Thinking of making iOS 9 apps? Let's take a look at iOS 9 New Features

written by Mehedi Hassan

Apple’s new update to the existing smartphone based operating system is coming this fall. Beta version is available for developers preview. Apple has already released beta version 3 for iOS 9 which contains few bug fixes and performance improvement. iOS 9 stable version will start rolling out this September. There was many new functionalities unveiled for iOS 9 Beta, Apple introduced new features as well as improved previous features to make it fit to iOS 9. We will be discussing here the most exciting functionalities.

Siri: Virtual Assistant

Siri is now better at searching which was introduced in iOS 7.Apple’s big update to Siri was to challenge the other virtual assistants in android and windows which is Google Now or Cortana. Siri will now learn from contacts and other information and provide you information proactively which makes searching conversational. Siri will not only help you in searching but also in other tasks. When you read a mail and say “Remind me about this later”. Siri will make schedule to remind you by opening that email.On the other hand Siri's new Proactive Assistant elements will prescribe individuals to contact based on coming meeting schedules. Application suggestions will show up on the base left of the lock screen furthermore in iOS 9's new Spotlight search page.

ios 9 Siri proactive suggestion

Siri proactive suggestions.

Improvements to Apple Pay

Now apple users can add more cards to apple pay such as Discover card. Apple is working hard with other companies like Square and Pinterest on different projects to bring exciting features to Apple Pay.Among of them Apple Pay-compatible card reader that will be beneficial for small business and Pinterest Buyable pins. For now Apple Pay supports more payment cards then previous update.

Apple News App

Apples new news app is an alternative to Flipboard.It’s rich and very useful. I has hundreds of features that you can write essay to describe all its features. In Apple Newspick the news publications and sorts of news you're most inspired and the application ministers stories in light of your inclinations. News additionally intends to surface suggestions in view of your past conduct; the recommendations you see ought to enhance after some time.

Apple Map

Apple has added map directions for public transportation which includes including buses, subways and ferries. Right now it is only supported in few cities such as San Francisco, New York, Baltimore, Washington, D.C., Chicago and Philadelphia in the U.S. Infuture apple will be adding more cities to the map.

ios9 Apple Map app

Apple Map app

As an apple user I like the above features but I love the following apps.

Selfie Album

This is one of the best feature Apple added to iOS 9. All of your selfie goes to that single album so that you access it easily. It uses an efficient filtering algorithm to pull all of your selfies and displays it in one place.Isn’t that awesome? I just love this.

Low Power Mode

Like android you have battery saving option. By enabling this you can extend upto 3 hours of battery life. I have been waiting for this. Apple finally added this to iOS 9.

ios 9 low power mode

Low Power Mode

Search in Settings

This is just awesome feature introduced by Apple. You can search anything in settings to access that quickly. You no longer need to waste time searching for menu in order to make changes in settings. So far unique feature in smartphones. Only apple owns it now.

App Navigation

When you switch between apps you get one Back button referring to the previous. Just like you switch between Facebook App and Messenger app. You get one back button at the left top corner of the app. And the most amazing feature in iOS is App Switching Panel: Previously you have seen apps that are running background are put side by side on the app switching panel. Apple made this card like design. Now you see them in card stack. You can access apps by swapping Up-Down. It’s easier now to flip through app that are opened on your device. But Apple has removed contact shortcut from the top which you may not like it.

Apple Music

Apple music app is introduced with new dimension. It’s now fully furnished and best music app for any smartphone I have ever seen. You can follow musician’s .Listen to online radio. Apple has introduced new service which is apple music, you can also subscribe to it. I love this update than any other features that iOS 9 has.

Udemy iOS Apps Development Courses

Apple Music Subscription.

Developer Opportunities

Developer can do many things with this version of iOS. They could make their app power optimistic to run in low power mode.As low power modeterminates all the apps that consumes power. Developers can also make apps that will use apple Map API for public transportation. They can use this API in their apps when making the app localized. As iOS 9 will be on the air after few more days there will be more exciting updates for the developer.




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