Udemy's Closed Captions Makes Online Learning Easier and More Enjoyable

Update Nov 2017: Udemy now got most of their courses with of closed captions available. There are 2 types of the closed captions.

  1. Instructors manually add the closed captions. So this would be very accurate
  2. .Auto generated closed captions are now added to most courses.

Udemy is the leading E-learning platform, providing an extensive selection of online courses: currently 30,000 + and still counting! Courses are taught on different topics in 80+ languages. However, it’s undeniable that, due to market demand and other factors, most classes are presented in English.

The former CEO of Udemy, Dennis Yang, once said during an interview with Bloomberg, that almost two-thirds of Udemy students live outside the United States; so we can only assume that there’s a large proportion of Udemy students that are non-native English speakers.

Obviously, when undertaking a Udemy course the student must completely understand what’s being taught, otherwise their distant learning experience won’t be very effective. This learning gap would therefore make real-class learning superior to virtual-class learning in many ways. In addition, many instructors themselves are also non-native English speakers, thus their (sometimes) quite strong accents could be quite disconcerting to students. This is something I’m actually quite familiar with myself because I have started some courses with great content but because of the unavoidable language barriers I’ve had to move on and look for alternative courses.

In my opinion, Udemy learning would be a far superior learning platform if they provided Closed Captions with their online courses. This would assist many students by offering a wider variety of courses; it would also improve the environment for teachers.

The great news for students is that there currently are classes available with Closed Captions, so if you don’t pick up or understand every word the teacher has spoken you can just fall back on the Closed Captions. Unfortunately, though, the number of courses available with Closed Captions is very small when compared to their whole course catalogue.

In this article we’ll focus on the positives and discover how to find your perfect course with Closed Captions.

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Finding a Udemy Course With Closed Captions

Log in to your Udemy account and type in the topic you’re interested in studying. For the purpose of this article we’ll enter 'ios9'. The Udemy search engine shows that there are 381 paid courses and 46 free courses available; 356 of these courses are taught in English.

Now look at the Features section towards the bottom and you’ll see that 9 courses have Closed Captions.

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Select the Closed Captions feature and you can then search for a course that’s right for you. From there you can begin a 5-minute free preview; or buy the course straight away. (If you’re having problems purchasing a course then read this article here: can't buy Udemy course).

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An alternative way is to read the course description: in the Languages option it will say Captions.

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Unfortunately, my experience with this option is that the results weren’t entirely accurate: you can see from the picture above that The Complete iOS 9 Developer Course - Build 18 Apps did not say Closed Captions were available.

Review Of OneMonth - Learn How to Code and Create App

However, when I opened the course I noticed there were some of tutorial videos (not all of them) with Closed Captions. In order to see the Captions just click the CC button on the bottom right-hand corner. Enjoy your learning experience! [Udemy Subtitles Course]

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