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Udemy Vs Lynda Comparison

Udemy VS Lynda Comparison

Learning or honing professional skills is a time-intensive requirement.


It's been a need for years whether it's individuals wanting to improve their resume or corporate entities wishing to equip their employees with future-proof abilities.


Online courses have provided a unique level of access to those who are ready to take the next step with their skillset. Whether it's learning about web development, app development, graphic designing, or software training, these online platforms have it all and more.

Why you should become a web developer. What you should learn.

The base of this Udemy vs Lynda comparison is going to look at the two stalwarts in this online community. For those who are on the fence wondering which direction is appropriate for them, it's time to look at what each option brings to the table. This comparison will pit these online course provider giants against each other by highlight key features, pros, and cons.

What is Udemy?

  • Udemy is a wide-ranging online learning platform with a vast array of courses (40,000+).
  • It's a platform to learn and teach in one place. Udemy provides courses in a plethora of specializations such as cooking, photography, software training, IT skills, web development, and more. The platform doesn't restrict its users and provides a simple setup for all involved parties.
  • Udemy offers creative and technical courses for its users without discriminating. Users are provided a top-tier online platform accessible from a range of devices at any point of the day. The company has grown over the years and works with corporate clients such as Lyft, General Mills, Datalogix, Century21, and T-Mobile to name a few. It's become a household name among professionals and corporate entities due to its prowess and all-encompassing setup.
  • Key Features of Udemy
  • Access To 40,000+ Courses
  • Courses In 80+ Languages
  • No Monthly Fee
  • Accessible On Desktop, Mobile, Android, iOS, and Apple TV App

What is Lynda?

  • Founded in 1995, Lynda has grown its online learning platform through years of experience in the sector. It's a site designed for creative and artistic learners wishing to upgrade their skill set. It's quality caught the attention of upper management at Linkedin leading to an ultimate buyout (2015).
  • Lynda is a platform offering a range of courses to help users handle software, tweak photos/videos, and work on their skill set in detail. It is home to over 6,000+ courses. These courses are divided among various categories including business, software, creative skills, and more. It relies on the shoulders of selected and vetted experts to provide all-encompassing content. Lynda has a large corporate client base including the likes of NBC, the University of Southern California, Full Sail University, Patagonia, Microsoft, and Adobe. It also holds a contract with the US government.
  • Key Features of Lynda
  • Uses Subscription Model
  • All Courses Created By Selected Experts
  • Includes 30-Day Free Trial For Users
  • Offline Viewing (Premium Members Only)
  • Works With Desktop, Mobile, Apple TV App, Android, and iOS

Udemy Vs Lynda Comparison

  • Udemy Provides 40,000+ Courses Compared to Lynda's 6,000+.
  • Udemy Uses Pay Per Course Compared To Lynda's Subscription Model.
  • Udemy Has Varied Course Quality While Lynda Relies On Selected Experts Only.
  • Udemy Has 15 million+ Students While Lynda Has 9.5 Million+ Users.

With this Udemy vs Lynda comparison, it's all about what suits you and your needs as a user. If you are looking to enhance your professional skill set or want your employees to excel, it is time to look into these accessible online learning platforms. Udemy provides a wide berth of courses (40,000+ in 82+ languages) while Lynda is a robust, expert-based online learning platform with ample value. Take your time and go with the online learning platform designed for your needs.

  • Benefits of Online Course
  • Learn Anywhere
    Want to learn before going to work as you sit on the bus? What if you are hoping to catch up with an online course during the 30-minute lunch break at work? It doesn't matter what the situation is, online courses are accessible at any time of the day. It could be the middle of the night when the children are asleep, and these courses are available. Being able to learn anywhere and at any time is critical for those who wish to soak in as much information as they can. It is added flexibility other options don't offer.
  • Instantly Access To Thousands of Courses
    Even the biggest college isn't going to provide the range of courses these online learning platforms offer.Members can learn from the brightest minds who are looking to spread their knowledge. These are professionals who will take the time to build robust courses that are in-depth and provide value. Students can pinpoint the particular skill set they wish to work on and find a related course in seconds.It removes all doubts about what you can and cannot learn. Everything is on offer with these platforms. It's all about making up your mind and moving forward.
  • Learn Without Restrictions
    Online learning platforms remove restrictions a person might have through offline means.These limitations can include issues such as not being able to learn based on your schedule. It can include not having the time to soak in the information due to pending deadlines (as seen in colleges). It is important to take in the advantage of being able to make your schedule as you go.It provides relief for those who wish to learn at their own pace as they move forward professionally.
  • Up-To-Date Information
    It's one thing to learn online and another to make sure all information sent your way is current.Udemy and Lynda are online learning platforms with clear-cut methods to illustrate how old a course is and when updates are made. This ensures a user is getting high-quality information as soon as they sign up. No one wishes to learn what might have been relevant five years ago.It's all about learning what is working now and what will work for the next coming years. If that is the case, online learning platforms are a big hit as they're providing up-to-date information in seconds.
  • Affordable
    Instead of forking over thousands upon thousands of dollars at a local college, why not head over to a platform such as Udemy or Lynda? It provides access to experts and certified teachers who have the knowledge needed to guide students in the right direction. Plus, it is affordable for all parties. Whether it is a professional looking to upgrade his/her skill set at home or a corporation wishing to train its employees, this is a cost-efficient path.
  • Simple To Use
    Don't want to go through the hassle of finding a college to learn about web development? No one does and that is why a simple to use online platform is the way to go. These platforms have been refined after spending years on accumulating user data. This enables users to receive high-quality content without dealing with lag or related hurdles.This is key for those who are hoping to learn as soon as they can to implement their skills in a professional setting. Simplicity is the name of the game, and these platforms do an excellent job of it.

  • Disadvantage of Online Course
    More and more companies are offering free or incredibly inexpensive online courses. Organisations such as Udemy and Lynda offer courses that let you learn at your own pace, without spending as much money as you would if you were doing a traditional college or university course. The idea of these courses can be quite seductive - they're a way for people on a budget to improve their skills. However, they aren't as easy as it first seems, and even if you complete the course you can't be certain that it will be beneficial for you. There are a number of downsides to taking professional skills training online.
  • Minimal Social Interaction
    The number one con with Udemy or Lynda is the lack of social interaction. It doesn't matter how much a user goes back and forth with a course creator; they are not going to retain the same value as learning from an in-person teacher/lecturer. This is where online learning can start to see lower returns.While this isn't a real concern with the video content uploaded, it is something to note for those who seek specific assistance along the way.
  • Low Completion Rates
    Very few students actually manage to complete the full course. While many students do learn well at their own pace, it takes a lot of discipline and good time management skills. The majority of people who start online courses, especially free ones, don't actually manage to finish them.
  • Limited Support
    Of those who do finish them, many struggle partway through, and find that it is hard to truly assess how they are doing, because the course is done entirely online, and there is limited student support available.
  • Not All Topics Can be Taught Effectively Online
    Some subjects require some on-site training to be truly effective. Online course providers will offer a lot of different subjects, and while you can get some good CPD for, say, First Aid, by studying online it doesn't make sense for people who are learning a subject for the first time. Hands on practice with a CPR dummy, bandages, etc is something that is incredibly valuable.
  • Not All Topics Can be Taught Effectively Online
    Some subjects require some on-site training to be truly effective. Online course providers will offer a lot of different subjects, and while you can get some good CPD for, say, First Aid, by studying online it doesn't make sense for people who are learning a subject for the first time. Hands on practice with a CPR dummy, bandages, etc is something that is incredibly valuable.
  • Certification Doesn't Guarantee the Skill
    Even if someone does get an online certification, not all employers are happy to take on someone who has completed an online course. The course does not show how people will apply their skills in a real world situation, and there is not even any guarantee that the person who signed up for the course is the person who did all the work. Face to face contact with a tutor is a must to verify that the student taking the course and doing the tests is the one that gets the certification.

Online courses are useful for developing your own skills and for individual learning. If you are a small business owner, then you might want to do an online course to help you do a better job. If you can't afford to do a full college course and just want some personal development, then an online course is indeed a good option, but you should make sure that you are realistic about what the course will offer you.

Don't expect to get a graduate level job after doing a short Udemy course, and don't expect that you will be able to take a quick course in programming in Python and then make a good game. It takes time to master any skill, and motivation and a willingness to do your own research elsewhere will go a long way.

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