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Udemy VS Khan Academy Comparison

Udemy VS Khan Academy Comparsion

Discover The Differences Of Udemy VS Khan AcademyModern careers require that a person has a range of skills and it demands that those skills are kept up-to-date. Technology and other aspects of the work environment make it necessary to have those skills and the willingness and ability to keep them current. The average adult is far too busy to be able to attend a formal University to keep up those skills. This has lead to the popularity of online courses. Here we look at the difference of Udemy vs Khan Academy.


Understanding The Differences Of Udemy VS Khan Academy

Two of the most popular sites online today for online learning include Udemy and Khan Academy. When considering which one of these platforms would be best for you, you’ll need to understand the difference between them. Both of these sites rank in the top 10 of the most popular online learning platforms available today. For that reason, regardless of which one a person chooses, they will likely gain great benefit.

Many people may even choose to use both of these platforms when it comes time for them to learn. One of the reasons is that they each offer a unique way of delivering an online learning experience. As well, you will learn as you continue reading that they each have their own unique area of focus for the types of content being delivered.


Reasons For Taking Online Courses

The motivations people have for taking online courses vary between them. One person may simply need to update their skills, while another person needs to learn something brand-new they have never done before. Still, another person may just be interested in taking a course for their personal enjoyment and enrichment.

If someone is looking to take up French cooking they might well find the perfect course on Udemy. If on the other hand, someone wants to learn a new programming language, then they may choose Khan Academy. Which learning platform they choose will largely depend on their personal preferences, the topic that they’re choosing to study, and price.



This course platform is among the biggest and the most successful online. It has tens of thousands of courses that are taught in over 80 different languages by thousands of instructors. According to its own statistics, it has over 15 million students in over 180 countries. Average courses on this site range from one hour to over 20 hours in length and they include topics such as personal development, cooking, technical skills, photography, web development, graphics design, yoga, and even topics that are just for fun such as how to solve a Rubik’s Cube.

The instructors on this site each have a varied background and anyone who has a skill is allowed to teach on the site. For this reason, courses will vary in quality but they have a star rating system that allows for students to rate from 1 to 5 stars with 5 being the best. The students are also allowed to leave a comment stating why they chose their particular rating. Newer courses may not yet be rated but most of the ones that have been on the platform for a while have a number of ratings which can help you determine if it’s the quality of course that you want.

The prices on the platform range from a low of $10 up to over $200 and Udemy regularly offers special discounts and sales during certain times throughout the year.


Khan Academy

This is a not-for-profit organization and all classes are free. This platform focuses on specific topics such as economics, finance, college-level mathematics, and preparatory courses for the SAT and the MCAT exams. Because the platform is completely free and the courses are high quality, most will recommend it if someone is looking to study the particular areas that they cover on this learning platform.

This site is not one where you can learn just any topic but instead, it focuses on academic topics that include humanities, science, computer programming and others. The subjects are well taught and most are presented as micro lectures. Most learners who come to the Khan Academy are serious about the particular topic that they’re learning and they will find high-quality courses on this platform. Because the price is free, anyone with access to a computer and the internet can take these courses.


When it comes to Udemy vs Khan Academy, they are so different that most would agree that they don’t really compete. It is true that Udemy does offer a number of courses that are similar to the types that are taught at the Khan Academy. The big difference is the fact that Udemy is a for-profit website and Khan Academy is non-profit.

Those who are wanting to learn the topics taught on Khan Academy will find that it is a very excellent platform to learn from and because it’s free, it is likely that it is the best choice for those topics. For those that are wanting to learn a range of topics and if you don’t mind investing some money into your courses, then Udemy is an excellent learning platform.


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