Udemy Payment Methods 

  • You can purchase Udemy courses from their website Udemy.com using a Credit Card, Debit Card, Paypal or Udemy credits. (Brazilian students can buy courses with a Boleto Bancario, more info here.) If you have discount coupon code. You can save up to 90% per each purchase. [Note that not all courses are offered for this promotion but most of them are eligible.]
  • Another Method is to purchase the online course via Udemy application (Udemy App). By purchasing through its mobile app you will not have the option to add the discount coupon code. So you may have to buy the course at full price. However, the Udemy's mobile application occasionally offer its discount promotion from time to time, but the discount rate maybe different from the website's campaign. Most of the time, buying from a website version is much cheaper than buying through the mobile app campaign.
  • If you're using your mobile device but would like to get the website promotion, because it's cheaper. You can do it by using your web browser on the mobile device to purchase the course. [Follow this article on: How to Redeem Udemy Coupon Code on iPad Android and PC]
  • You can use Udemy's gift card feature to buy and send Udemy course to your friends. Follow this link for details.

  • You can download the Udemy App for iOS from the App Store here; Udemy iOS App – available for iPad and iPhone
  • You can download the Udemy App for Android from The Google Play Store here; Udemy Android App

How to buy Udemy course when it says we were unable to process your payments

Udemy is growing fast with so many online courses available for you to learn, As of December 2017, there are 50,000+ courses on their website. There should be some classes that you would like to attend. But for some reasons you just can't purchase it. It's quite frustrating right? I knew how irritating it is because I used to have the same issue too.

In the last few weeks, I got some messages from our Facebook page, saying that they can't purchase Udemy course. Here is a solution on how to buy Udemy courses when your payment won't go through.

Normally when you purchase a course by clicking the Buy Now button, it will lead you to a payment page where you can choose whether you'd like to buy it via Paypal or credit card.

How to buy Udemy course when it says we were unable to process your payments

In this process if you have a coupon code, you can get a huge discount too. After purchasing you'll be redirected to get enroll into your course. And all is done.

buy udemy course with Paypal

But some of you might see a message like this ‘Whoops! Something went wrong. We were unable to process your payment. Please try again later.' This means that you can't buy a course. And you'll need to contact Udemy support to solve your issue.

udemy payment wont go through

In this case, If you're new to this site, make sure to sign up to Udemy website to create your own account.

If you're already a Udemy student, you just need to contact them here https://support.udemy.com/hc/en-us/articles/229604828-Failed-Course-Purchase or email to support@udemy.com

In my case, I choose to email them. There will be an auto response saying that they will get back to you soon.

how to contact Udemy support

It should be 2-3 business days to get a reply back from them. But you can see that in my case it's up to 5 days. The staff have solved my problem and suggested that I should buy a course from credit card instead of Paypal, because it might not work for me. But I've tried Paypal and it works, so I prefer to use Paypal ?

how to contact Udemy support

Udemy Purchase Failed - How to Solve It

This is a method on how to contact Udemy based on my experience, and there's a guy have asked me and got his issue solved too. If you're still having some questions, you can read more here. https://support.udemy.com/hc/en-us/articles/229604828-Failed-Course-Purchase

Purchasing Udemy Courses From Your PC Or Mac:

You can purchase Udemy courses from Udemy's website and also from your iOS and Android Apps. That said, we I noticed that Udemy runs different promotions on their website vs their apps. Meaning, you will get different discounts when you purchased from their website and other discounts using your iOS or Android Apps. Quite honestly, I have gotten much better deals when purchasing from their website. That's not all the time, but most of the time. I have also noticed that many courses are only on sale on Udemy's official website. These discounts are not offered on the App platforms. I would strongly suggest that the next time you want to purchase a course, go to their website first to check out their discounts before you buy.

Buying Udemy Courses Through Udemy's Official Website:

When you are ready to buy a course just click on the “Take This Course” button and you will be walked through the payment process. At this time, Udemy accepts Debit cards, Credit cards, and PayPal. They also have their own Udemy Credit but this is only available for students who participate in their marketing campaigns.

For instance, if Udemy has released a survey and you volunteer to participate in it, you will gain Udemy Credit to use toward the purchase of your course. Note: the credit must be used to purchase the course inside their platform, you cannot exchange these credits for money.

When you click the “Take This Course” button, you will be guided through the buying process. You can only purchase one course at a time if you want to purchase a number of courses just click the “Add to Cart” button and add your courses there. Once you have grabbed all the courses you want, you can check out and purchase all of them at once.

In order to purchase from Udemy, you must use a stable browser such as:

  • Google Chrome
  • Firefox
  • Safari
  • Opera
  • Dolphin

Buying Udemy Courses With Your iOS Devices – iPhones and iPads:

If you would rather buy Udemy courses with your iOS app, you can use the in-app purchase feature. Make sure you have already provided your debit card or credit card information in order to use this feature. The cost of the courses should reflect the store location. For instance, the price for a course in India there should be sold in INR – Indian Rupee. It might be slightly different than if you were purchasing it in the U.S. This is caused by the currency exchange rate at the time.

If you want to purchase a Udemy course with your app, tap on the course you want to buy and then click on the “Buy” button. Fill in your Apple ID login information then tap “Confirm” to buy the course. You should be able to have access to the course right away and start enjoying your class.

Keep in mind, if you buy courses through the Apple Store, you are using a third-party or middle man to make the purchase. You cannot contact Udemy if you decide the course is not for you and you want a refund. You will have to contact Apple support to get your refund.

Purchasing Your Courses Using Your Android Devices:

Purchasing Udemy courses using the Udemy Android App is pretty much the same as the iOS App. You will need to have a valid payment method on your Google App Account. After opening the app, browse to the course you would like to purchase then use your in-app feature. Purchasing from the Google App Store is the same as through the Apple Store. Again, you are going through a third-party or middle man to make the purchase. If you are not pleased with the course you must contact Google Support and follow their terms of services and proceed from there.

When you are ready to purchase Udemy courses, pick the device that works best for you. Keep in mind, you will not get the same discounts from either Apple or Google that you would get purchasing directly from Udemy.

Purchase Multiple Udemy Courses Using Cart Feature:

Buying Udemy course used to be a little frustrating process because you can buy one course at a time. However, bulk purchase is now possible using cart feature. When you go to the desired course, you will see there are two buttons letting you buy the courses. If you click 'Buy Now' button, you will be directed to the payment process instantly. But if you select the 'Add To Cart' button, you simply add the item to cart and you can browsing around and looking for another course to be added. Once you done, you just hover the 'Cart' icon on the top right, you will now be able to buy multiple Udemy courses at once.

Purchase Multiple Udemy Courses Using Cart Feature

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