5 Prominent Websites Where You Can Sell Your Digital Photos Online

Stock photography is a wonderful option in producing secondary income for your business portfolio. After all, you can upload your images for people to buy, download and use, making money while you’re asleep and for years. Now, people are always after high-quality photos. And, whether you’re a professional photographer or a novice, your high-quality pictures can be listed too. Of course, you may be wondering which stock agency is best for you to work with. After all, there are an array of companies available to work with.

Below is a list of the five best stock photography websites to consider doing “business” with. udemy photography courses and coupon code discount


When it comes to microstock agencies, the most widely utilized website is Dreamstime. It’s no surprise really! It was carefully executed and has a great reputation. In order to start selling through this website, you must be approved through the website’s editors. Upon approval, you’ll get a 25 to 50 percent royalty payment along with an additional 10 percent per exclusive image (meaning the image cannot be found anywhere else). You could also become an exclusive Dreamstime photographer and reap in 60 percent royalties for all images.

Check out Dreamstime for yourself at dreamstime.com


When it comes to Shutterstock, you earn more money with the more images you have downloaded. It’s a sliding scale payout, with the current starting price of $.25 per download. Thus, if you want a huge payout, you’ll need to have a large portfolio with amazing pictures before you see this happen. Bear in mind though Shutterstock has more than nine million photographs for people to choose from, and the number is growing every day. However, it’s highly ranked among stock agencies and does provide video footage so long as the quality is superior.

You can learn more about Shutterstock by visiting shutterstock.com


One of the most popular micro-stock imaging and royalty-free companies on the web is iStockphoto. Their size makes the QC process rather tedious. It offers an array of pictures, clip-art, illustrations, audio tracks and videos for people to choose from and download. There is definitely money that can be made here. If you upload your items only for iStockphoto, you reap larger commissions.

Check them out at istockphoto.com


123RF is an image stock that’s also royalty-free. What does this mean? Royalty-free sites have a statistic price per image downloaded, regardless of the use. If you’ve got a certain niche or you have a large collection, you can use easily use these sites. 123RF is currently offering 50 percent commissions for customers using download credits. Subscription customers get a $.36 per download credit. Uploading pictures can be done using a basic uploaded, Java or FTP, but there is a 300MB upload limit.

Check them out at 123RF.com


This website isn’t as widely known as Shutterstock or istockphoto, but that doesn’t make it any less worthwhile. In fact, if you opt to become an exclusive Fotolia photographer, your royalty increases. Fotolia has a sliding scale of 30 to 61 percent for royalties per image downloaded. Fotolia lets would-be contributors know upfront, before registration, what their commissions and credits earned per sales are. And, yes, they list the license and size as well. Thereby, photographers can opt if you want to be non-exclusive, partial-exclusive and full-exclusive. Image format is JPEG only with a minimum of 2400×1600 pixels with original resolution only. Contributors must be the license owner.

Visit fotolia.com to learn more about its services and to decide if it’s right for you.

Special Note: Make sure that you check the website you do business with about protected image and trademarks. Most will not accept photographs that have them in them… though same may.

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