Udemy Gift Card - Buy and Send Udemy Course Using Gift Card Vouchers

2018 is just around the corner, the beginning of a new year has people celebrating new beginnings, hopes for the future, and spending time with family and friends. Small to large businesses are looking back over the past year and analyzing how well things went.

Do you have a new year's resolution? Maybe you are looking forward to advancing your education to improve your skills whether in a business mode or creative mode. Learning new things can be very exciting and help you reach goals that you missed out on this year. This is a wonderful time of year to plan for the up and coming year and what you want to accomplish.

Possibly you have a family member or friend that wants to take courses to improve their lives and Giving your love ones a Udemy course as a gift would be a great idea. Not only will it encourage them to keep on growing but will give them the opportunity to move forward. This article will show you how easy it is to use Udemy's gift card features to buy and send a course to your friends and family.

How to Buy and Send Udemy Course Using Gift Card

To use this feature you will have to use a web browser from your PC or using a reliable mobile browser. And follow the easy steps:

All you have to do is go to Udemy's landing page and in the upper right-hand corner you will see their feature “Gift This Course”. Click on that feature and go to “Wrap Your Gift” where you will have to put in the email address of the person you want to send the card to. Choose the date to send the gift card, write your own message to them, and you are on your way.

Udemy Gift Card - Buy and Send Udemy Course Using Gift Card

Next, you will be directed to the purchasing stage which is set up almost the same way as courses you have purchased for yourself. Udemy will take both PayPal or a Credit Card.

Once the person receiving your gift gets an email, all they have to do click on the unique URL that is sent in the email to redeem their course. If they already have a Udemy account, once they redeem their gift card, the course will be in their learning library. If they do not have an account, they can immediately register and then have access to the course.

They can also use the following link; https://www.udemy.com/gift/redeem/,  and enter their unique code that they received in their email.

Udemy FAQs: Vouchers, Discount, ETC.

About Udemy?

Here's what to know about Udemy before starting out. The company's overall mission is to enrich lives through learning. To accomplish this, Udemy has an online library of over 50,000 courses to choose from. Both students and course creators can benefit from the platform. Students learn new skills, and instructors can earn money through their courses.

Generally, students use Udemy to develop many kinds of skills. These could include professional skills, hobbies, or even life skills. Udemy also has plans that allow companies to use their website as a platform to distribute their own corporate training classes.

What Are Udemy Courses?

Typical Udemy courses include a serious of instructional videos. Instructors may also add text documents to their courses to help supplement the videos. Instructors or assistants may also be available to answer questions about the course online.

Are Udemy Courses Accredited?

No, Udemy courses aren't accredited. Udemy is a platform for online courses, but it isn't actually an accredited school. It's possible to find classes that have been developed and taught by instructors who also teach at accredited schools.

Are Udemy Courses Self-Paced?

Yes, students can move at their own speed through the courses. It's possible to pause the course in the middle of a video or between videos.

Can You Watch Udemy Courses Offline?

Yes, students can move at their own speed through the courses. It's possible to pause the course in the middle of a video or between videos.

If you have the Udemy app, you can download course videos to watch offline. You can't do this if you access the website through a web browser. The instructor may provide some text documents or videos that you can download from any device.

Is Udemy Free?

You can signup for free. You can also find some free courses. However, you will have to pay for many courses. Right now, Udemy lets instructors charge between $20 and $200 a course and you get 90% off discount here.  However, once you sign up, you should watch your email because the site often runs sales that allow you to view courses at discounted rates.

Once you have paid for a course, you can access it as many times as you like because your free basically buys a lifetime membership to that course. You can also take as long as you would like to move through the course.

Does Udemy Have a Subscription Fee?

The answer depends upon if you are an individual or represent a business:

Individuals: Again, individual users simply signup for free and pay for additional courses that have a charge.

Small Businesses Groups: Businesses with five to twenty users have the option of choosing a monthly subscription plan that allows employees access to the entire collection of courses. This plan also comes with some other valuable benefits like analytic information about which courses users take.

Larger Business Groups: Larger business groups get everything that smaller groups get with their subscription. They can also use the platform to create their own courses for employees. This plan also comes with dedicated support people.

How Long Will Udemy Courses Last?

The actual courses can vary in length. The amount of time that it takes a student to complete a course may also vary. Udemy suggests creating at least five video lectures of at least 30 minutes, but that's only a guideline. It might be fair to estimate that average courses will take about 2 1/2 to 3 hours to complete, but that's only an average. Since there's no time limit, students are free to break up the course into as many sessions as they want to. They are also welcome to repeat courses.

Again, once students enroll in either a paid or free Udemy class, they have lifetime access. Udemy does says that they do have rare cases of instructors removing their courses. For instance, a course may become outdated, so the instructor wants to update the materials with current content. In these cases, the student is advised to contact Udemy customer service. In most cases, students will enjoy lifetime access to any courses that they want to take.

Is Udemy a Good Place to Take Online Classes?

The site boasts over 50,000 online classes. Of course, it's up to the student to check the materials to learn about the instructor, see how past students have rated the course, and read about the lessons that the course contains. Udemy does have a quality-review process in place, but it's certainly possible that every course won't be right for every student.

While classes are not accredited, students can find many courses from legitimate, credible instructors. Approved classes also grant a completion certificate that students can download.

Can I Buy Udemy Course for Someone Else?

Absolutely, you can buy udemy course or purchase multiple courses by adding the courses to cart. And then going through the purchase method we mentioned above to send the course as a gift.

Can I Send the Udemy Voucher Codes?

No, in this case the voucher code is the discount code that you will have to redeem upon purchase. Once the payment is done the gift will be wrapped and sent via e-mail as mentioned above. So the receiver will get an access to course as a gift, there's no need for them to enter the code because you already got the discount price upon your purchased. 

Most students take classes to learn professional or other kinds of skills and not for the certificate. Still, it can provide a useful way to demonstrate that the student put effort into learning certain subject matter to employers or clients. The worth of the certificate may really depend upon the credibility of the instructor. Many educators and experienced trainers do offer courses on this platform. 

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