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Udemy vs Skillshare Online Course Reviews

Udemy VS Skillshare Comparison

Today's working environment requires that professional skills must be up to date, meaning the skills you acquired when you finished your University degree may be out dated. New skills and software keep popping up, traditional education can't keep up with or provide the knowledge that is needed for today or the next few years' requirements.

Online courses have become one of the best resources to provide knowledge and skills for those who'd like to stay in the game regarding their careers. Udemy and Skillshare are amongst the leading online course provider sites that deliver quality online course libraries. Let's take a look and see which one is right for you.

Keys comparisons

  • Udemy
  • Udemy has 15+ million students, over 20,000 instructors. (As of August, 2017)
  • Udemy has a pay per course model. You buy the course you'd like and get access for a lifetime. To get the latest Udemy discount coupon update click here.
  • Get access via their official website, iOS and Android applications.
  • Anyone can become a teacher so the course quality will vary.
  • Has the largest online course library with over 45000 courses available. Provides almost every topic such as software skills, IT and web development, marketing, Yoga, etc. But the dominant niche seems to be IT skills where people learn programming languages, app development, ethical hacking, etc.
  • Outstanding courses with lots of enrollment normally have tons of contents that provide 10+ hours of training videos. Their concept is taking students into the 'zero to hero' framework.
  • Udemy has a strong learning community where students keep asking instructors and exchanging their opinions inside the courses.
  • The majority of their content is in lecture videos and there are supplement documents like PDF, Excel, etc.
  • Have courses from big names like Seth Godin, Grant Cardone, Guy Kawasaki but do not expect these guys to read and answer your questions.
  • Offers free courses and paid courses.
  • Many courses, especially the best selling ones, are continually updated.
  • Skillshare
  • Skillshare has a subscription model. You get access to all courses by paying monthly or yearly.
  • Get access via their official website, iOS and Android applications.
  • Anyone can become a teacher so the course quality will vary.
  • Has around 16000+ courses on various topics, which is similar to Udemy. But the dominant niche seems to be creative oriented like photography, drawing, Photoshop, Illustrator.
  • Most courses are shorter from 15 minutes to 1 hour. It has one prominent goal that's aimed to get students to acquire the needed skills directly after finishing the course.
  • Skillshare offers a project-based model where students get assignments when they finish the course, do the homework, and showcase their work.
  • The majority of their content is in lecture videos and there are supplement documents like PDF, Excel, etc.
  • Have courses from big names like Seth Godin and others but do not expect these guys to read and answer your questions.
  • Provides free courses and premium courses but you have to buy their subscription plan to get access. (Find more details on subscription here.)

For Students: Which one is the best for you?

It depends -

​The first scenario, you're a photographer who has a solid basic knowledge. You are now looking for some training courses on food photography. Skillshare would fit your needs because they have various courses broken into different topics about photography.

The second scenario, If you're just getting started in the field of photography and would like to learn the very basics so you will become a good beginner photographer, Udemy would be a better fit for you.

From these scenarios, you can see why Udemy mostly offers longer hours courses while Skillshare has sort of bite-size courses. The obvious difference is that they have different visions on delivering online courses.

Skillshare students enjoyed bite-size courses that they can implement directly after finishing the class. While Udemy students dedicate their time and effort in learning. There may be some skills that they could implement right away, while other skills will require continual practice to reach a certain level of expertise.

With that being said, many courses on Skillshare do have long hours models as well. You may find that many courses on Udemy are also available on Skillshare. This is because there are instructors who have made their courses available on both platforms. So you could potentially be a student on both sites or just one. It would all depend on whether both sites or just one would fit your needs for a specific time frame.

For Instructors:

Should you teach on both sites or dedicate your work on just one of them?

If you look at the numbers, Udemy is definitely the leader between the two with over 15+ million students around the world who are continually learning new things every single day. Let's see if you should choose only Udemy or only Skillshare for your classes.

Although Udemy has a massive amount of students, it also has tons of courses on the same topics. So the competition is tough. Having a massive content course is not enough because you would need a really effective marketing plan to promote your course.

Skillshare has fewer instructors so you will get better exposure. You will get paid when premium students enroll in your course. More details on earning revenue, click here (SkillShare's Earning Royalties). It may be easier to begin and market your courses on Skillshare because short courses need less time to produce. After having a certain success, you could expand your courses and make it available on Udemy

On the other hand, you may get started with Udemy with a lengthy course. It might take a good amount of time and effort and (maybe) budget to effectively market your courses. It may take months or even a year to push it to the best selling list. However, if you have an effective marketing strategy you could make it within few weeks. If you can reach that level, you will get a great deal of exposure to lots of buying students (Click here to read more on the article 'How Does Udemy Pay Instructors').  After that, you can make your courses available on Skillshare where you can upload the whole course or break it into smaller chuncks. Keep in mind, Skillshare students prefer small courses over larger ones.

  • As you can see, both sites need you to keep publishing new courses to get more exposure and draw in more students. However, even though it will take hard work in the beginning and let's say a year or so to reach that level, you will earn a steady income with little effort on your part. You will have time to produce more classes if you'd like or expand your business into other fields.
  • The obvious downside of both Udemy and Skillshare, you don't own the platform and you don't have access to students' information. These online course sites may provide you free tools to create your courses so you don't have to worry about the technical aspects. But if you'd like to have your own online course website, you may have a self-hosted site where you have full control of all rights and information.

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