Udemy Refund – The Money Back Policy: How Does It Work?

Udemy offers a 30-day money back guarantee policy that states if you are not completely satisfied with a course, you can request a full refund. If you feel somewhat skeptical or want to know if this claim is legit, please read the following information: I have been a student on Udemy since 2013 when there were less than a million students on the site.

Currently, in 2017, Udemy has well over 15 million students from around the world. I am currently active on this online learning website and have completed more than 50+ courses. I have purchased many courses from this platform and will continue to do so. This is one of my favorite online course provider websites. Udemy offers top-quality courses, covering fields for IT skills, professional skills, software skills, and many other courses. That said, there have been times I've requested a refund for a few courses. I received my Full Refund from Udemy without any problems or concerns.


Udemy Refund Policy:

From their official website: “Please note, however, that refunds are only available for courses purchased on the Udemy website (at www.udemy.com) or the Android app; any courses purchased through a third party website or the iOS app will not be eligible for refunds (for more details on refund restrictions, please see below).” Rest assure, although Udemy has stated that the courses eligible for their refund policy must be courses purchased from Udemy.com or from Android app, your purchase will also be eligible for a refund from our site, EcourseReview.com,  This is because we send you directly to Udemy's website, along with a discount coupon applied.

Getting a refund when purchasing through your Android app is the second option, though I have never used it myself so I am not sure exactly how it works. The Google Play Store also has a refund policy, so if you cannot receive a refund with Udemy directly, contact Google Play Store for support. They should be able to take care of it for you.

Next, it says that when purchasing through a third party website you can't claim for a refund because the transaction was handled by the third party website. From their site, it didn't state the name of their third party partners. But we could assume it could be a sites/platforms that process your payment on their sites, not on the Udemy official websites.

Although Udemy has stated that purchases made through iOS are not refundable, you can contact iTunes – Official Apple Support directly because they have their own refund policy. I went through this process once and found it straightforward and easy to do. Just email your purchase ID to Apple support, they will look it over and determine if your request is legit. You will then be granted a refund. All said I believe the easiest method is contacting Udemy directly. You will have to purchase your course directly from their website.  Because our website sent you directly to Udemy to make a purchase, you will be eligible for a refund too.

For Your Information:

Contact Udemy directly – go to their support channel: https://support.udemy.com/hc/en-us/articles/229604248-Refund-a-Course Once on that page, simply click the Contact Support form here: https://support.udemy.com/hc/en-us/requests/new?type=student udemy refund policy how does it workOnce you are on the form, follow the instructions by entering the course URL, your email, and the reason you are requesting a refund. If applicable, attach a file if needed. Be patient, it will take a few business days for them to process your request and get the money back into your PayPal account or on your credit card. One point I would like to make.

When you purchase a Udemy course, you will have access to that course for life, even though the instructor might have removed the course from the marketplace, decided to offer it privately, or has left Udemy, you will still have access to the course through your dashboard. However, there are some cases where courses have been completely removed from Udemy. If you are in the course and this happens, it will appear like the below image: udemy course was removed2 This is a very rare situation and I am not sure why it was removed. There could have been a copyright issue or something else that I am not aware of. If you experience this kind of circumstance, you will be eligible to request a refund. udemy course was removed

30-Day Refund Policy:

There is a 30-day refund policy in place to make sure students are pleased with the course they have purchased. This also protects the instructors from potential fraud from scams. In other words, if someone purchases multiple Udemy courses, over an extended period of time, they are subject to suspension for abusing the refund policy.


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