Udemy Payment Methods

  • You can purchase Udemy courses from their website Udemy.com using a Credit Card or Paypal. If you have discount coupon code. You can save up to over 90% per each purchase. [Noted that not all courses are offered for this promotion but most of them are eligible.]
  • Another Method is to purchase the online course via Udemy application (Udemy App). By purchasing through its mobile app you will not have the option to add the discount coupon code. So you may have to buy the course at full price. However, the Udemy's mobile application  occasionally offer its discount promotion from time to time, but the discount rate maybe different from the website's campaign. Most of the time, buying from a website version is much cheaper than buying through the mobile app campaign.
  • If you're using your mobile device but would like to get the website promotion, because it's cheaper. You can do it by using your web browser on the mobile device to purchase the course. [Follow this article on: How to Redeem Udemy Coupon Code on iPad Android and PC]


  • You can download the Udemy App for iOS from the App Store here; Udemy iOS App – available for iPad and iPhone
  • You can download the Udemy App for Android from The Google Play Store here; Udemy Android App.

How to buy Udemy course when it says we were unable to process your payments

Udemy is growing fast with so many online courses available for you to learn, As of July 1st 2015, there are 30,000+ courses on their website. There should be some classes that you would like to attend. But for some reasons you just can't purchase it. It's quite frustrating right? I knew how irritating it is because I used to have the same issue too.

In the last few weeks, I got some messages from our Facebook fans, saying that they can't purchase Udemy course. Here is a solution on how to buy Udemy courses when your payment won't go through

Normally when you purchase a course by clicking the Take This Course button, it will lead you to a payment page where you can choose whether you'd like to buy it via Paypal or credit card.

How to buy Udemy course when it says we were unable to process your payments

In this process if you have a coupon code, you can get a huge discount too. After purchasing you'll be redirected to get enroll into your course. And all is done.

Udemy Payment Methods with Paypal and credit card.

But some of you might see a message like this ‘Whoops! Something went wrong. We were unable to process your payment. Please try again later.' This means that you can't buy a course. And you'll need to contact Udemy support to solve your issue.

udemy payment won't go through.jpg


In this case, If you're new to this site, make sure to sign up to Udemy website to create your own account.

If you're already a Udemy student, you just need to contact them here https://support.udemy.com/hc/en-us/articles/229604828-Failed-Course-Purchase or email to support@udemy.com

In my case, I choose to email them. There will be an auto response saying that they will get back to you soon.

how to contact Udemy support 1

It should be 2-3 business days to get a reply back from them. But you can see that in my case it's up to 5 days. The staff have solved my problem and suggested that I should buy a course from credit card instead of Paypal, because it might not work for me. But I've tried Paypal and it works, so I prefer to use Paypal 🙂

how to contact Udemy support 2

This is a method on how to contact Udemy based on my experience, and there's a guy have asked me and got his issue solved too.

If you're still having some questions, you can read more here.



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