a limited time at their launching process to get students enrolled, and writing sort of nice reviews about the course even if they didn't finish the course, or worse didn't start learning in that course at all.

So, how to tell if the reviews are scam or not?

I would say it's quite hard to tell if it's true or fraud reviews. But I have a little trick by checking the review period. If it was 3 months ago when the course is released and get a bunch of 5 stars reviews at that time. And all of the sudden, there are no more new recent reviews. Then this is quite skeptical because you could tell that the review didn't come naturally.

30 days money back guarantee?

Even though the poor courses and fake reviews are still there on the Udemy website. I would say that most of them are excellent courses (Most of them that I have learned, since I can't participate into all courses). I've known this website since April,2013. The first course I have purchased is How To Become a Bestselling Author on Amazon Kindle. After that one I've taken many courses on Udemy and I trusted their service and sincerity. However, if by any chance. You've purchased the course you're not satisfied. You're still safe because they offered a 30 days money back guarantee. If you're not satisfied with the course you've purchased. Just simply contact them. I used to ask for a refund, they managed to get the process quite promptly without asking any question. But it would take around 30 days to get the money transferred.

How to buy Udemy course?

Simply click on the Buy This Course button. You'll get walk through the payment process. Currently, Udemy receives payment by credit card, Paypal and Udemy Credit System. If you're having an issue with a payments process read this article on how to contact Udemy staff to solve your issue here.


Why Udemy is good for students?

Udemy is good for students and for any lifelong learner because they are free to join. They are quality free courses to try. And what I like most is that there're no monthly fee. You paid what you like to learn. Just as simple as that. While on other leading E-learning websites, most of them would charge monthly. I would stay from that. Because I'm not into the ‘learning mode' all the time. And If I stop paying the monthly subscription, I would just get kicked out of the courses I'm in. While with Udemy I could come back at any time.

Udemy Continues to Grow and Evolve

Udemy specifically created this marketplace whereby students directly impact the type of content available; thus allowing this very popular e-learning platform to grow and evolve over time. Today, Udemy has become the global marketplace for the most popular, up-to-date, and on-demand online courses for our changing economy. Currently the company sees 50% of Udemy’s revenue coming from outside the United States, with Udemy continuing to expand its content and tools to reach students around the globe. At this point in time the specific focus of Udemy‘s expansion is on East and South Asia, Western Europe, and Latin America. Since Udemy’s launch in 2010 the company has seen enormous growth. These are Udemy’s statistics today –

  • 2,000 courses are created each and every month, with a total of 45,000 courses currently available;
  • Udemy has more 16,000 instructors from around the globe who‘ve created online courses;
  • Currently more than 15 million students are enrolled in Udemy courses, representing more than 190 countries.
  • More than 30% of Udemy students are using their iPhone, iPad, or Android mobile device to study online.

Be the One That Stays Ahead – Not the One Left behind!

The CEO of Udemy, Dennis Yang, strongly believes that the established education system is failing to keep up with today’s modern workforce. He believes that Udemy brings a true marketplace model to education, giving students unparalleled access to a wide range of sought-after skills; thus allowing them to continue growing and reaching their goals. By being able to access Udemy on various mobile devices, students have access to both experts and good content wherever and whenever they want.(Source:Udemy Press Release)


When the course is taking off, Can I still watch them?

The online courses available on Udemy could be somehow taking off from the marketplace. So when you're searching for those specific courses, you can't find them and they're not available for any new purchase. But if you're already bought them. You can still access to your courses at any time. Just go to ‘My Courses' feature. They'll always be there, because Udemy already says that ‘Students will get lifetime access to their courses.' The downside of this case is that when instructors taking off their class from the market. It's most likely that they are not active on Udemy anymore. This could somehow affect current students too, if you have some questions or need further explanation from your instructors. You may never get anything replied back at all.

Can I watch Udemy courses offline and download them onto my PC?

Basically, Udemy is an online learning website. When students watching the video courses. They have to get an internet connection to access to the course. While PDF, e-Book and other supplement materials are allowed to be downloaded. The video itself can't be downloaded to watch offline. This measure is to prevent any possible illegal leak of training videos. However, some instructors allow students to download the courses materials such as video, PDF, and other supplementary materials. You just tab to the download tab in the course interface to download Udemy course video and material. But still, there's alternative way to watch the course offline. When you're on the road or on the plane. Or you get yourself free during the day and feel like you're on the learning mode. You could access your Udemy course offline via Udemy app. But you need to download the desired course onto your smart phone or tablet first. Then you can simply watch Udemy courses, even if you don't have any internet available at the moment.

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