Udemy vs Udemy For Business

With each passing year, it is becoming more and more common for individuals and employees as well as innovative companies to expand their knowledge base through online courses.

Udemy is currently one of the most successful online learning platform on the Internet. It is a platform where anyone with knowledge of a topic can teach a course there. Udemy has its main platform and then it also has Udemy for business and here we will take a look at the differences between them.

Udemy vs Udemy For Businesse

Udemy’s Main Platform

The Udemy that most are familiar with has over 55,000 courses and the courses are taught by over 10,000 instructors, and students come to the platform from over 170 countries. On the regular platform, Udemy does not require that instructors have any particular qualifications. As long as their course fits within the minimum requirements of the platform, then anyone can put a course up. The course itself will be rated by students who take the course.

There is a wide range of topics and courses taught on the platform. Many of the courses are for those wanting to improve their work skills or their resume and they can take a course to gain new skills. If someone is looking to simply learn something on a topic that they have a passion for, then they can find it here as well.

On the Udemy learning platform, someone can take a course on programming with Python, or French cooking, or how to solve a Rubik's Cube. Some of these courses are taught by genuine experts and they are as high-quality as you could find anywhere. Other courses are taught by individuals who simply have a passion for a topic and they're simply sharing their own experience through the training platform.

Courses on the normal Udemy platform are purchased individually and they can range from a low of $20 up to $200 (Use coupon code to get discount). All courses come with a 30-day money-back guarantee which removes any risk to the student when purchasing the course. It is recommended that someone looking for a course take the time to read through the reviews to make sure it's the quality of course they are looking for and that the course covers the topics they are interested in.

The course, depending on the instructor, can contain video training, PDF training, and quizzes. As well, there is also a questions and answer section that allow students to ask questions and allows the instructor and other students to help answer those questions. A typical course can range anywhere from 1 hour up to over 20 hours.

Udemy For Business

This platform is designed for innovative forward thinking companies who understand that it benefits the company if the employees continually keep their skills up-to-date and if they are constantly learning new skills. The basic business package has an annual fee that gives a company and up to 20 employees access to the top two thousand courses offered on the platform.

These courses cover a range of 20 different topics. Some of these topics include subject matter such as data science that includes digital marketing, marketing tools, social media marketing, search engine optimization, content, and email marketing among others. These topics are taught because businesses routinely rely on accurate data to help them make better decisions.

Design topics include user experience design, graphic design, web design, 3D animation, and mobile design. Companies often depend on in house employees when building web assets, animation, and products, and they need to know the techniques used by the pros in order to be capable of creating outstanding design.

Finance and Accounting topics include investing in trading, Financial Modeling and Analysis, and accounting. Because money powers the world, it is necessary for a company to have employees who have a complete understanding of investment strategies and principles as well as understanding Financial modeling.

Elite Courses Taught By Industry Experts

The courses taught within the Udemy for business platform are only the very best of the courses taught there. The instructors are industry experts and people with real and direct experience in the subject matter. The instructors are real life practitioners in their field and from around the world. Because each of your employees have their own unique learning styles, the training is presented in a way that helps each use their own learning methods to get as much as possible out of the course.

Corporate Training Versus Online Training

Corporate training certainly can have its place but like some business practices, it is becoming outdated. The fact is, that the new generation of adults are becoming increasingly comfortable with an online learning platform. The constraints of corporate training require that each employee make themselves available for the training during certain time constraints. As well, most corporate training doesn't lend itself to easily updating the training to meet fast-changing work situations.

For this reason, online platforms are becoming increasingly popular because they allow the student to learn in the way that is best for them and when it is best for them. Online training also allows the student to choose where they learn. Because of the platform and its versatility, it lends itself to easily updating the course when changes occur in the workforce that requires updating.

Which Companies Are Using The Online Learning Platform?

Companies that we already know and trust such as PayPal, Pitney Bowes, Century 21 and many others are already using this type of platform to keep their employees up to date and to keep them learning. Any company with 5 or more employees that want to provide the highest quality of training to keep them up-to-date and moving forward should consider providing them with online learning opportunities.

Technology and industry is rapidly changing and it requires that a company and its employees are constantly learning and keeping up with those changes. Providing an online learning opportunity allows them to learn when they want, where they want and how they want. This means they are more likely to take full advantage of the opportunity.

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