Udemy Offline Feature – Watch Your Favorite Courses Without Internet

Online learning has evolved to the point where we are seeing large numbers of online training websites appearing all over the Internet. E-learning is becoming increasingly common where students at all levels of education are experiencing it these days. Whether you are a graduate school, university, high school, or grammar school student, if you are wanting to learn something for either an academic or non-academic purpose, it is very easy to obtain access to quality educational resources now.

Distance learning has expanded the e-learning concept to incorporate other related terms such as Learning Management System (LMS), Personal Learning Environment (PLE), and mLearning, which demonstrates that e-learning combines technology along with the effort to provide students with an improved learning experience.

Although it seems like we are connected to the entire world via the Internet, sometimes we are offline as well. And that shouldn't stop us from being able to learn something by whatever means that are available. In this article, I will be discussing the offline feature offered by Udemy that allows you to watch all of your favorite courses without having to use an Internet connection.

How to Use the Udemy Mobile App to Watch Udemy Courses Offline

Currently, there are 4 ways to access Udemy courses:

  • Access your course through logging into your own account at the official website at udemy.com.
  • You can use Apple TV to watch your Udemy course and log in from the Udemy app that can be found in the Apple TV App store. You can read a detailed review on how to use Apple TV to watch an Udemy course here.
  • You can watch Udemy courses from your TV by using the Chromecast feature. (The Udemy mobile app is used to point it towards your TV.)
  • You can use the Android or iOS Udemy mobile app to watch your courses.

All of the methods discussed above require you to have an Internet connection to watch your online courses. However, there are also methods that will allow you to watch your Udemy courses offline as well by downloading the lectures and then storing them on your mobile device.

The following is a step by step walk through of the process:

Your Internet connection needs to be working in order to download your video lectures.

udemy downloading video feature

Click on the 'My Courses' tab. Your courses will be displayed. In this tab, there are 4 sections that are available:

  • All Courses: All of your active courses are stored here.
  • Favorite: Shows a collection of courses that you have marked as your favorite courses.
  • Archived: Here is where you can manage your courses so that things are less cluttered. For example, you can archive some of the courses you have completed or some that you don't think you will want to watch again soon. You can store them in the archives since currently you can't un-enroll from any Udemy courses. This is a straightforward and easy method for keeping certain courses out of sight by archiving them. You can also un-archive your courses at any time.
  • Offline Ready: This is where you can download videos. Currently, you can only download video content. You cannot download the other learning materials such as Excel sheets, PDFs, or audio files.
how to download udemy course using mobile app

Click on the 'All Courses' section. This is where all of your active courses are available. You can download them from here and watch them offline. However, if you click inside of the 'Archive' section, you can also download video lectures from there.

Once you click on your preferred course and gain access to your course dashboard, you will see a download symbol directly inside of the course. You can either download the entire course, a specific section of the course, or download just individual videos that you want to watch.

Since you will be watching the video offline later, you might want to get the best quality video possible. You can do this by clicking on the 'Lecture Options,' choosing 'Video Quality' and then selecting the video quality you want. Note that if there is a 'closed caption' feature on the video, it will work even when you are in offline mode but you will need to ensure that the 'Closed Captioning' feature is enabled prior to downloading the content.

Once the downloading process is complete, your video lecture will stored inside of the 'Offline Ready' section. You will be able to enjoy your favorite lecture videos directly in there.

Udemy Offline Feature – Watch Your Favorite Courses Without Internet

After you are finished with it and want to delete the downloaded video off of your device. Go to the 'Account' tab, and then click on 'Downloaded Content,' and then click 'Remove' to delete whatever video content you want to.

delete downloaded udemy video from your app

That's it. You can now watch Udemy courses offline. As I stated above, currently, only video content is available for offline viewing. The offline feature is still lacking many features because other features don't work without an Internet connection. However being able to learn some of the material offline is better than nothing at all. I have found it very handy when I have needed to use it.

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