Udemy vs Coursera - Which One Is Best For You?

Learning never stops. It is now possible to learn a new skill 24/7 and become a well-rounded professional using online courses. It isn't necessary to leave your home to learn and get better at something, which is where online learning comes into the equation. Online learning is reliant on the use of platforms to offer seamless courses with detailed guidance.

Students are welcome to consider options such as the ones being discussed here in Udemy and Coursera. Let's dissect each one and see which platform is going to be the better fit for you and your needs as a student online.

Difference Between Udemy and Coursera

Starting with Udemy, it's a marketplace designed for individuals from all walks of life (i.e. teachers, general experts) to create courses. These courses can be sold on the platform. Udemy's goal is to act as a site that is home to full-fledged courses that are hosted on the platform with them receiving a percentage from the sales. In general, Udemy can be compared to other platforms such as Skillshare and Lynda to name a few. Udemy retains its spot as the largest online marketplace for online courses.

With Coursera, you are looking at offering academic online courses from some of the leading instructors and universities on the planet and making it accessible worldwide. It is listed as a top-tier MOOCs platform and stands out in comparison to the likes of Khan Academy, EdX, and FutureLearn to name a few. It is seen covering a plethora of projects that are also taught at these universities making it easier for students to tap into these courses and learn from them.

What About Quality Control?

Udemy has stringent quality control requirements and creating poor quality course won't be a good strategy and in the long run won't be successful because you are competing against other courses on the market.

An example of a course that is sold on Udemy would be The Web Developer Bootcamp. This course is designed to offer students with the opportunity to learn how to develop websites, apps and code using HTML, CSS, Node, and JS. It's one of most successful Udemy courses with over 100,000 students enrolled in the class.

Udemy course quality control the web developer bootcamp

An example of a course from Coursera would be "Learning How To Learn" and it's taught by famed instructor Dr. Barbara Oakley from the University of California. This course is designed to provide insight on unique learning techniques visible in art, literature, sports, music, and more. It's about learning how to master the art of learning to maximize one's time and getting ahead of the process. It breaks things down and analyzes them down to the last detail with the help of Dr. Barbara Oakley.

Udemy vs Coursera - Which One Is Best For You?

Udemy and Coursera Pricing Model

Udemy's pricing model is dependent on users signing up for free and then scouring through courses to pick the ones ideal for them. It's not a monthly membership and each course will have a set price that is between the ranges between $20 - $200 allowed by Udemy (You can get 90% off discount by Using a discount coupon here). The instructor sets the price and it will be made visible as you scroll through the list.

Please remember, Udemy does not restrict access to free courses and if they are listed as "Free," Registered users can click through and access them on the spot without any additional steps. For paid courses, the student will be asked to make the payment (ensure it goes through), and then gain access to the materials. Once the payment has gone through, the course and its materials are yours forever. They can be accessed as many times as you prefer.

With Coursera, you are looking at a free signup that will offer access to "free" courses but there is a contingency. You will not receive graded assignments or a certificate of completion. You will receive all of the other content in the course to do with as you please. While there are other paid courses that are going to have no limits as to how much they can be priced at. You will be paying for the certificate, graded assignments, and complete access to admissions hours if necessary. This information is included in the "Pricing" category for each course on Coursera.

Udemy vs. Coursera Certificate Value

Udemy do offer academic related courses but it will not offer certificates that are accredited as one might expect from an academic institution. However, Udemy does offer certification for all completed courses and will send them as soon as the course is complete. These certificates are not going to hold the same weight as ones from Coursera and major academic institutions from around the world.

Coursera is structured when it comes to the certification process and how you are going to receive it. Students who are signing up for a course with Coursera are going to be asked to make the payment and will then receive access to the content. This will result in graded assignments and access to the instructor from an established institution. This instructor will look at all details before passing or failing the student and upon completion, the student will receive a fully accredited certificate as if he/she went to the institution. This is why the Coursera certificate will hold value in most settings and is going to be a legitimate option for students who are wising to learn from the top instructors on the planet right now. Please note, this is only for paid courses on Coursera.

Udemy vs. Coursera Learning Approach

Udemy is more of a "lifetime" setup meaning you will pay for the access and then receive the content to do with as you please. This means you are going to be paying the entrance fee and that's about it. You will gain access to the content and it is yours to do with as you please.

With Coursera, you are going to have a structured learning approach with all courses because the instructor is going to be offering grading on all assignments. This means you are going to have due dates that have to be met and you will be docked points for missing these due dates throughout the course. It is similar to attending a college/university around the world where you would have a semester of courses with clear deadlines throughout the months. The same applies here with Coursera and its paid courses. As for the free access, you will not be on a timeline and that content is yours for as long as you want.

Udemy vs. Coursera Features

In general, Udemy and Coursera are going to offer a comprehensive learning experience.

  • Udemy is a self-paced platform and is going to have a variation in quality depending on the instructor and where they are coming from. While Coursera is stringent about who is allowed to teach on its platform and will only be offering access to major professors from around the planet.
  • Udemy and Coursera do include discussion boards inside that make it easier for students to learn from their teachers and get a gist of the course materials. On Coursera, students are also able to discuss graded materials as soon as they are sent back.
  • On both platforms, students are able to push through quizzes/tests and other assignments (Coursera) to test their knowledge and see how much they have learned from the beginning.

Is Udemy better than Coursera?

it comes down to what you are looking to get from the online platform.

Udemy is better for those who have a specific learning requirement and want to get a real feel for the subject (i.e. yoga, web development, languages). While, Coursera is more about teaching academic-based courses that would be seen in a regular university or college program if you were to enroll (i.e. accounting, biology, math). For those who want to know which one is "better", it will come down to what you want from the experience.

Which One Is Best For You?

This is where you will be able to find a real answer to the question about which one is better.

It is about learning online and getting what you want from it. If your goal is to have a legitimate certificate from an academic institution that is going to hold weight then Coursera is the way to go. If you want to learn a specific skill at your own pace without a deadline, you will want to go with Udemy. This is why you have to think about what you want and then go through the courses before coming up with a good fit.

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