Udemy Not Working: Udemy is down for maintenance!


Leading websites such as YouTube, Facebook and other popular sites that have been created using high-end technology do sometimes fail and users are unable to access them for a short period of time. However, these popular websites are usually back up and running again in no time at all. When the Facebook site was down a few days ago you would have very quickly noticed the #facebookdown hashtag flooding Twitter, with people amused (and annoyed at) this large social-media platform; showing that, today, many people are virtually living their lives on these social media platforms.

Most of us use these sites for chatting with family and friends, following our favorite artists, and even spying on our exes; but there are many people who depend on the e-learning websites – and this is an entirely different story. These e-learning websites contain vitally important videos, so when these sites are down it has a huge impact on students who completely rely on being able to access their learning platform. So, maybe we can excuse a one-off disappointment, but what can students do when their learning platform is down too often, and for too long?


Oh no! I can't access Udemy!

I'm not sure if I have the answers for the questions asked above. However, I’ve personally been a Udemy student since April 2013 and three times I’ve been in the frustrating position of the Udemy website being down.

The first two times were over a year ago, and there was no warning whatsoever. I tried to access the Udemy website, and it was gone! Some people went to Udemy’s Official Facebook page; worried because they were in the process of purchasing a new course and the good deal there were about to receive was ready to expire. Many believed there should have been a pre-warning about the site’s down-time to prevent student’s wasting their valuable time trying to work out what the issue was.

Another issue to point out is that, at that time, Udemy had a feature whereby instructors and students were able to engage in live learning/coaching together. So, one wonders if these live learning sessions were affected, or not. For some reason this feature has now been removed; perhaps students were not comfortable getting together for online learning, but this is only a guess as I was not involved in any live learning sessions.

They're back in 20 minutes

The third time I have seen Udemy site went offline occured is September 26th, 2015. A few days prior to writing this article. On checking with a time conversion website it says the following –

07:06:22 EDT
Saturday, 26 September 2015
Current local time in New York, New York, U.S.A.

Of course this was very annoying because I’d planned on re-watching some of my newly-completed video training; however this time the site wasn’t entirely gone. The friendly message said –

Sorry, Udemy is down for maintenance!
While you're waiting, you can watch our “What is Udemy?” video. We'll be back soon!

Udemy is down for maintenance


So, I used my iPad to check if their app was also unavailable. And now my iPad had no Internet connection. The app appeared to be working well because some of the video content that I’d previously downloaded for offline learning was still there. However, when I reconnected my iPad to the Internet, the app logged me out: there’s a blank screen and the courses are not loaded. So, I tried once again, and this time the message on the screen says –

We're having a problem logging you in.

when Udemy is down Udemy app will not work too

So now I realize that when the site’s down, their app doesn’t work either. Fortunately, in around twenty minutes the Udemy site was back up. Again I check with the time conversion website, and it had the following information –

07:26:13 EDT
Saturday, 26 September 2015
Current local time in New York, New York, U.S.A.

So, how you feel about this turn of events? Do you think it’s acceptable? For me, personally, it's not that bad.

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